Want a small upscale SUV that does it all? The BMW X3 emphasizes driving fun and melds luxury car attributes with the traditional utility of an SUV. Athletic handling and eager power make the X3 enjoyable to drive. Cabin finish is impeccable and passengers benefit from supportive seats and a hushed interior. All of these attributes help the X3 rank among the top-rated vehicles in the compact luxury SUV class.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

“This is a well-engineered, very fast, very responsive SUV. It is well made and a pleasure to drive.”

MICHAEL A., VA (2014 BMW X3)

“Nothing handles and performs like a BMW”

ERNIE P., OK (2014 BMW X3)

“I've owned 3 BMW's and each has been really FUN to drive!”

Anonymous, NH (2014 BMW X3)

“Good handling - very easy to drive. I wish the turbo 4 had a little more power - I had a 6 cylinder BMW 3 series and think the acceleration was slightly better.”


“For a sport utility the BMW X3 handles and performs more like a sport sedan. Great engineering.”

SCOTT W., CA (2014 BMW X3)

“Handles well. Just did a 5,000 mile trip with great comfort and mpg was at or above 30 mpg.”

THOM W., OH (2014 BMW X3)

“What a surprise! I had no idea that a SUV, albeit small, could accelerate and handle like this turbo engine and the suspension package provided.”

FAY S., AZ (2014 BMW X3)

“Gas mileage is fair. Run flat tires wore out after only 13000 miles.”

BARRY S., NJ (2014 BMW X3)

“Acceleration is slow on pickup till turb comes on.”

GERALD F., PA (2014 BMW X3)

“Acceleration is impressive with the 35 model and bigger engine , very fun to drive”


“The X3 as an SUV handles like a sports car. It provides safe driving and overcomes conditions that would affect the handling of other vehicles. It instills confidence as you drive it.”

Anonymous, PA (2014 BMW X3)

“It seems everyone in my family gets a headache in this vehicle unless I drive very very slow. I am sure it is the handling as we all prefer 14yr old toyota highlander for this.”

Anonymous, NC (2014 BMW X3)

“great handling/steering feel.”

Anonymous, BC (2014 BMW X3)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

“a/c is slow to cool adequately”

Anonymous, WI (2014 BMW X3)

“Both front seats are adjustable and very comfortable, especially for long drives”

PAUL C., WA (2014 BMW X3)

“This vehicle was chosen for seat comfort and ease of getting into and out of car because my physical disability was best accommodated by the X3's configuration.”

FAY S., AZ (2014 BMW X3)

“Sport seats have great adjustbility”

RALPH C., OH (2014 BMW X3)

“More road noise than expected. Ride can be rough at times.”

Anonymous, OR (2014 BMW X3)

“Great for long trips, seats are superb, suspension is firm but compliant, excellent ride.”

Anonymous, MA (2014 BMW X3)

“The front seats are very comfortable and have a perfect pitch. No neck fatigue which happens on longer driving of the 328”

EUGENE C., PA (2014 BMW X3)

“Quiet, stable ride, effective climate control, well adjustable seats. Tires (run flat) provides harsher ride than on regular tires.”


“Great seating position/height and stable, sure footed ride.”

Anonymous, BC (2014 BMW X3)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

“Overpriced in comparison to other choices in this class. Ride comfort and performance is not any superior to some other compact SUV costing 5-10000 dollars less. Run flat tires and no spare are a major factor in not selecting this car again.”

Anonymous, NJ (2014 BMW X3)

“Driving experience is good. Nav is just okay”

Anonymous, IL (2014 BMW X3)

“BMW seems to have "cut corners" on some components. Specifically, the original tires were worn out by 22,00 miles. In addition, minor usability features like in-door pockets are now hard plastic instead of a mesh netting like my 2006 X3 had. Finally, minor reliability issues have come up with a rear lift gate not working intermittently and an electronic key that sometimes wont open locked doors or start the vehicle. I took the vehicle to a dealer to look at these problems and got a "no trou”

Anonymous, OH (2014 BMW X3)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

“The X3 is extremely attractive. The sculptured body gives the impression that the X3 is moving when it is standing still.”

MIKE H., AZ (2014 BMW X3)

“Nice efficient styling should age well”

Anonymous, OR (2014 BMW X3)

“Timeless design”

JEAN J., LA (2014 BMW X3)

“Clean lines, practical, nice styling overall.”

Anonymous, ON (2014 BMW X3)

Would you buy this car again?

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