Like many previous Buicks, the Lucerne's primary attributes are its cushy ride, along with a roomy and mostly quiet interior. While the model also has a steadier ride and better fit and finish than the LeSabre and Park Avenue models it replaced, the Buick didn't rival the best competition.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Northstar V8 engine very smooth. Ride smooth and soft (I like). Great highway cruiser."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Northstar engine great acceleration. handling a little mushy."

William S., MI (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Excellent on long distance trips."

Anonymous, KS (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Has good acceleration and handles well."

Walter R., IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Periodically the engine will will stall for from 2 to 15 seconds then kick-in again. This has happened at various speeds and at shift points."

WALTER M., TN (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"It has good power with the six cylinder, 30 mpg on the highway and has great handling. The breaks are original and work great"

DAVID H., CA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"poor radius in turning severe blind spot between side window and windshield"

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"I am used to a sports car. I would not want to take any corners with much speed."

DAVID S., MN (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"I have the V-8 engine--so the acceleration is excellent. I don't like the stiff steering. More power assist is needed."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"The Northstar engine is well coupled with the transmission to give exceptionally smooth acceleration."

PHIL O., VA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"The Lucerne has a north star V-8 engine which is a joy to drive. Too bad GM decided to discontinue the Lucerne. Great road car."

Anonymous, TN (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Does not accelerate well, wallows some in turns. It is my grandfathers car!"

Anonymous, GA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"I can move-out when it is necessary, thereby putting distance between me and any other car encroaching on me. my car is quick to my touch when necessary to avoid any thing that might cause an accident."

Anonymous, PA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Comfortable, good handling."

Anonymous, MN (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Great acceleration and handling during harder driving."

D J., IN (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"all good"

Edith S., IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Handles like a beached whale. It's great as long as you're driving in a straight line. Otherwise, be careful.. You navigate it, not drive it. Visibility is bad. "A" and "B" pillars are like blinders. Rear visibility is almost as bad."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"The speedometer is almost unreadable. The dealer tried to brighten it up but is still so dim you can't read it. i' am not ;the only one who has complained about this. I've heard about others who have written Buick headquarters. Otherwise this has been an outstanding car. Don't know why they discontinued it."

Anonymous, KS (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"the power of the V6 engine is somewhat lacking on uphill grades, and when merging into expressway traffic and passing; handling is slightly better than average"

Anonymous, IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Quiet, holds the road well"

Walter R., IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Excellent ride, seat adjustment, very quite in cabin"

Anonymous, TX (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Comfortable for long and short drives and it is a very quiet ride"

Michael R., MI (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Very smooth, quiet ride. I slow down my commute and use the Lucerne as my cone of silence to decompress between work and the kids at home."

Anonymous, IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"This is the car we take for longer trips as it rides well. The Subaru is used to carry items and take a daily trip to the stable."

Roberta A., WI (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Seats are low. I have another Buick that allows me to adjust the seat height. This one does not. I feel more like I am in a lounge chair than a vehicle operator."

Anonymous, NC (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Same as the Camry."

Anonymous, KS (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Smooth ride and very little road noise."

Anonymous, MN (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Very comfortable seats and handles very well."

Walter R., IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Big, comfortable seats, lots of leg room. Cushy, smooth ride. Some wheel vibration at 60+ that haven't been able to identify."

H H., CA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"The wide tires on the CXS are a little noisy on some concrete highways. But the ride and handling are AOK."

JAMES-BARBARA S., OH (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"The Lucerne is very quiet, the ride and seat comfort is as good or better than the ride and seat comfort in much newer cars that I have rented since I purchased this Buick."

PAUL H., WI (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Car is relatively comfortable, but seating is lower than 2005 Toyota Camry it replaced."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"The front seat is conveniently converted into a full bench seat by lowering the arm rest - no bucket seat."

