The CTS outscores some of the best of the imported luxury sports sedans. Drivers will like the responsive steering, agile handling, eager acceleration, and excellent brakes. All passengers should appreciate the steady, composed ride and plush interior. However, the cockpit was too snug for some, and the rear seat is a bit tight.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"easy to drive holds the road very well"

Charles R., NJ (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Acceleration and handling are excellent for a vehicle of this size and weight. V6 naturally aspirated engine puts out 318 hp. Torque comes on strong through the power band and the 6 speed transmission provides quick and smooth up/down shifts in both auto and manual shift modes. The steering feel and cornering are outstanding for a 6+ year old sport sedan. This is a fun car to drive."

Marshall H., KY (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Very responsive and fast."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Great handling with excellent balance of steering feel, accelerator response and cornering with superb braking control. I don't need but would like the extra torque the 3.6 liter engine would provide. I have the 3.0 liter."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Great handling and power. It feels like a sports car on the road"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"The acceleration is quick and you can use it if necessary to help other drivers and you out of harms way. I try to keep this kind of a problem controlled so it doesn't happen."

Glenn C., KS (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Quick & responsive"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"performance is outstanding"

Anonymous, AR (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Acceleration and handling are a 10. Enjoy road trips."

B B., TX (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"excellent acceleration, braking and handling"

Michael H., FL (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Great performance and handling during long road trips"

H V., IL (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"I just did on the last question - seat comfort and handling except. Noise factor - not good"

Judy H., AZ (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"very responsive and enjoyable to drive"

Gregory H., CA (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Absolutely outstanding!! Total adrenaline rush!!"

David B., NH (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Powerful and easy to handle, including in emergency situations"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"The only problem I have had with this car is a loss of acceleration. I was told because I use it infrequently and not often on expressways, the injectors got plugged up and I had to have them replaced to the tune of $1,200"

Daniel W., SC (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"AWD excellent in snow, handling tight, acceleration responsive, comfortable in congestion i.e. Traffic, no excessive maintenance necessary and comfortable in extended trips."

Arthur T., NY (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Wife is the driver and says ride is hard now as she became older. Great get up and go. Stiff."

Josephine D., AZ (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"If I could rate it higher than" very satisfied" I would. LOVE it!"

Sharon E., CT (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Nice driving car - wonderful crusing on the highway."

Anonymous, MO (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Agile, fun to drive. Noisy ride and unrefined engine"

Anonymous, VA (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"The Caddy is drop dead gorgeous and has brisk acceleration from the 3.6 V-6 engine. The steering is very communicative and not overly assisted with a tight sports car like feel. The suspension is just right - not too "floaty" as is the case with some cars but not rock hard as in the case of some sports orientated cars."

Robert B., AZ (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"The front supports obstructs my line of vision causing a dangerous blind spot"

Ted H., MO (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"My CTS Wagon has the Touring package with Recaro interior, which I love. The handling is very good, but could use a little more low end power and a more modern 8 or 9 speed auto transmission. The 6 speed is slow to downshift and is often caught in the wrong gear, even when in sport mode. With the all wheel drive the car is very heavy and feels it when accelerating and cornering. It is at it's best when hustling through higher radius corners when touring back roads, or cruising the freeway. I..."

Steven G., OH (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"all the power you need for passing or entering the highway. Holds the road in turns very well."

John D., FL (2012 Cadillac CTS)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The CTS provides a luxurious and extremely comfortable ride, especially for long road trips."

Maureen J., NV (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"I have never been really comfortable in the driver' seat. I have tried each seat control , attempting to get a comfortable position, especially for long drives. I have come close but never right on.. At times the seat will go back to factor settings which is a bother."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"The seats are comfortable and the ride is good. However, cabin noise increases at highway speeds, sometimes so much I turn up the radio. I cannot ride on the highway with windows down because of wind drag noise."

Anonymous, AL (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"The driver exit feature needs an option to reduce the backward movement of the seat to avoid trapping rear seat occupant's feet"

Anonymous, AL (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Probably the most comfortable seat I've ever had. The ride is excellent, responsive and smooth. It could be quieter. A noisy ride"

Judy H., AZ (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"The seats are less comfortable than my previous CTS (2005). Overall, the car rides less comfortably, as well."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"The comfort is excellent, but the Drivers seat fabric has torn and GM will do nothing to repair it."

John M., MI (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"The ride ,noise level low, and the comfortable seats make long distant trips more enjoyable as you are not a weary traveler at the end of a trip"

Glenn C., KS (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Would love to have the seats from an Escalade. Would be much more comfortable."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"This car has always been comfortable to ride in or to drive. There is very little noise, and the seats can be heated or cooled separately from the rest of the car, which is a luxury."

Daniel W., SC (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"It's definitely a luxury vehicle. Pleasant on the eye, VERY comfortable for long trips, and very quiet."

Maureen J., CA (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"The seats are hard for my husband."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"A very comfortable car to drive..driving experience is pleasant."

Gerry L., IN (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Smooth comfortable quiet cabin"

Anonymous, GA (2012 Cadillac CTS)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I used the internet and found a dealer that found the car that I wanted,They added heated seats and delivered the car to My home(about 150 miles)from Dealer. The price was about $4,000 cheaper than local dealers. I also used the GM Credit Card Discount that I had earned."

John M., MI (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"I realize I don't drive it as frequently as most would, but I have yet to have much of anything wrong with it (The fuel injectors needed to be cleaned, but I was told that is because I don't drive it enough at high speeds to get it to clean itself) It was not a cheap car, but it has been very reliable, comfortable, and relatively inexpensive to maintain."

Daniel W., SC (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"You get a lot of luxury features for a mid-price range."

Maureen J., CA (2012 Cadillac CTS)

"Started having problems with electrical system at 4 years. Key fobs are occasionally not detected and it's not a battery issue with the fobs. Memory settings for seats and steering wheel don't always work when starting the car. Navigation system sometimes will have audio and sometimes not."

David S., MA (2012 Cadillac CTS)

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