Comfortable, refined, and high-tech, the X5 feels a little, well, less BMW-like than previous generations. While still competent and enjoyable to drive, BMW dialed back the sharp handling and taut ride of previous models in the X5's 2014 redesign, trading some of their sporty feel for a cushier ride. The cabin is luxurious, solid, and quiet, including offering a third-row seat.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"This my 3rd X5. Very reliable comfortable. Great vehicle for travel. Quiet with great build quality. Would prefer full size spare rather than run flat tires."

Anonymous, MO (2017 BMW X5)

"Very smooth and responsive. Excellent acceleration."

Anonymous, OK (2017 BMW X5)

"We drive to Aspen and Idaho, and the car handles fantastically well"

Anonymous, CA (2017 BMW X5)

"Drives great"

Anonymous, TX (2017 BMW X5)

"The car feels solid. I had Mercedes cars for 20 years prior and always felt the BMW label " the ultimate driving machine" was not important to me. I thought it meant more of a sporty feel. bUt it really means a feeling of control and confidence in its handling the road."

George T., IL (2017 BMW X5)

"For such a big vehicle, you can set it up to pull away like crazy when you want it to. But you can also dial it down, conserve gas, and (for my car at least) run on battery when traffic is bad."

Gregory B., CA (2017 BMW X5)

"very good acceleration. This is diesel. Much better than 3.0 gas model"

Anonymous, AZ (2017 BMW X5)

"The smaller engine couple with the electric engine gives plenty of power and quick acceleration. I pay a litter more on my monthly but it is offset by only having to buy gas once a month or so because of the hybrid feature."

Anthony G., CA (2017 BMW X5)

"brakes are less sensitive when operating on electric power"

Anonymous, CT (2017 BMW X5)

"It is fun to drive. Responsive, quick acceleration, especially in sport mode."

Anonymous, MO (2017 BMW X5)

"love the three choices of drive modes; economy, comfort & sport. I use all three and it's great !"

Jeff K., MI (2017 BMW X5)

"The best handling of all the Sport utility vehicles that I have driven. Great acceleration, very responsive steering especially in sport mode. It’s a great mountain vehicle."

Pamela T., TX (2017 BMW X5)

"The car almost steers itself. The steering response is incredible. The chassis is rock steady even when pushed hard into a turn. The 6 cylinder engine is the perfect blend of more power than I'd ever need and mileage that gives the car incredible range."

M L., FL (2017 BMW X5)

"Solid, sure footed handling. strong acceleration"

Joseph C., NY (2017 BMW X5)

"The BMW experience is driving is wonderful, glad to own this brand of car again. Although I wish they would make the 5 series (yes I know you did not ask) with standard seating instead of sitting so low to the ground."

Leonard B., PA (2017 BMW X5)

"Low profile tires are bad in snow."

Alan D., NJ (2017 BMW X5)

"Steering and acceleration very responsive;car is real quick; diesel. Is very efficient and great torque; Agile and fun to drive even though its a very spacious car with lots of storage"

Anonymous, NY (2017 BMW X5)

"This hybrid is our first and the acceleration is surprisingly good; powerful engine with good “get up and go‿ while still sipping gas"

Diane P., FL (2017 BMW X5)

"Excellent control, handling, mileage and acceleration (with turbo 3.0 lit) versus v8 I was considering."

Ronald R., CA (2017 BMW X5)

"The combination of the small turbo-charged engine and the electric motor make it fast off the line. And, around town, I get 40-50 mpg, depending on state of charge. I do wish it had more electric range, but it’s perfect for my short commute, which I do all electric."

Mark A., CA (2017 BMW X5)

"Decent accelleration. Enjoy the different modes - sport, etc. handles well for a SUV."

Anonymous, GA (2017 BMW X5)

"The new X5 has the distinctive feel of German muscle, but it seems to incorporated some smoothness of Lexus. I still remember my old BMW from 17 years ago. it was a precise German machine, simple and powerful even after ten years. But it was always pretty loud and bumpy. The X5 is a German beast with a silky fur. If the X5 learned something from Asian luxury cars, it also picked up something not that desirable-----the controls are too complicated."

Jing Z., MD (2017 BMW X5)

"Fantastic acceleration at any speed Sports car like handling, excellent cornering"

Robert L., UT (2017 BMW X5)

"For an SUV it is quite agile and holds the road great. Fun to drive."

Bruce P., CT (2017 BMW X5)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Big comfy seats, quiet ride, great view. What's not to like?"

Gregory B., CA (2017 BMW X5)

"Quite ride. Very comfortable seats with the multi-contour seat package."

Tony K., OH (2017 BMW X5)

"The most comfortable car I have ever driven."

Anonymous, MO (2017 BMW X5)

"very comfortable leather seats, very quite and smooth ride"

Jeff K., MI (2017 BMW X5)

"it is just a great vehicle with everything built to a high standard. Expensive but worth the money."

Anonymous, MA (2017 BMW X5)

"Ride comfort and front seats"

Joseph C., NY (2017 BMW X5)

"Super comfortable seats and ride. Never get tired on long trips. BMW got it right."

Anonymous, GA (2017 BMW X5)

"Very comfortable ride. Right mix of firmness and softness. Great feel for the road. Nimble. Excellent acceleration."

Tony K., OH (2017 BMW X5)

"The trunk has made noise (it creaks) since I got the car. I brought it back twice to BMW. They just tighten the trunk latch. It still makes noise, but infrequently. But, the trunk does not close properly. There is a larger space on one side vs the other between the trunk and body. Now BMW says it is my fault. That “I must have brought it to a body shop for something else and they messed it up.‿ I never brought it anywhere. And now it is out of warranty, so they won’t do anything about it even though they probably caused it. Ridiculous."

Anonymous, NY (2017 BMW X5)

"The X5 plug-in hybrid is extremely quiet, especially when it is electric motor. The seat is very comfortable. The ride is silky smooth and very robust when it is on sports mode. The driver feels confident and comfortable."

Jing Z., MD (2017 BMW X5)

"Seats are the best. Very quite ride."

Anonymous, IL (2017 BMW X5)

"Seats are soft enough tobe comfortable but still firm enough for solid ride; outside driving noise is minimal; overall ride is quite smooth for an SUV and very much improved over our 2013 X5"

Diane P., FL (2017 BMW X5)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I did not feel that the money I paid is justified for the base model. Lack of backup camera for a 58K SUV is ridiculous and so is the non standard active safety features (expensive as add ons)."

Ibrahim E., LA (2017 BMW X5)

"Well designed, good handling. For the price, more safety systems should come with the car."

John A., FL (2017 BMW X5)

"Love it but it was a little pricey."

Anonymous, CA (2017 BMW X5)

"Great car, worth every penny, but do feel there are too many options that should be included as standard."

Ronald R., CA (2017 BMW X5)

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