The Audi A4 remained highly competitive. In fact, this A4 was nearly everything a compact sports sedan should be. It has a solid, high-quality feel and the interior is exquisite. Agile handling makes it fun to drive and the ride, though quite firm, is supple and controlled. The cabin is quiet unless you ask the turbocharged four-cylinder engine to work hard.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Surprisingly quick with better than expected handling."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Audi A4)

"Acceleration, handling, especially in snow."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Audi A4)

"very smooth and handles very well. fun to drive"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Audi A4)

"A little turbo lag from a dead stop, but acceleration on the highway is great. Vehicle hands twisty roads wonderfully and is a blast to drive."

Christopher M., PA (2014 Audi A4)

"Drives well and has very good acceleration. Would be better if auto transmission had a sport setting."

Mark K., PA (2014 Audi A4)

"precise handling and well appointed, comfortable interior"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Audi A4)

"very comfortable ride, crisp steering response/handling and good acceleration. Great package of engineering."

Ralph B., MD (2014 Audi A4)

"Fast acceleration and precise handling. Back-up camera very accurate and useful."

Eileen R., NY (2014 Audi A4)

"Very stable handling under all conditions; acceleration is fully satisfactory. Steering feel is excellent."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Audi A4)

"Audi Quattro is the best driving experience I have had for handling, acceleration and control. A wonderful feeling. Got the high end wide tires for optimal performance"

Peter C., CA (2014 Audi A4)

"Outstanding stability during cornering on rough roads, excellent acceleration for passing and merging at speeds. Ride is firm without being harsh - excellent balance between performance and comfort."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Audi A4)

"The car handles very well, has great acceleration, and is very fun to drive"

Mark B., FL (2014 Audi A4)

"Very good acceleration, esp. in Sport Mode; nimble handling."

John B., NV (2014 Audi A4)

"great low end torque for acceleration"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Audi A4)

"The Quatro system makes the car extremely stable to drive. The car has such good pickup, I never need to use the Sport setting. The car is fast, very maneuverable, and fun to drive."

Lawrence L., NV (2014 Audi A4)

"Very smooth, comfortable, luxury ride. Also, this car is very fast, especially for a large luxury car. Great combination of the two, which can be adjusted via console controls."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Audi A4)

"Very smooth, great handling on corners"

Anonymous, NH (2014 Audi A4)

"Great acceleration! Gives me a feeling of safety in traffic to pass or switch lanes!"

Jerome O., IL (2014 Audi A4)

"Such a smooth ride, really responds, turning radius is great"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Audi A4)

"Great handling on snow or wet roads. Quiet, very little wind noise. Super acceleration. Complete with, a now, very hard to find manual transmission. Guess I'll have to keep this car for a very long time."

J C., MI (2014 Audi A4)

"Great Acceleration"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Audi A4)

"Simply fun to drive. Handling is nimble and quick. Sure footed Quattro feels safe even in the most icy conditions. There is no better car for Colorado."

Patrick F., CO (2014 Audi A4)

"Road feel and handling are top-notch"

Anonymous, MO (2014 Audi A4)

"initial lag/delay when beginning from stop is terrible and can be unsafe if trying to be quick. Acceleration once moving is fantastic. Handling is fun on curvy roads."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Audi A4)

"This car handles effortlessly. At the end of a several hundred mile trip, you are as relaxed as when you stared. It is the Roger Federer of sports luxury cars."

LEE H., CA (2014 Audi A4)

"The turbocharger makes all the difference in getting onto a highway. When it kicks in, you are flying."

MARK B., FL (2014 Audi A4)

"Acceleration is quick and responsive; engine is powerful for the vehicle's size."

JEFFREY W., WA (2014 Audi A4)

"Incredible acceleration whenever you want it. Handles beautifully in MN snow."

BARRY B., MN (2014 Audi A4)

"Incredibly stable in corners, stays firmly planted even on odd radius or bumpy pavement curves. Stock Pirelli tires have excellent wet and snow grip."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Audi A4)

"camera goes on or off spasmodically"

Anonymous, WA (2014 Audi A4)

"crisp acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Audi A4)

"This vehicle exhibits same poor steering problem as described with the other 2014 Audi A4, but to a slightly lesser degree."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Audi A4)

"There is a significant delay when I depress the accelerator pedal when stopped until the car begins to move."

JOHN W., FL (2014 Audi A4)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats are very comfortable, heated, lots of auto adjustments. It’s a fun ride. Zippy."

Eileen R., NY (2014 Audi A4)

"The seats and ride are GREAT, but it's not as quiet as our previous Mercedes."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Audi A4)

"Very comfortable, quiet, with a nice ride."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Audi A4)

"The seats are very comfortable. Best I have ever had for long trips."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Audi A4)

"Leg room in back seats is awful. Not designed properly for back seat comfort at all."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Audi A4)


Anonymous, CA (2014 Audi A4)

"Excellent, predictable handling, excellent ride comfort, car cabin is quiet, seats very comfortable."

David D., VA (2014 Audi A4)

"Very comfortable quiet riding vehicle. Doesn't get tiring on long trips."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Audi A4)

"Difficult to enter and exit"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Audi A4)

"Very nice attractive styling, but too cheap to put in a compass as they had one in earlier models."

JEROME O., IL (2014 Audi A4)

"Because of its low-slung style, it is difficult to enter and exit the vehicle. It also has a very substantial blind spot on the passenger side."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Audi A4)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Quality build, 100% reliable to date; very quiet and comfortable interior; stable and responsive performance."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Audi A4)

"Audi is charging option fees for several features some of which will be std soon by law and that many companies do NOT charge extra for such as backup camera, blind spot monitoring, etc. Audi used to be an excellent value vs BMW and Mercedes, now it's not at all."

STEVE O., AZ (2014 Audi A4)

"Not easy to interface with other devices. Many features standard on lower priced vehicles are extras on the Audi. High base price not justified by base options"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Audi A4)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"You can tell it's an updated Audi"

Anonymous, IA (2014 Audi A4)

"I really like the styling of my Audi, It was the main factor in selecting my car."

MICHAEL P., OH (2014 Audi A4)

"Nice and sleek"

JEROME O., IL (2014 Audi A4)

"The car is attractive, but the indicator lights on the outside are strange in that the head light dims so only the indicator lights up,really not necessary and confusing. the interior seating area is too tight with too little room between the seats and console and the seats and the doors. I am just getting started....."

BETTY S., CA (2014 Audi A4)

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