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Chrysler 200

Chrysler 200 2017 sedan Trim Shown: 2017 Limited sedan FWD Automatic
A mediocre car in a category overflowing with competent, and even excellent, alternatives, the 200 drives like it's from a previous era. Handling is clumsy, the ride is rough and unsettled, and the four-cylinder engine is underwhelming. But the V6 is fairly polished and can be had with AWD. Not only is the transmission uncooperative, but it has proven to be a reliability albatross. A relatively quiet cabin is the only consolation. Sitting in the tight rear seat feels claustrophobic and access is compromised. The 200 has the dubious distinction of carrying the lowest overall road test score in the class, as well as the lowest predicted reliability rating. The 200 is being phased out.
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2015 Redesign Year
Chrysler 200 2016 Trim Shown: 2016 Limited
Model year 2015 brought another redesign. While it represents a vast improvement over the 2011 model, the 200 continues to trail the field by a considerable margin. This is largely owing to klutzy handling, a thrashy base engine and cramped packaging. As much as we want to like the handsomely styled car, and we really do applaud the fact that it is considerably better than its forebears, the Chrysler 200's competition is just so much better. 
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2016 $14,900 - $14,900 $12,230 - $12,230
2015 $13,075 - $18,875 $10,510 - $16,060
2011 Redesign Year
Chrysler 200 2014 Trim Shown: 2014 S
For 2011, the Sebring was completely reworked and renamed the Chrysler 200. Along with the redesign came exceptionally graceful styling, a much nicer interior, a more compliant ride, better (though still somewhat underwhelming) handling, and a smooth V6 with good power. Sadly, it wasn't enough to keep the Chrysler in the hunt when compared to the competition. Ranking is near the bottom of the family sedan category.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2014 $11,050 - $19,700 $8,610 - $16,860
2013 $9,925 - $16,675 $7,500 - $13,850
2012 $8,450 - $14,150 $6,050 - $11,400
2011 $7,525 - $12,325 $5,145 - $9,650