Want a small upscale SUV that does it all? The BMW X3 not only emphasizes driving fun, but it melds luxury car attributes with the traditional utility of an SUV. Athletic handling and eager power make the X3 enjoyable to drive. Cabin finish is impeccable and passengers benefit from supportive seats and a hushed interior. All of these attributes help the X3 rank among the top-rated vehicles in the compact luxury SUV class.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"This is the gold standard that I compare other vehicles to. It accelerates and handles like a sports car, but has the utility of an SUV."

SAM S., NJ (2016 BMW X3)

"This car is a diesel and acceleration and overall driving satisfaction are much greater than what I expected for a diesel."

ROBERT S., NC (2016 BMW X3)

"the x3 has excellent handling on dry, wet, and snowy pavement. It tracks well, accelerates nicely, and gives a great feeling of overall stability"

JAMES G., CA (2016 BMW X3)

"Transmission controls are sufficiently different from normal control systems to be DANGEROUS. Use of a push button on top of the transmission to engage park, coupled with engaging reverse from what would normally be the PARK position has resulted in undesired vehicle movement on several occasions. YES, it's my fault, for being too slow to embrace their new system, but owning several other cars with "standard" transmission configurations, has preconditioned me. This factor alone would cause m"

ROBERT W., PA (2016 BMW X3)

"Acceleration is good and it handles like a sports."

Anonymous, ON (2016 BMW X3)

"4 cylinder turbo engine is simply amazing Vehicle certainly does not have a station wagon driving feel to it Utility is amazing Does everything that I wanted it to do when I decided to purchase it"

Anonymous, TX (2016 BMW X3)

"Handling is great on curvy roads"

GARY A., FL (2016 BMW X3)

"Terrific acceleration. Car is very "tight" making for a very enjoyable driving experience."

LOUIS C., CA (2016 BMW X3)

"In 1968 I bought new a Camaro Z28 which would do 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds which is to this day considered very quick for a Camaro. My 2016 BMW X3, 2.8 all wheel drive, will do 0 to 60 in 6.2 seconds, amazing for a 4 door SUV. Unfortunately this is not without cost as my mostly around town MPG is not quite 21 MPG."


"Turbo 6 is smooth and quick. firm comfortable ride and it handles well for a suv"

Anonymous, CT (2016 BMW X3)

"Absolutely love the "drive". Handles great, comfortable ride with great pick up."


"Seriously the best acceleration ever in an affordable SUV. 0-60 in seconds. And it hugs curves extremely well. So much fun to drive!!"

CYNTHIA B., MD (2016 BMW X3)

"Very good are the 3 different driving choices - normal, comfort and sport, with the way the car responds in each choice."

JAMES W., AZ (2016 BMW X3)

"I got the six cylinder engine, and that makes a huge difference. My wife's X3 has the four cylinder. We spend the summer in Colorado and the extra power comes in very handy."

MARK S., TN (2016 BMW X3)

"Handles, accelerates, and stops on a dime. Fun to drive and feel very safe"

GINA P., KS (2016 BMW X3)

"Does all it is supposed to do. Acceleration when needed is great. Handling is very good although not quite as responsive as my earlier X-1 which was livelier in both handling and acceleration."

JAMES C., NC (2016 BMW X3)

"the handling is outstanding"

Anonymous, VA (2016 BMW X3)

"I bought the 2.0 liter turbo-four seeking good fuel economy, and it has delivered by matching the two hybrid SUVs I've owned. The surprise has been the excellent acceleration. Apparently the 8-speed automatic is able to get better performance with the small engine than I thought possible."

REUEL R., WA (2016 BMW X3)

"Nimble handling, takes curves well. For a 4 cyl. engine gets good acceleration. Haven't had it fully loaded yet, so don't know how it handles under load."

Anonymous, FL (2016 BMW X3)

"Windshield navigation fantastic as well as new safety features, blindside, etc"

JEAN M., FL (2016 BMW X3)

"The driving experience is what BMW excels at and the X3 is very sporty. More so when the Sport mode is turned on. Nearly as good as the BMW sedans."

Anonymous, VA (2016 BMW X3)

"Had a cadalliac SRX and this car handles so much better turns well and accelerates better better mileage"

PAMELA H., NJ (2016 BMW X3)

"4 cylinder turbo charged engine is fine, but would be even finer with a 6. (I know they make a 6 cylinder X3, but the price is high)."

Anonymous, SC (2016 BMW X3)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Comfort is very good, little more wind noise than I expected"

Anonymous, NC (2016 BMW X3)

"The X-line seat bases are exceptionally narrow. They are comfortable, but the seats would be more comfortable if wider."

Anonymous, NV (2016 BMW X3)

"Air conditioning system seems inadequate i.e. needs more vents and more air movement"

JOHN C., WY (2016 BMW X3)

"In the sport model we have (my husband's car), the seats are more comfortable than mine."

Anonymous, SC (2016 BMW X3)

"The seats do not seem to be well configured for people >6 Feet tall"

JAMES B., AZ (2016 BMW X3)

"Harsh ride, possibly due to run-flat tires, Outstanding cornering and acceleration"

Anonymous, CA (2016 BMW X3)

"I wish there was a way to get the more comfortable seats without adding on a huge option package. The basic seats are just fine, not great."

Anonymous, WA (2016 BMW X3)

"While these are the standard seats with lumbar support vs. the multi-contour seats of my 535xi, they are good enough that I can ride in it very long distance without suffering back pain. The standard seats in our X1 I couldn't ride more than about 50 mile without getting sore."

MEL W., OH (2016 BMW X3)

"The run flat tires are much stiffer than the past bmw's tires. They are too harsh."

Anonymous, IL (2016 BMW X3)

"The interior is well laid out and the seating is very comfortable I especially like the ride"

KENNETH S., KY (2016 BMW X3)

"all excellent"

GAIL J., FL (2016 BMW X3)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Gets expensive as you add packages. Could make some things standard, such as what's included in Premium Package & Driver Assist Package. Buyers at this price range expect these things."

Anonymous, SC (2016 BMW X3)

"The car I bought was a dealer-owned loaner with about 8000 miles on it, and about 8 months old, therefore I got a much better price than buying it new."

Anonymous, CA (2016 BMW X3)

"It would be good to have blind spot monitoring standard safety equipment"

BRENDA T., TN (2016 BMW X3)

"BMW seems very eager to sell cars. I got highest dollar on my trade-in and an incredible mark-down on the BMW, which had 200 miles on it."

MARK S., TN (2016 BMW X3)

"I really don't like the car. It doesn't have the options I wanted My fault, I didn't realizes it was missing options that I've had on my other cars"

Anonymous, NY (2016 BMW X3)

"BMW just seems to do a better job with ride, handle and balance"

Anonymous, NS (2016 BMW X3)

"Would like to see more reasonable pricing for options."

Anonymous, PA (2016 BMW X3)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Styling is very good with lots of room for tall people"

GARY A., FL (2016 BMW X3)

"The x3 has nice styling. Far better than precocious models"

KENNETH S., KY (2016 BMW X3)

"Needs a little style update"

BRENDA T., TN (2016 BMW X3)

"Distinct styling- you know it's a BMW as opposed to many cars that you can't tell what brand it is."

Anonymous, MA (2016 BMW X3)

"its beautiful"

Anonymous, VA (2016 BMW X3)

"Really like styling and all controls work very well. Vehicle has diesel engine and gets great milage for SUV. Really like the adaptive cruise and heads up display."

Anonymous, ON (2016 BMW X3)

"Beautiful interior, leather interior with contrasting stitching"

Anonymous, IL (2016 BMW X3)

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