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Cadillac XTS

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2019 Cadillac XTS Ratings & Reliability
This large sedan has a beautifully executed interior, perfect for limo duty. The XTS is roomy, luxurious, and quiet inside, with comfortable seats. It comes as either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. But the ride feels too ordinary for a luxury car, and handling isn't sporty. The 3.6-liter V6 engine lacks finesse, mostly because of its coarse sound when prodded. Still, it ultimately performs well and returned a respectable 22 mpg overall when we tested it with the six-speed automatic transmission. The unintuitive Cue infotainment system is frustrating to use, and the high rear deck impedes the view out the back. A V-Sport version with a twin-turbo, 3.6-liter engine gives the XTS V8-like power. The XTS will go out of production this year.
2013 Redesign Year
Cadillac XTS 2018
As a replacement for the plush DTS flagship, the XTS falls short. It handles better, but the ride is jittery and feels very ordinary for a luxury car. Further, the 3.6-liter V6 sounds coarse when prodded. The XTS does have a quiet, posh, and beautifully finished interior however, and the seats are very comfortable. But the touch-activated CUE infotainment interface is unintuitive and frustrating to use, and the high rear deck impedes the view aft. Various safety systems, including lane-departure detection, will vibrate the driver's seat as a warning. A high-performance Vsport version with a twin-turbo V6 is also available, and all-wheel drive is an option on all but the base-trim versions.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2018 $25,800 - $39,925 $23,135 - $36,585
2017 $21,150 - $33,075 $18,720 - $30,070
2016 $18,550 - $27,050 $15,960 - $24,210
2015 $17,400 - $22,175 $13,960 - $19,460
2014 $15,500 - $18,275 $12,060 - $15,160
2013 $13,000 - $15,700 $9,700 - $12,200