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The BMW X3 originated the compact luxury SUV segment and is one of the few that actually feels sporty. Handling is agile, making the X3 enjoyable to drive. Helped by a new eight-speed automatic transmission, the powertrain is eager and willing. Fuel economy is also respectable, given the X3's size and power.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"There's nothing like BMW handling; performance with comfort. Acceleration is outstanding with great power throughout the RPM range. This SAV will out handle many performance sedans."

Anonymous, TN (2012 BMW X3)

"Although it is a SUV, it handles like a sports car. I love it."

Martha A., NC (2012 BMW X3)

"Brisk acceleration. Handles well for a SUV."

Thomas H., NV (2012 BMW X3)

"Very quick and responsive - fun to drive."

William J., TX (2012 BMW X3)

"Fun to drive and the SUV has been extremely reliable"

Joe F., AL (2012 BMW X3)

"This car handles like a sports car. It accelerates very quickly which makes it a lot easier to overtake other vehicles."

Anonymous, ON (2012 BMW X3)

"Great acceleration and handling, especially in Sport mode."

Anonymous, MI (2012 BMW X3)

"The driving experience is exceptional. Very very fun to drive due to responsiveness and power yet still gets about 23 mpg"

Gayle S., OH (2012 BMW X3)

"Handlin, reliability, utility"

Anonymous, IN (2012 BMW X3)

"Smooth, powerful acceleration"

Paul R., AB (2012 BMW X3)

"This car is responsive and feels safe, hugs the toad. It handles well when pushed."

Anonymous, CA (2012 BMW X3)

"Acceleration is unpredictable. Sometimes incredibly fast and responsive how it should be. Other times slow to respond which can create dangerous situations. Apparently this is due to electronic throttle control for emissions standards. This is the single worst aspect of the vehicle, and sufficient reason that I won't return to BMW. It may sound insignificant but it vastly takes away from the satisfaction and safety of the vehicle."

Anonymous, AB (2012 BMW X3)

"very good acceleration and tight turns."

Anonymous, BC (2012 BMW X3)

"Superb. handling and acceleration. Very sporty."

Anonymous, VA (2012 BMW X3)

"Have had other BMWs was not sure an SUV would meet my standards, it did"

HOSIA T., CA (2012 BMW X3)

"Exceptional winter driving conditions handling."

DEBORAH R., AK (2012 BMW X3)

"Very quick for an SUV. Drives like a car but has space like an SUV. Corners well and instills confidence."

Anonymous, TX (2012 BMW X3)

"As an SUV I didn't expect handling or performance to rival my 1997 540i 6spd. But the turbo V6 can be tame around town but ferocious when I want the power. Corning is also quite good."

WILLIAM B., CO (2012 BMW X3)

"Excellent driving experience and handles like a sports car. It accelerates faster than many sports cars without any turbo lag"

Anonymous, CA (2012 BMW X3)

"Has just enough "sports car performance" when you engage the Sport Mode to be fun, without being crazy expensive or otherwise uncomfortable as sports cars can be."

MARK S., CO (2012 BMW X3)

"Great SUV"

STEVEN M., NJ (2012 BMW X3)

"Handles like a sports car."

Anonymous, FL (2012 BMW X3)

"The car wanders all over the road, hard to keep straight without being in sport mode. Had alignment gone completely through with no effect. Very tiring to drive for long distances."

BARNES M., AZ (2012 BMW X3)

"I have owned several "high performance" cars over the years...the 3.5 turbo in my X3 is the most satisfying combination of power anf flexibility I have owned...amazing!"

Anonymous, SC (2012 BMW X3)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Even thought the car is a small model and close to the ground the seat are especially comfortable."

William J., TX (2012 BMW X3)

"Very comfortable on long trips."

Anonymous, NJ (2012 BMW X3)

"Very comfortable ride"

Paul R., AB (2012 BMW X3)

"all good"

Anonymous, TX (2012 BMW X3)

"All around good vehicle to be in."

Dennis B., MO (2012 BMW X3)

"car is too noisy. Lots of road noise can be heard"

Anonymous, OH (2012 BMW X3)

"Seats are still way too hard even after 100K miles Not very quiet Bouncy ride"

Joe F., AL (2012 BMW X3)

"Very comfortable seats. Excellent seat heaters. Excellent steering wheel heater. Would benefit from ventilated seats. Vehicle is quiet in the cabin."

Anonymous, AB (2012 BMW X3)

"The driving position is very comfortable, visibility to sides and front is excellent, and the car is quiet inside."

Anonymous, ON (2012 BMW X3)

"replaced run flats with traditional tires and the car is so much quieter and better riding. More responsive too."

ERIC S., KY (2012 BMW X3)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"An excellent SUV vehicle at a very good price point. Plenty of passenger and storage room, comfortable ride, and very sporty ride when driving aggressively."

Anonymous, PA (2012 BMW X3)

"SUV was too expensive relatively to other models."

Anonymous, OH (2012 BMW X3)

"62.000 miles, only tires and breaks replaced, no other repairs"

Anonymous, IN (2012 BMW X3)

"The resale and or trade in value is disappointing. Possibly this has to do with the high cost of maintenance at BMW dealers. Replacement parts and labor charges are very high in my area of the country."

WALTER P., MI (2012 BMW X3)
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