The Audi A4 remained highly competitive. In fact, this A4 was nearly everything a compact sports sedan should be. It has a solid, high-quality feel and the interior is exquisite. Agile handling makes it fun to drive and the ride, though quite firm, is supple and controlled. The cabin is quiet unless you ask the turbocharged four-cylinder engine to work hard.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Smooth power delivery, sporty handling"

Francois A., QC (2012 Audi A4)

"competent and fun!"

Anonymous, NY (2012 Audi A4)

"Acceleration is very, very good when starting from a stop or passing slower vehicles on two lane roads. Handling (sport package) is very very good and entertaining as well as safe on all roads including snow covered roads or hills."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Audi A4)

"Strong acceleration (even though it's 4 cylinder, its turbo), grips the road, excellent in difficult driving conditions, great cornering."

Anonymous, OK (2012 Audi A4)

"2012 was the last year that Audi offered hydraulic rack-and-pinion steering, which is why I bought that model year. The steering and handling is a pure pleasure, giving me great feedback and a firm sense of control. I also have the Quattro system with manual transmission, giving me even more control and driving pleasure. The car also offers all the acceleration I need, especially in third gear. It's a great car for someone who likes to drive. Once they shifted to electronic steering with th..."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Audi A4)

"It is a great car to drive. Plenty of pep and handles like a dream."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Audi A4)

"very confident and precise handling due to the Quattro AWD system. reasonable fuel economy, quick acceleration and comfortable ride as well."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Audi A4)

"This car is so much fun to drive! Handles, responsive, brakes, it is a pleasure and for less than 32,000 dollars brand new. What a great deal! I bought a 2012 in 2013 when the 2014's were coming out and they wanted it off their lot."

Anonymous, ME (2012 Audi A4)

"Lurching at slow speeds. Then an "unrelated" recall was handled and the lurching improved greatly. So I had to drive 2 years before the problem and still they don't admit a connection. Disappointed."

MARY R., NC (2012 Audi A4)

"Sturdy, reliable vehicle"

Anonymous, LA (2012 Audi A4)

"This is a very responsive and competent car - quick, good handling, comfortable, economical to operate. I take annual road trips and have enjoyed how the car performs."

RONALD B., CA (2012 Audi A4)

"Good acceleration."

SEKAR B., OH (2012 Audi A4)

"Handles great, firm yet compliant suspension, inspires confidence and tracks precisely. Good steering feel, although not as good as a BMW."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Audi A4)

"Outstanding combination of ride and handling. A perfect balance."

Anonymous, OK (2012 Audi A4)

"The 2012 is the last model year that Audi's came with hydrolic, rack-and-pinion steering. From 2013 onward it was been the new electronic steering, which is just deplorable. My car provides exceptional good handling, and in almost every conceivable way (aside from fuel mileage) strikes me as an ideal car."

DANIEL S., NY (2012 Audi A4)

"Quattro handling is outstanding"

CHARLES T., NH (2012 Audi A4)

"Car handles beautifully. Quick response of steering, road grip, and engine have avoided accidents, avoided hitting deer on road, etc. Interior nicely appointed. much better value vs bmw."

Anonymous, OK (2012 Audi A4)

"It accelerated great. If I need to merge or pass acceleration is great. It takes turns really nicely."

Maria S., CA (2012 Audi A4)

"It’s Quattro but still jerks at acceleration. My 2001 A4 was 100 times better than this one. The hesitation is awful."

Mary R., NC (2012 Audi A4)

"joy to drive -- has good road feel and acceleration -- handles better with Michelin tires than the original Pirellis"

Anonymous, IA (2012 Audi A4)

"Comfort always with power and good handling to support it"

Anonymous, NV (2012 Audi A4)

"A pure drivers car. Handling, cornering, pick up and just fun the drive. One of the best ever driven."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Audi A4)

"It is the best handling sedan I have ever driven and the Quattro makes winter driving feel secure."

H S., NJ (2012 Audi A4)

"Only problem is the loud noise car makes for 60 seconds after starting cold. I was told it is the catalytic converter fan and there is no solution to the problem. Great riding car, good handling."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Audi A4)

"Grips the road. It’s a heavy car. Tight drive, excellent acceleration even with the 4 cylinder."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Audi A4)

"The 4 cylinder turbo is so well matched to the 8-speed semi-automatic transmission. And the quattro all-wheel drive is flawless. The car is quick, with lots of torque when needed - and still gets very good mileage, and is a very sure-footed great handling car. (Although I'm not sure the car needed it, I did get a performance upgrade - reflashed the ECU - with gives it an extra 50 hp and 50 lb-ft or torque.) This car is fun to drive."

Ronald B., CA (2012 Audi A4)

"I consider this close to the perfect car to drive. It has great acceleration, a fabulous 6-speed manual transmission, and very good steering. My one complaint is the electronic steering that kicks in below 25 mph, which makes the steering mushier than it ought to be. I have partially disabled the electronic component of the steering mechanism, but can't turn it off completely. Unfortunately Audi went to a fully electronic steering mechanism after 2012, which is why I will almost certainly not buy an Audi built after 2012."

Daniel S., NY (2012 Audi A4)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats very comfortable and supportive. The ride is sporty but smooth, a sturdy car."

Anonymous, OK (2012 Audi A4)

"Perfect vehicle"

Anonymous, NY (2012 Audi A4)

"Awful comfort of the seats on a long drive"

Jay R., CA (2012 Audi A4)

"The driver front seat is uncomfortable. Also, the chrome molding is discoloring."

TIMOTHY H., MA (2012 Audi A4)

"Too much road noise. I have changed the tires and its slightly better but would still like a quieter ride."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Audi A4)

"A little low ... hard to get in and out of."

MITCHELL S., WA (2012 Audi A4)

"I am a small woman and the car seems to surround me and is responsive to my input"

H S., NJ (2012 Audi A4)

"Seats are great, the original Goodyear tires were very loud, went with new Continentals and they are very quite and handle very well."

Steve C., CA (2012 Audi A4)

"Hard seat bottom. I use a cushion"

Debbie H., NC (2012 Audi A4)

"Seats are comfortable and adjust easily with the controls.What a lot of wind through window. They don't seem to deal completely. Ride is stiff and you can feel every bump in the road."

Maria S., CA (2012 Audi A4)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Unfortunately, we have a black color-totally wrong for desert climate."

MARGARET L., AZ (2012 Audi A4)

Would you buy this car again?

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