Stylish and sporty, the Q5 is one of the better choices among compact luxury SUVs, a growing category that includes the BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC. The Q5 feels solid, is rewarding to drive and has a plush, quiet cabin. Typically equipped it's priced in the mid- to high-$40,000s. The Q5 delivers handling agility that inspires confidence and makes it fun-to-drive.
There are 5 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"handling and comfort on long road trips"

Anonymous, FL (2017 Audi Q5)

"The 4 cylinder turbo is a good balance of power and economy. Handling is great as well."

Jeffrey F., VT (2017 Audi Q5)

"Excellent power and handling. Makes one feel confident about their driving."

Harvey W., MA (2017 Audi Q5)

"Excellent, we have a Quatro, 3.0 T and this provide excellent accelration especially when the Turbo kicks in."

Anonymous, MD (2017 Audi Q5)

"Having all wheel drive for winter driving is a plus. Car handles well in all driving conditions."

Anonymous, CA (2017 Audi Q5)

"The car is a pleasure to drive, very easy handling, quiet, very good acceleration, good consumption for the performance, can drive for long and not tired. The transmission very good, handle with forward, neutral and reverse. Parking assist is reasonable."

Anonymous, ON (2017 Audi Q5)

"Drives like a dream! Power, responsiveness, comfort."

Kenneth B., SC (2017 Audi Q5)

"acceleration and handling."

Dave H., GA (2017 Audi Q5)

"responsive acceleration and precise handling. A fun drive."

Anonymous, AE (2017 Audi Q5)

"A 2.0 liter turbo gives me all the power I need, and the handling is very reactive to my driving needs, whether freeway or country roads. City driving as well."

Anonymous, WA (2017 Audi Q5)

"The 8 speed automatic transmission provides almost seamless shifting and lots of acceleration without the extreme revving typical of most other cars."

Malcolm C., RI (2017 Audi Q5)

"Acceleration and handling is great for an SUV."

Eugene F., NJ (2017 Audi Q5)

"Very good acceleration and handling. The car feels very secure and nimble when maneuvering through tight turns and in heavy traffic."

Anonymous, NC (2017 Audi Q5)

"For a SUV, the SQ5 handles and drives much more like a sedan while providing the cargo capacity that we wanted for driving between home and cottage"

David J., ON (2017 Audi Q5)

"very responsive and good stability especially at higher speeds"

Paul L., NC (2017 Audi Q5)

"Excellent balance of decent power and handling. Better than any of the Ford, Chevrolet Dodge, Toyota or other over SUVs in this price range."

Bryan T., CA (2017 Audi Q5)

"This car is fun to drive. It handles great and is very smooth. You really have to watch your speed on the highway!"

Kimberly H., NY (2017 Audi Q5)

"with turbo engine, no turbo lag car accelerates quickly even from 60 up to 75 low turbo noise"

John W., MI (2017 Audi Q5)


Anonymous, NY (2017 Audi Q5)

"steering ,handling and acceleration are excellent"

Anonymous, FL (2017 Audi Q5)

"Excellent road handling and performance"

Anonymous, BC (2017 Audi Q5)

"Very good with more than enough acceleration and good handling. Unfortunately the engine start/stop feature caused major accident which almost killed my wife as a result of the start at higher than safe restart RPM so she was jostled off of the brakes and hit the gas on full, thinking she was on the brakes The car was damaged and repaired at a cost of about $41,000.00. The repair was absolutely wonderful and perfect but it was done by a Toyota shop in Ardmore PA. My wife was not physically i..."

Louis S., PA (2017 Audi Q5)

"Diesel recall was a setback but the vehicle is solid and performs well"

John L., MN (2017 Audi Q5)

"responsive and fast acceleration...if necessary ,"

Anonymous, FL (2017 Audi Q5)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I like the level of adjustment for front seats."

Anonymous, CA (2017 Audi Q5)

"The Q5 does everything the way I want it to. In addition to being very comfortable, It drives well is roomy and versatile and is very stylish"

Jeffrey F., VT (2017 Audi Q5)

"Excellent ride, low noise"

Brent H., TN (2017 Audi Q5)

"Very quiet ride"

Anonymous, NC (2017 Audi Q5)

"The car is very quiet and comfortable. The seats are excellent even on long trips."

Anonymous, WI (2017 Audi Q5)

"they feel customs designed. Excellent fit"

Harvey W., MA (2017 Audi Q5)

"Comfortable firm seats and a quiet ride."

Anonymous, AE (2017 Audi Q5)

"Seats are firm but well supportive easily adjustable"

John W., MI (2017 Audi Q5)

"The seats hug you and you can stay sitting for hours and not be uncomfortable."

Anonymous, MI (2017 Audi Q5)

"Seats are form fitting and sporty but hot. I would get ventilated seats next time"

Alan U., HI (2017 Audi Q5)


Anonymous, FL (2017 Audi Q5)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The VW Touareg, Audi Q5 and Porsche Cayenne are almost identical platforms. As the “mid-priced‿ choice, I think that it is the best value."

Malcolm C., RI (2017 Audi Q5)

"The SQ5 was priced right to begin with and along with additional discounts and the options included and its handling capabilities it delivers excellent value"

David J., ON (2017 Audi Q5)

Would you buy this car again?

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