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The Bolt EUV (electric utility vehicle) is a taller, roomier version of the Bolt. Both the Bolt EV and the EUV share the same 200-hp electric motor that drives the front wheels, making for zippy acceleration.
But the EUV lacks desirable SUV-like attributes such as available all-wheel drive and extra cargo space. Compared to the original Bolt, the EUV has a noticeably more comfortable ride, but also slightly diminished handling agility. The EUV’s 247-mile EPA-rated driving range is robust. It took us more than eight hours to charge it from near empty on a 240-volt connection. The EUV is the first non-Cadillac model to offer GM’s Super Cruise active driving assistance system. FCW, AEB with pedestrian detection, LDW, and LKA, come standard, but BSW and RCTW are optional on the base model.
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