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Underdeveloped, overpriced, and over here. That's the story of the Buick Envision. On paper, this new addition to the Buick family looks appealing. It's a semi-luxury, handily-sized SUV with plenty of standard equipment, emulating the concept of competitors from Audi, BMW, and Lexus. Built in China, where Buick is very popular, the Envision bridges the gap between the small Encore and large Enclave.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"very smooth shifting, plenty of power. Very good road feel, no wondering over the road, takes bumps very well."

Ken M., PA (2017 Buick Envision)

"I wanted a more powerful engine than the standard, so I ordered the super-charged (or whatever its called). I had a Buick Enclave before and was disappointed with the lack of power. The Envision has power to spare, even fully loaded and driving through mountains it goes! It handles very nicely and is really a joy to drive."

Irene R., NY (2017 Buick Envision)

"Always use premium fuel as recommended. Plenty of acceleration."

T B., IN (2017 Buick Envision)

"I don't like the ride mainly. You feel every bump in the road. The suspension needs to be improved."

Earl B., WV (2017 Buick Envision)

"When I am driving through an intersection, the car is squirrely when the tires cross the white lines of the intersection."

Anonymous, FL (2017 Buick Envision)

"acceleration & handling in the snow"

Anthony B., NY (2017 Buick Envision)

"Impressed by the power from 4 cylinder Smooth ride, responds well, quiet"

Louis T., PA (2017 Buick Envision)

"NO problems with pick-up nor handling."

Richard D., CA (2017 Buick Envision)

"Good acceleratio"

Michel S., QC (2017 Buick Envision)

"Acceleration could be much better. A little sluggish when pulling out. After that very comfortable and responsive."

Charles C., MA (2017 Buick Envision)

"See previous"

Anonymous, NJ (2017 Buick Envision)

"Put it in park walked away saw in rollling down the road tried to stop it got a broken shoulder and it ran over my foot and no one cares"

Anonymous, PA (2017 Buick Envision)

"Great steering, very little vibration"

Anonymous, CA (2017 Buick Envision)

"It drives very well. It handles without much effort. We are very pleased but are concerned because we do not have automatic front braking nor traffic lane warnings if we wander."

Anonymous, FL (2017 Buick Envision)

"Comfortable driving and excellent acceleration for 4 cylinder engine"

Anonymous, NJ (2017 Buick Envision)

"It drives very smooth and the ride is comfortable- not too hard or too soft. The acceleration is beyond our expectations yet gas mileage is good."

Benny L., TX (2017 Buick Envision)

"I like the smooth acceleration, shifting, and low-volume engine noise. I’m getting used to the engine stopping at stop lights."

George O., TN (2017 Buick Envision)

"Turbo 4 cylinder is ourstanding"

Roy N., TX (2017 Buick Envision)


James N., FL (2017 Buick Envision)

"Under this category I include Buick's utterly insane auto-stop feature: if the engine is warmed up and the compressor isn't running, stepping on the brake with the transmission in Drive turns off the engine. It restarts automatically when you remove your foot from the brake. The idea is to save gas when stuck at a red light. Fine, but the same thing happens at times that you do NOT want the engine to shut down. Too bad, if your foot is on the brake and the transmission is in Drive, it will s..."

Ronald R., CA (2017 Buick Envision)

"It has a very quite ride."

Anonymous, VA (2017 Buick Envision)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Sun visors are too small for the size of the windshield. A/C vents are too low and don’t enough air. Defrost function doesn’t work well on front window. Vents are too close together."

Anonymous, GA (2017 Buick Envision)

"Comfortable and refined"

Anonymous, CA (2017 Buick Envision)

"Vehicle is noisy on expressway - seats are comfortable- when it’s windy vehicle seems to not handle road well"

Anonymous, MI (2017 Buick Envision)

"This is the reason I bought this car; eg. years of experience with a very quiet car with an amazing ride. Neither of those seem to be true any more, but this is also an SuV and not a car, so I have amended my expectations"

Pat O., IA (2017 Buick Envision)

"Large comfortable seats, great heating system."

