The Q7 is a large, roomy, seven-passenger SUV that drives nicely and boasts a beautifully finished interior. It's a pleasant long-distance cruiser, but the ride is a bit overly firm at low speeds. Handling is responsive in everyday driving, but falls short at the limits. Fuel economy is just average, the rear third-row seat is tiny and hard to reach and the controls are over-complicated.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Nothing drives like a German car."

BRUCE K., MT (2015 Audi Q7)

"Extremely quiet and comfortable. Drives like a much smaller car. Love the torque of the 3.0 diesel engine. And the average fuel economy or 25 mpg is incredible for a 6000 lb vehicle. Handling is a bit spooky above 70 mph. The vehicle had a slight vibration at this speed when new. Now there is an unsettling looseness and vibration in the steering wheel at that speed. Phenomenal winter traction and handling (with winter tires) - again, handles like a much lighter and smaller car."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Audi Q7)

"Engine is powerful and provides ample acceleration. The cruse control which is supposed to maintain a safe following distance to the car ahead is erratic. It will keep closing the distance to the car ahead and then do "panic braking". Setting the preferred following distance has to done by the driver which is a driver distraction."

Anonymous, AL (2015 Audi Q7)

"Very good accelerate and outstanding handling in any weather condition, particularly snow."

JOHN K., CO (2015 Audi Q7)

"smooth and quiet with no sound from the road, turbo engine gives more power than you can use in normal driving, great millage also."

RENEE W., CA (2015 Audi Q7)

"The supercharger on this car makes it very quick off the line and in passing mode. It's a very nice surprise."

PAUL S., UT (2015 Audi Q7)

"fantastic smooth gear transition with extreemly fast acceleration"

CATHY B., CO (2015 Audi Q7)

"It's too heavy and drives like a truck. Acceleration is fine once it kicks in but the weight of this car takes a lot of power to get moving."

JOANNA D., CT (2015 Audi Q7)

"That’s it... the acceleration and the handling along with the quality of the build. It also looks good"

Anonymous, NV (2015 Audi Q7)

"A large and solid vehicle, yet handles like a car. Acceleration is surprising given its size and weight."

Scott S., CA (2015 Audi Q7)

"Best driving vehicle I’ve ever owned. Does exactly what I asks of it in relation to acceleration and steering."

Jeffrey H., SC (2015 Audi Q7)

"The TDI power is phenomenal! The mileage per tank is amazing!"

Anonymous, AE (2015 Audi Q7)

"Feels very responsive. Plenty of power to tow 3500 lb trailer."

Anonymous, MT (2015 Audi Q7)

"Great highway car. Drives like a truck on city streets. My former Highlander gave a better in city drive."

Anonymous, UT (2015 Audi Q7)

"The vehicle is super smooth and has great acceleration and handling on well paved roads. It is like flying in a plane. Super quality, great performance, just what I would expect from an Audi. On rougher roads the handling is not quite as streamlined."

Jennifer Z., MA (2015 Audi Q7)

"When I accelerate onto the freeway the Audi has no slack time and moves very fast. One time I came upon a situation on the freeway when I had to move into another lane to keep from being hit by the car next to me. Thank God I did not hit any other vehicles. I was traveling at about 80mph (Audi travels so smoothly that I don't know when my speed creeps up to 80 or 90 mph). Well, anyway I could have lost control very easily; however, the Audi handled so wonderfully. I also like the lane changing feature - one of my favorite features. My Audi has so many bells and whistles and unfortunately I have not learned how to use them yet. Especially the voice control."

Anita K., CA (2015 Audi Q7)

"With the exception of the emissions scandal affecting my Gen 2 Q7 TDI, it is an excellent family urban vehicle for all 4 Canadian seasons. Storage room with all 7 seats deployed remains class leading when compared to the GLS, LR4 (Discovery) and XC90 (IMHO). Otherwise, turbo lag at hard acceleration remains the only consistent disappointment."

N B., ON (2015 Audi Q7)

"Transmission could be smoother"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Audi Q7)

"Fun power, handling, and mpg."

Paul H., WY (2015 Audi Q7)

"Occasionally hesitates on acceleration, which can be dangerous."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Audi Q7)

"Quick response to speed change,gives feeling of control on mountain terrain, feel steady even when rioad slippery ,"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Audi Q7)

"The ride quality, cabin quietness and handling are very good for such a large, heavy SUV. Acceleration is strong from the small supercharged V6."

