This edition of the Cadillac CTS is a notable improvement over the model it replaces, easily competing toe-to-toe with some of the best German and Japanese sport sedans. A taut suspension and excellent steering give the CTS agile handling with a firm, yet compliant ride. The interior is significantly improved with higher quality materials.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Never had a problem, car handles fantastically, tracks straight down the road with very little steering input. Stunning acceleration (I have the 556 HP CTS-V)"

Barnes M., AZ (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Excellent handling and acceleration. Road noise a bit agrivating"

Anonymous, GA (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Excellent handling and acceleration - a powerful engine and sporty."

Anonymous, OH (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Great acceleration and handling although transmission is a bit slow to respond at times"

Vincent D., MA (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Crisp responsive handling and quiet ride"

Anonymous, AZ (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Great acceleration. Very good handling."

Mark H., CO (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Suspension and ride very good, front end noisy and car rather sluggish in handling, but probably needs servicing."

Anonymous, OH (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Just an excellent all around ride, handling & cruising experience on all major roads Current suspension leaves a bit to be desired in city driving when on poorly maintained roads but will accept for this as the handling on main highways is outstanding even after almost 10 years"

John H., ON (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Great road manners. I feel very secure when cornering and on the highway."

Anonymous, IN (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Very sure-footed"

Anonymous, NC (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Very fast acceleration, very quiet engine when idling at stop lights, etc. very quick steering response.Very short braking stops."

R C., TX (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Quick (speed and reaction)!"

Gerald G., AZ (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"The CTS handles very well on curved road. Acceleration is very good. The car has a 6 speed stick shift."

R D., PA (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"fun to drive sporty handling"

Anonymous, MD (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Sport suspension excessively stiff and non forgiving on rough roads"

Ron C., FL (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"The CTS drives like a sports car, handles great on mountain roads, and is a joy to drive. Acceleration for a V-6 is very good letting one merge with freeway traffic with ease and safely pass slower vehicles."

Charles A., CA (2009 Cadillac CTS)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Lot's of adjustment for the front seats and leg room."

Kenneth L., MI (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Very comfortable ride and almost no exterior noise. Handling is firm and I feel like I'm in control, very little sway. I have to use cruise control or I don't realize how fast I'm going."

Anonymous, KS (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Very comfortable seats, noise is minimal, ride is sporty but not too stiff"

Jonathan D., MN (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Very hard ride; too stiff"

Peter H., WI (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Seats are too hard both seat and back. They should be more supple"

Ron C., FL (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Low noise"

Anonymous, TX (2009 Cadillac CTS)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"My CTS is still stylish and looks like new. I have no repairs required during the nine years I have owned my CTS. I just had to replace the original battery which has lasted eight years. I do have all services performed when they are due."

Anonymous, OK (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"good price for a luxury car"

Anonymous, NY (2009 Cadillac CTS)

"Somewhat good value for the car, I probably won't buy another one, their are better options. So far no real problems repair wise other then routine maintenance."

Anonymous, KS (2009 Cadillac CTS)

Would you buy this car again?

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