Linda G., OH (2017 Buick Envision)

"There is too much noise connected to the sun roof."

Les M., FL (2017 Buick Envision)

"The seats are narrow for me. The seat belts are hard to fasten."

Anonymous, WI (2017 Buick Envision)


Robert L., CA (2017 Buick Envision)

"Seats,noise,ride are terrific."

Anonymous, MD (2017 Buick Envision)

"very good seats"

Anthony B., NY (2017 Buick Envision)

"very smooth and quiet ride"

Anonymous, NY (2017 Buick Envision)

"Looks are great"

Anonymous, FL (2017 Buick Envision)

"I don't like the closeness of the back wheels to the back of the can. I guess the wheel base. It makes you swing out farther than I''d like to make a turn. It also makes the ride very tight and uncomfortable for just everyday driving. Visibility is good and easy to get out of parking places."

Anonymous, OH (2017 Buick Envision)

"Road noise. I would like a quitter ride."

Anonymous, AZ (2017 Buick Envision)

"The leather seats are very comfortable with the normal level of controls at this model level. The ride is smooth and quite with only a little engine noise of the turbo in 1 & 2 gears."

John M., CT (2017 Buick Envision)

"Air noise around doors & road noise coming in around front doors."

Arthur S., TX (2017 Buick Envision)

"The car is very comfortable for long trips. Excellent leg and hip room. Very quiet. Easy to have conversation between front and back seats."

T B., IN (2017 Buick Envision)

"Seats very comfortable on long trips"

Anonymous, SC (2017 Buick Envision)

"Noise higher than last Buick sedan,ride not as smooth"

Anonymous, MI (2017 Buick Envision)

"We were use to a larger cars with larger seats. These seats are ok but are smaller than what we are used to. They are still comfortable even on long trips."

Anonymous, FL (2017 Buick Envision)

"I don't like that the motor shuts off when stopped!"

Anonymous, IL (2017 Buick Envision)

"Seat comfort rivals my previous SAAB's. Economy. Acceleration."

Richard D., CA (2017 Buick Envision)

"The car's seating is extremely comfortable, with the lumbar control and heated seats it's perfect. The ride is as smooth as any sedan, and it's so quiet that several passengers have commented that they didn't think the engine was on!"

Irene R., NY (2017 Buick Envision)

"Seats,very supportive and adjustable Noise, reasonable quite Ride, little rough"

Anonymous, FL (2017 Buick Envision)

"Seats are very comfortable. Quiet inside, and rides well. Long trips are easy to do."

Anonymous, IA (2017 Buick Envision)

"very quiet and comfortable"

Anonymous, NC (2017 Buick Envision)

"vision is very good and enhanced by the sensors and cameras"

Roy N., TX (2017 Buick Envision)

"Seats are comfy, it is quiet and the ride is good."

Anonymous, KS (2017 Buick Envision)

"Seats do not reach shoulders, rearview mirror does not angle high enough for a 6'-4" person. Head and legroom is sufficient though."

Anonymous, UT (2017 Buick Envision)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"thought it was over priced and my trade in value was reduced from the advertised value"

Harold M., ND (2017 Buick Envision)

"buick had a discounr of 25% off list price"

Anonymous, TN (2017 Buick Envision)

"lots of features for the price"

Anonymous, NY (2017 Buick Envision)

"I'm not sure VALUE is the correct word as this car cost much more than I expected and during the purchase experience, every time I took a deep breath, it was another 1K. However, it is one of my favorite cars in the past 30 years, so there you go, you have to deal with the paradox of female taste."

Pat O., IA (2017 Buick Envision)

"The Envision is over priced. Compared to other vehicles in this price range, I think about $5000 too much. They were clearing them out, so once the price became reasonable, I took a look. When they took $10000 off the sticker, it went from over priced to a great deal! I am a xxxxxx for a good deal!"

Glen S., WI (2017 Buick Envision)

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