William H., FL (2015 Audi Q7)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"climate controls have too many steps for simple adjustments"

B G., WA (2015 Audi Q7)

"BAD: Keys and other small items can be lost between the driver's seat and the console - never to be retrieved without removing the seat. Only the dealer can do this, and that is expensive. This is a real problem that dates back a few years. Surprised Audi hasn't fixed this. Serious flaw."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Audi Q7)

"The two front seats are spacious and have a lot of adjustments. The second row of seats do not have enough leg room. With three people in the second row there is not enough hip room. The third row seats are under the floor and they would only be useful to a small child. Totally useless for adults."

Anonymous, AL (2015 Audi Q7)

"In order to attain proper cooling, you have to turn low the temperature setting down to LOW. This is not good. When a user selects 70 degrees, we expect the car to determine how much cold air and for how long before constantly adjusting until it attains the correct selected temperature, exactly what a thermostat does. In the Audi, the temperature setting is for the temperature of the air coming out of the vents and not the measurement of the cabin temperature. If you select 70 degrees and yo"

THOMPSON J., TX (2015 Audi Q7)

"Very Comfortable seats with excellent lumbar controls. Feels like a very safe vehicle. Handles very well for such a big car. Is extremely quiet on the road. Very good ride quality."

SIDNEY K., FL (2015 Audi Q7)

"Climate control, window shades, quality of seats."

JOHN K., CO (2015 Audi Q7)

"Road noise high when on older asphalt, expansion joints in roadways and seats seem hard and too wide. in dash system quite contrary in operation; for instance time must be set manually in spite of being part of a gps system"

Anonymous, SK (2015 Audi Q7)

"We purchased a new 2015 TDI in March. It had been taken off the market due to emissions issues. We are very happy with the vehicle and have put 6000 miles on it since March. It had 1300 miles when we purchased. Audi put new tires, belts, hoses on it and gave it the 75000 warranty from date of purchase. Since it had been sitting so long we also purchased an extended warranty. We love the vehicle and the TDI is very fuel efficient especially because of it’s size."

Anonymous, NV (2015 Audi Q7)

"Seats are very comfortable, nice leather, easily adjustable. Ride is very nice on smooth roads. On rough road or non-paved the car makes a little more noise than I would expect of a luxury vehicle."

Jennifer Z., MA (2015 Audi Q7)

"Very safe feeling"

John R., VT (2015 Audi Q7)

"Quiet, nice ride qualities and the seats are super adjustable"

Anonymous, NV (2015 Audi Q7)

"Road noise seems excessive."

Shirley R., BC (2015 Audi Q7)

"Comfortable seats, good positioning, good view all around."

Paul H., WY (2015 Audi Q7)

"Very comfortable, supportive seating"

Anonymous, MT (2015 Audi Q7)

"Lots of rattles. Drives like a truck"

Anonymous, UT (2015 Audi Q7)

"Very stable and quiet vehicle while operating (Previous vehicle was '09 GMC Acadia). Well controlled suspension (air suspension). Very comfortable seats that are heated and cooled. Good seat height and adjustments. Ample leg room and head room (I am 6'5" tall.) Wife is primary daily driver for work and enjoys this vehicle. No Michigan winter driving experience yet."

Allan H., MI (2015 Audi Q7)

"I have a hard time finding fault with the Comfort of the Q7. The seats are very comfortable, there is added leg room in the second row. On highway driving it is smooth and when considering that this is a 5,400 pound vehicle it is all the more amazing. Road noise does not intrude into the cabin."

Douglas H., VT (2015 Audi Q7)

"Great vehicle; handles well no matter the weather."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Audi Q7)

"Such a capable vehicle, yet luxury in-terms of comfort and handling."

Scott S., CA (2015 Audi Q7)

"The seats could stand to have more bolstering. But the seats are comfortable and good enough for long drives. The Q7 is quiet enough that you can actually enjoy the Bose surround system. Considering this is a TDI it is very quiet and the only sensation is the pressure of the smooth and quiet acceleration. Bumps are absorbed quite well and a trip in this vehicle is one of the best I have had."

Douglas H., VT (2015 Audi Q7)

"Many adjustments possible for seat and backrest, seat somewhat short for tall or stiff people"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Audi Q7)

"Smooth as silk"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Audi Q7)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Still waiting to see the "fix" for their diesel engine emission control problems. Worried that it will result in lesser mpg-- but don't know."

DAVID H., FL (2015 Audi Q7)

"not enough time to say whether higher price will get longevity, tires seem to be at 75% worn with 30000 km and 14 months old. Expensive cable to connect devices to audio (no usb connections)"

Anonymous, SK (2015 Audi Q7)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It has a plain overall look. The wheels are boring, but I am not looking for the gangster look either."

LOUISE K., MA (2015 Audi Q7)

"Clean lines and a solid looking car, great value for the money"

RENEE W., CA (2015 Audi Q7)

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