The compact Audi A3, with prices starting around low $30,000, is the latest in a wave of small luxury-branded models for buyers who have one eye on their budget and the other on gas prices. Derived from the Volkswagen Golf, the A3 might lack the posh, roomy environment and long list of features found in true luxury cars, but it's a solid, agile, and sophisticated sedan that's enjoyable to drive.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "The 2.0 turbo has a very minimal lag, then practically snaps you head back. Cornering is very tight and responsive."

    John G., MN (2017 Audi A3)

    "Brisk acceleration but sometimes get power/turbo lag especially if engine shuts down at stop. Handling is good with little body sway and ride is firm but supple."

    Anonymous, GA (2017 Audi A3)

    "The Handling, braking, acceleration, shifting are fantastic! Its the only thing that makes the car worthy of its cost!"

    Anonymous, TX (2017 Audi A3)

    "The 2 liter turbo is very responsive and accelerates very quickly, very handy for merging onto to freeway traffic. Car handles rock solid thanks to sport suspension, and feels incredibly solid."

    P N., UT (2017 Audi A3)

    "Handling is very good. Acceleration in “drive mode‿ is a little lackluster"

    F J., MN (2017 Audi A3)

    "Everything works. No problems. Delighted with car."

    Anonymous, NY (2017 Audi A3)

    "Responsive engine, smooth, with very tight, sure handling"

    Anonymous, ON (2017 Audi A3)

    "Driving with the electric motor is very pleasing. It is super quiet and peppy."

    Anonymous, QC (2017 Audi A3)

    "There is a dangerous flat spot in the throttle response when accelerating from a stopped position. Audi refuses to address the issue. Maybe CR can highlight this problem in a manner that would force Audi to remedy this dangerous "feature", i.e. "they all do it"."

    Paul S., TX (2017 Audi A3)

    "Great and predictable handling in daily driving and in emergency handling."

    Scott S., CA (2017 Audi A3)

    "Enjoyable to drive with brisk acceleration, tight handling, with the trade off of a somewhat stiff ride."

    Anonymous, CA (2017 Audi A3)

    "Precise handling Strong acceleration Powerful Immediate respond"

    Raymond P., QC (2017 Audi A3)

    "Plug in hybrid works well for short commutes, resulting in exceptional mileage"

    Anonymous, WA (2017 Audi A3)

    "Very quick and nimble. Really fun to drive.. lacks a spare tire, an annoying deficiency."

    A L., VT (2017 Audi A3)

    "Accelerates beautifully and handles like a dream."

    Maureen M., IL (2017 Audi A3)

    "Very responsive. Sticks to the road. And accelerates quickly when I need it to."

    Anonymous, NY (2017 Audi A3)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "Tight handling, but the ride is very comfortable, even over bumps. The convertible is a little noisier in traffic with the top up, but that is what one expects with a convertible and it's really very minimal."

    John G., MN (2017 Audi A3)

    "Wonderfully hushed cabin for the price. Feels like a real Audi! Love the simple, spacious interior. Feels upscale without being over the top."

    Doug F., MN (2017 Audi A3)

    "Driving position is very good. Very little road noise. Ride is firm but not punishing. The car feels connected to the road and I feel connected to the car."

    Anonymous, NY (2017 Audi A3)

    "Very comfortable seats and the handling is excellent"

    Anonymous, CA (2017 Audi A3)

    "The Haldex all wheel drive gearbox produces a droning resonance at 75-80 mph."

    Paul S., TX (2017 Audi A3)

    "Boy - this car is supremely comfortable for a smaller vehicle, and very luxurious. The new platform is a huge improvement. It is very refined."

    David A., CA (2017 Audi A3)

    "Car is very comfortable to drive - quiet, smooth, and the individual climate controls are well done"

    Anonymous, CA (2017 Audi A3)

    "This is the quietest car I've ever owned. Especially in electric mode, but even when the gasoline engine is running. It's almost eerie."

    John F., OH (2017 Audi A3)

    "Back seat is not very comfortable, very bumpy ride"

    Anonymous, MA (2017 Audi A3)

    "Solid seating position Electric adjustments very efficient"

    Raymond P., QC (2017 Audi A3)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "I just wish it got more miles all electric. The volt lives supreme in this category."

    David A., CA (2017 Audi A3)

    "Retired. Most of my driving is around town within 16 mile electric range daily. Get terrific gas mileage."

    Anonymous, NY (2017 Audi A3)

    "I am now thinking that buying a much less expensive Honda Accord would have been more logical"

    Ed A., OH (2017 Audi A3)
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