ROBERT H., PA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"small, not easy to get in and out"

Anonymous, MA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Great leather seats. Auto adjustment. Love the lumbar adjustment. It is like sitting in a great leather chair in my home. Quick to cool AC, very quiet ride Love, love this car."

SHARON K., IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"While the car rides quietly, there are a few too many rattles and other noises such as the power steering on extreme locks. The car's turning circle is way too great and it is a gas guzzler"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"An excellent Road car."

Anonymous, IA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"I have never liked bucket seats. I paid extra for 6 passenger seating on this car thinking I would get a bench seat. What I got was bucket seats with a flat thing in place of the console. Bucket seats are not comfortable for me as they press on my thighs."

H W., MI (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Seats are comfortable; ride is excellent. Climate control is quirky, resetting itself to bring in outside air when recirculated is selected."

Anonymous, WI (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Absolutely the most comfortable car for traveling."

Jason W., MI (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"the leather seats are super comfortable; outside noise is minimal; rough spots in the road are well absorbed by the suspension"

Anonymous, IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Seats are leather heated in the winter. Comfortable ride as it's a wider based vehicle."

Michael M., WI (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Comfortable riding and very quiet"

Robert P., WI (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Fantastic comfort and very quiet cabin. Seats are exceptionally comfortable for long trips and the climate systems are great. A/C cools the car instantly on the hottest summer days even after being parked in the sun. We love that the seat heat has three temp settings and allows passenger to choose the back, bottom or both for heat."

Anonymous, IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Quit ride"

Anonymous, WI (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Seats are heated or cooled, leather, very comfortable. Car is very quiet with windows up. Remote start handy."

William B., FL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Quiet at road speeds, handles road bumps well. Seats are right on comfortable. Overall a great ride and handling."

D J., IN (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"This is the most comfortable vehicle for long distance rides. One guest said it was like riding in her comfortable living room. Getting in and out is difficult both back and front, though."

Anonymous, MN (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Best: ride Worst: seats"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Sets are low to the group and hard to get in and out of"

Anonymous, MN (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Good acceleration, handling, braking, quiet"

Walter R., IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"The bar on both sides of windshield-left & right-coming from hood to dashboard blocks vision."

Mike K., NJ (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"At 6'1" and 68 years old the seat sits to low and is small. The seat is uncomfortable sitting more than about an hour. The seat sits back next to the side support between the front and back doors making an uncomfortable experience getting out."

Danny R., GA (2006 Buick Lucerne)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"It has been good value for it relatively problem free mechanically has been otherwise very reliable"

Michael R., MI (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"It is a wonderful car, good looking and wonderful ride, except for mechanical and electrical problems. Water pump, head gasket, A/C controls and evaporator, power steering pump and rack and pinion, engine mounts. I have spent about $6,000 on repairs in about 69,000 miles. It also was delivered with poor tires that I replaced at my expense at about 4,000 miles."

H B., FL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Bought used, had only 24,000 miles. But engine mounts went quickly, cost $800 to replace. Now my mechanic says it needs new tie rods, which would cost about $200."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Overall, pleased with the vehicle. The OEM wheels were terrible (common on this Buick and other Cadillac models). They begin to pit and corrode after less than 1,000 miles. Had to replace with much better quality after market wheels."

DAVID T., OH (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"We inherited this vehicle so didn't pay for it"

JUSTINE A., MN (2006 Buick Lucerne)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"This full size car provides comfort in both front and rear seats. After this year a down sizing was made by GM that sacrifice headroom at door entry and crowed the driver cabin."

ROBERT H., PA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Hard to tell this 2006 car from the new ones on the road. Great style, lots of room."

SHARON K., IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Styling is lean and conservative for a big car, better than the Cadillac DTS with which it shares the same platform."

H H., CA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"Looks great and is very comfortable"

DAVID H., CA (2006 Buick Lucerne)

"side and rearview visibility without use of mirrors very poor due to headrest and window post blockage"

Anonymous, IL (2006 Buick Lucerne)

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