Ever since it appeared on the electric car scene in 2011, the Chevy Volt brought a measure of practicality and peace of mind with its supplemental gas engine that would kick in to extend the Volt's limited battery-only range. Now, redesigned for 2016, the Volt returns as a more mature and capable car.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration is great! It's smooth and virtually noiseless. It handles well, and the Regen paddle really helps save brake wear. I love driving it! When the gas engine has to start, it's seamless and you won't notice unless you look at the dash. I can go ANYWHERE because of the gas engine. But most of my driving is local, so I am about 85% electric only. With solar panels, I really can control my electric expenses well. I think the car deserves much more recognition for its amazing technology tha"

KINCADE W., MA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"I get comments on the zippiness of the acceleration from passengers, especially those who have preconceived notions of electric cars being slow."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Car handles very well and has great pickup and no issues with getting onto highways, freeways, etc."

ROBERT M., NY (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"I've seen mixed reviews on the Chevy 2016 volt (gen2) but I have found it always to be very fun, string acceleration at almost any speed. It's quiet and amazing. I like to make anyone one I can test drive it, so far everyone is pleasantly surprised."

DANIEL H., CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Fantastic acceleration at all speeds, especially from a standing start (this is normal for an electric vehicle). The most fun driving car I've ever owned."

W B., CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Drive is incredibly smooth and quiet with great torque."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"The smooth instant torque of the electric drive is outstanding. There are no up or down transmission shifts, just constant silent acceleration. The Volt is actually fun to drive in the suburbs."

DON M., TX (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Electric power train is smoother than anything I have ever driven. Car has a perfect balance between a sport and comfort drive. Exceeds my expectations of fast acceleration."

LARRY W., NY (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Visibility out of the vehicle can be a problem. Roof supports and seat backs block some view corridors."

CHARLES G., CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"The Volt handles beautifully. The fact that the batteries in the car give it extra weight helps it stick to the road when driving"

NICHOLAS H., NY (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Same acceleration as the Cadillac, comfort, handling"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Under normal braking, the brakes work fine. But in a panic stop situation the car will pull to the right under hard, sustained braking. After several repeated hard stops, the brakes will stop straight for a while. I can duplicate this problem anytime I want to test the car, but the dealership says that they can't detect that problem, so they can't fix it."

PETER W., MD (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Acceleration had been retarded from the previous model. They have put a resistor in so when we floor the acceleration pedal the car jerks a bit and won't empty the capacitor and give full speed like the previous model"

ADAM L., CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Handling is adequate for most people but could have been so much better. Replacing OEM tires with the best-rated low-rolling-resistance tires improved handling somewhat."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Really excellent acceleration and smooth response. Handles very well in the curves. Fun to drive and very quiet!"

Anonymous, VT (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Accelerations are very quick. It's could be easy to make burns with tires!"

FREDERIC L., QC (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"The acceleration is excellent, even better than expected. The handling is a little soft, unfortunately."

Anonymous, OR (2016 Chevrolet Volt)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I like the seating position and overall comfort of the front seat. There is no noise when in electric mode. The ride is exceptional for a car this size. It handles the freeway and urban streets confidently and smoothly."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Seats could be a little wider. There's some wind noice from the gap between the rear hatch and the roof."

STEVEN S., CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Wish they offered Cooled Seats to help reduce A/C consumption as it is not always needed for A/C but the seating area can be warm."

ROBERT M., NY (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Lack of adjustable lumbar support is surprising for a car at this price point. The rear seat headroom is limited given the long slope of the rear hatch. Almost not viable for someone of more than average height."

STEPHEN W., CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"The seats are as comfortable as our 2014 Volt. The climate controls are so much easier to use with knobs and buttons instead of the touch screen. Road noise are better supressed, the ride is so quiet, even when the gas engine is working."

FREDERIC L., QC (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"I would like the seats to have adjustable lumbar support."

DON M., TX (2016 Chevrolet Volt)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I have driven the car 2,400 miles and have put 2 gallons of gas in it. All other miles were on electric. This is a wonderful auto from GM!"

DOUGLAS T., OR (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Seats are quite comfortable with reasonable lumbar support. The windows, however, have to be all up or all down when driving above 15 mph due to noise. Our dog likes to stick his head out when we are driving below 25 mph, but the noise it too much if we do not lower additional windows, as well."

BRUCE-DANA M., CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"This car was an excellent value, partly because the federal tax credit still applies to the Chevrolet Volt. We also got a manufacturer's discount and a Costco cash card in addition to the Costco price."

Anonymous, OR (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"My driving habits are most local 50 miles round trip, and have gone 4000 miles and only used 2 gallons of gas."

TOM T., NY (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"We bought this used with 5500 but paid $15,000 below sticker price. This was good value"

CYNTHIA G., PA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Amazing piece of engineering for the price, especially after the $10,000 in federal and state incentives."

W B., CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"EXCELLENT value. Chevy promised 52 miles all electric driving before we needed regular gas, but I'm getting 63 to 65 miles before needing to recharge my Volt. As I use it almost exclusively on electric, my lifetime gas mileage is 207 miles per gallon! We got our Volt with a full tank on 11/12/2015. It still has nearly a full tank, though we bought gas only twice since then, once in January and once in May!"

ELMER F., NY (2016 Chevrolet Volt)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It is a truck so it looks like a truck. It is the LT model so it has all the nice little touches about it."

RICHARD M., VA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"2016 front grill is plastic and looks cheap. Summarily some the interior (gear shift knob) looks like cheap plastic. Upgraded materials (metal for grill) would improve the Volt."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"Car looks good from every angle. Wish for more distinct Volt styling. To me very important that the rear brakes lights are separate from the rear parking lights as in the 2016 Volt. Also necessary to have Amber Color turn signals in the rear as in the 2016 Volt."

LARRY W., NY (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"I got the blue color and I get a lot of compliments. The interior feels modern, though there is a lot of plastic. Driving this car makes me feel cool."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"I think the styling of the 2016 Volt appeals to a conservative sense, though appears quite sporty. It is a very attractive car and I have received many compliments from those who didn't know it was an electric hybrid."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

"The 2016 Volt is roomier than previous models, and the user interface is easier to use. I really like this car"

NICHOLAS H., NY (2016 Chevrolet Volt)

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