Like many previous Buicks, the Lucerne's primary attributes are its cushy ride, along with a roomy and mostly quiet interior. While the model also has a steadier ride and better fit and finish than the LeSabre and Park Avenue models it replaced, the Buick didn't rival the best competition. Its 197-horsepower, 3.8-liter V6 engine is responsive, but sounds coarse and doesn't have outstanding acceleration or fuel economy.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration is very satisfactory for me. The 6 cylinder engine powers the car very well in mountains."

WILLIAM F., TX (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Love the Northstar V-8 engine"

ROGER B., TN (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Has nice acceleration and pep."

MARC W., MD (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"apart from the onstar the drive and ride n handling good"

PIERRE E., QC (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"This is a top-notch car, probably the best I've ever owned. It's REALLY too bad GM no longer makes it."

KIRK J., IA (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"It is a very comfortable car - feels like a sofa - and handles like one as well. The steering is very squishy."

Lisa L., GA (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"It has a very peppy engine and the the fuel flex system to get in excess of 870 kms on a tank of fuel in highway driving is amazing."

Don H., AB (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Very comfortable ride, adequate acceleration."

James S., MO (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Good pickup for a big car but not anything to write home about."

Allen S., CA (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"confort and handling"

Anonymous, TN (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"handles and drives comfortable"

C T., MO (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Damn good gas mileage with the flex option."

Don H., AB (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Excellent riding, low road noise, wallows and impaired handling on rough or uneven road surfaces. Acceleration is adequate. Ingress and egress is like crawling in a small opening cave."

James S., MO (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"I have the Northstar V8; excellent power and strong acceleration. Mileage is about 24 or 25 at highway speeds of 70 - 75 mph. The turning radius is a bit long, but otherwise, the steering is quick and positive. The suspension is great on the highway, giving a firm but almost floating ride. Braking is very good, and there is little sway in cornering. I still have two original equipment tires on this car at over 100,000 miles, and both still have plenty of usable tread. Amazing. Love this car. I w..."

Kirk J., IA (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Adequate acceleration and smooth handling making for a very good ride."

Jon B., WI (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"The vehicle handles very well on the open road. However , the turn radius is a little wider than many vehicles and the acceleration is modest."

George G., NC (2009 Buick Lucerne)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I am a big man and getting in and out is somewhat difficult."

Anonymous, TX (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Road noise, rides rather rough. Hitting a bump or pot hole it seems that the suspension bottoms out."

GARY W., OK (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"seats comfortable, low road noise"

Anonymous, GA (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Leather seats are comfortable on road trips."

WARNER G., CA (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"There is some sort of vibration like resonance when going through part of the power band when accelerating. Suspension bottoms out sometimes on bumps when it really should not."

Anonymous, NB (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Center console gives me alot of grief. It reduces overall comfort, lack of space for purse, cane ect it gets worse as I age. That year had gears on the steering wheel. I should have stood my ground and insisted on that model."

Anonymous, IL (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"The head rest on both frount seats are to big. driver cannot see when backing out of driveway. had to replace drivers seat."

LLOYD S., SC (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"As the car aged it began to pick up little noises. The dealer said they could find no reason for the noise.The water pump was replaced because the heater stopped working. The head gasket needs replacing. The motor mounts were replaced at 60K miles. It now has 90K and should need this level of maintenance."

LOU E., KY (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Blower became inoperative and dealer could not fix for a reasonable price. Replaced blower control myself with a pulse width modulator control."

VIRGINIA N., NC (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"in general I enjoy driving the car, only one problem with the onstar system which is non fuctionnal because of a short circuit which has brought down 3 batteries, otherwise I like it."

PIERRE E., QC (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Sets too low. Difficult theaters.d exit without bumping my head."

Anonymous, OH (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Seats are very comfortable for me and the cabin is roomy. This is the most comfortable auto I have ever driven and is superb for long trips."

WILLIAM F., TX (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"seats are comfortable but bucket form is too deep to get out of easily, noise is standard level for most vehicles"

C T., MO (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Visibility is really bad. I can't see to the rear sides."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"It handles well for a big car and was what we leaned towards when purchasing the vehicle. Since then we have driven another type car (sports - Audi) and really like the way it handled better than the Buick."

Allen S., CA (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"do not like center console. creates uncomfortable tight leg/foot room for any thing but short trips. preferred when gearshift was on steering column. That is why we have the van."

Freda R., IL (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"very roomy and comfortable. low road and outside noise"

Dawn W., TX (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"As the wife drives it the most, it is better suited to her height. The ride is comfortable with good visibility."

Don H., AB (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"First vehicle I have ever driven in which the driver's seat went back far enough for me to be very comfortable while driving."

Anonymous, TX (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Good ride and ease of driving. Looseness in front suspension, just found out rack and pinion is failing at 85,000 miles, estimated repair cost of $700 on to of $1500 spent in repairs so far this year. Time to get rid of this pile of junk"

James S., MO (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"very comfortable ride. Sill looks stylish even after 9 years."

John A., GA (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Seats comfortable after in the car, however at 6'4" and 290 pounds the car is almost impossible to get in and out of, my wife at 5'5" has the same problem. Very comfortable ride and quiet on the road."

James S., MO (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Best riding car i have ever owned."

Anonymous, OH (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Very quiet"

Greg R., MN (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Only complaint I have, the rear end seems to fishtail unless you have weight in the truck or passengers in the back seat."

Don H., AB (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Big car comfortable ride. Car is 8 years old and still very quiet with no squeaks or rattles of any kind."

Jon B., WI (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Headrest is not comfortable"

Anonymous, OH (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Nice and roomy. New cars do not have this comfort. New cars use space for consoles making seats narrow."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Buick Lucerne)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Been a good car"

Anonymous, MO (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"Have had major repair costs,replaced a front wheal bearing at 101,000 km, rebuild the transmission at 102,000 km, replace rear door lock actuator at 110,000 km."

GARY R., AB (2009 Buick Lucerne)

"A very confortable and dependable vehicle, it still looks and drives like a new car."

Gary H., TX (2009 Buick Lucerne)

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