Cadillac’s flagship CT6 is an impressive luxury car. Plush, roomy, quick, agile and high-tech, it just might be worthy of Cadillac's old slogan: “Standard of the World.” The CT6’s stellar Road Test score certainly ranks it among the best sedans. Our qualms revolve around a few interior quibbles, and the brand’s less-than-stellar predicted reliability rating. The CT6 slots in between two defined sedan classes.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very smooth and great acceleration. Lane departure assist works great."

Anonymous, WI (2017 Cadillac CT6)


Anonymous, NJ (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"Car is the most responsive pleasant car I have ever driven. Seats comfortable, driving position excellent. Styling is distinctive inside and out. In a time when most cars look alike, this care stands out. Have not had to return the care for any major or minor fixes, just oil service. GM is a bit off when they require customers to pay for navigation system updates in a market where google maps, Apple Maps, and Garmin update for free."

Thomas M., CO (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"The car is very fast for a full sized sedan. Acceleration again is very good for a car this big and heavy."

Bernard K., AZ (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"The transmission shuts extremely hard. I am told it is normal. If the next one shuts like this I will not purchase it."

Anonymous, CA (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"It has very good acceleration, reminding me of my 1968 Mustang GT. The handling is excellent around corners at fairly high speeds and getting off exits an fairly high speeds."

Robert F., MA (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"car feels and handles like a small car. it has great pick up and cruises at speed easilly."

C G., NY (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"ride comfort styling"

Everett S., CT (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"transmission hard shifts at times from 1st to 2nd"

Anonymous, NJ (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"Love the looks and styling of the CT6"

Thomas H., MN (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"I replaced my tires about 4000 miles ago and before this I loved the handling of this car. However, after replacing the tires on the CT6 with the exact tires that came with the car, the ride has degraded drastically. I have had this checked multiple times."

Carmon G., OH (2017 Cadillac CT6)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Have a rattle in passenger compartment I can't find."

Anonymous, MD (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"Extremely hard to get in and out of the seats because the steering wheel will now go up high enough and it uses power to change the steering wheel position which is a pain to use."

Gary N., FL (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"car is a little noisy Cue not as friendly as I would like"

Anonymous, FL (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"Lack of side support, seats not provide enough thigh support. Noise in driver door that dealer can't eliminate, rough ride--especially when the car has sat overnight--tires have a flat side."

Barry G., NJ (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"The car is very quiet, and smooth riding."

Bernard K., AZ (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"very comfortable seats and smooth ride with 19" wheels"

Raymond S., VA (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"Very comfortable along with wonderful fit n finish."

Michael C., WA (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"quiet comfort and room"

C G., NY (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"At times (with certain pavement types) the ride can be somewhat loud. As for seats, the seats don't recline as much as we would like. Taking driving breaks, it's nice to recline the seats to rest etc. but they do not recline that far. ALSO, The location of the A/C vents (front, dash) does not blow cold air high enough (angle) to hit your chest or face areas. They cool mid body ONLY. Bad Design."

Steve E., CA (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"I have had the car in to multiple shops since I have owned it regarding a VERY annoying shift problem at certain speeds that gets worse as it ages."

Carmon G., OH (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"The CT6 is a very comfortable riding Auto. Gives a big car ride ,but handles like a sports car around curves and exits.. It corners like a big cat. I found it better than my friends E450 Mercedes, and much better than my other friends 5 series BMW."

Robert F., MA (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"My 5th Cadillac and it has the best ride and handling ever.. With over 400 hp passes with ease and I still got over 39 mpg on a trip"

Arnold D., NC (2017 Cadillac CT6)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I compared the CT6 with BMW7, Audi A9 (or8?) and Mercedes. As long as our interstate has speed limits, the CT6 will go head to head with all of them. Hell, it might even perform head to head but I don't lean on it. I think it's a $30kdiff."

Michael C., WA (2017 Cadillac CT6)

"Overpaid. lacked features on a compatively priced vehicle."

Bobby D., CA (2017 Cadillac CT6)
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