Dodge Dart

For the first all-new model to emerge from the Fiat-Chrysler alliance, Dodge resurrected an old nameplate and put it on a car with an Italian heritage. The Dart was the first decent small car from Dodge in decades. It's appealing in many ways, but frustrating in others and can't measure up to the best in class. For a car that needed to be an all-star, the Dart is a position player at best.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Handling is really excellent, but acceleration could be better for enjoyable driving. Acceleration is adequate for safe driving, but lacks "fun factor.""

Anonymous, OK (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Acceleration suffers at temperatures above 90 degrees however forcing a shift into a lower gear tends to compensate."

FREDERICK K., PA (2013 Dodge Dart)

"My car has great acceleration for a 4-banger. I sometimes forget it only has 4 cylinders. It hugs the road quite well. I had to drive a Camry for a week while our car was in the shop and I consider the Dart to be on par in ride with the Camery, but I would still choose the Dart."

THOMAS C., VA (2013 Dodge Dart)

"A little underpowered, but otherwise a fine car."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Dodge Dart)

"I would never have believed a 4 cylinder, 6 speed automatic transmission car would accelerate so well and get the excellent mileage my Dart does."

ALLAN S., KS (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Gears 1-3 might as well be one gear. The car has been sluggish from the start."

BETTY S., TX (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Much better acceleration than Consumer Reports describes."

Anonymous, ME (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Aside from the lack of low-end torque, the Dart is pretty fun to drive considering it doesn't demand more than 87 octane gas. My main frustration with the driving is the fact that the cruise control works only half the time."

DAVID D., MD (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Love the way it rides and handles and after 43000 miles and 3 & one half years it is still as tight and solid as the day we bought it. love the large in dash GPS and back up camera. This is a very comfortable car for long cross country trips."

HENRY M., TN (2013 Dodge Dart)

"It rides like a much larger car - quiet when compared to cars of similar size. It corners well. The 6-speed transmission could use a better gear ratio at the high end. I rarely have need of 5th gear. Instead, I'd recommend eliminating the gearing for 5th and adding a 7th gear for highway travel."

MATTHEW S., WV (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Very nice handling for such a small car"

Anonymous, SC (2013 Dodge Dart)

"This vehicle has a double dry transmission, when in automatic and on steep hills (like in Seattle) you have to really be conscious of rollback. It seems the transmission isn't engaging timely."

Brenda S., WA (2013 Dodge Dart)

"The tires that come on it are not very good for winter driving and the gearing in the car for a standard is not good in controlling the acceleration in snow covered roads."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Dodge Dart)

"The car has a very small engine, and even though it is turbocharged, acceleration is weak compared to most other cars on the road. That said, because it is a stick shift, the car performs well on twisty or hilly terrain and is very enjoyable to drive -- I have taken this car up Mount Washington and enjoyed it very much."

M S., ON (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Acceleration is very good and handles the curves very well."

Daniel T., OK (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Handles great with Alfa undercarriage & Turbo power, nice 6-speed manual and great mileage."

William R., NM (2013 Dodge Dart)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Front seats very uncomfortable"

KENNY E., PA (2013 Dodge Dart)

"I got all options with the limited and love the tech and heated seats and steering wheel. Comfort is fine but there is some extra road noise. Overall value is great for the price."

KEVIN W., TX (2013 Dodge Dart)

"I have a vibration noise in the interior that I cannot identify. It occurs mostly on a bumpy road."

Allan S., KS (2013 Dodge Dart)

"The vehicle is a little noisy when driving."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Dodge Dart)

"I do not like the head rests. They are very uncomfortable. I also wish there was a windshield wiper on the rear window."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Noisy ride."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Very tiny inside . Hit elbows with passenger while shifting , accidentally hit radio& climate controls while shifting. Child seats barely fit in back. Doors don't open very wide. Just very uncomfortable seating all around"

Anonymous, RI (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Within about 60-90 days from purchase the car began having various rattles, audible within the passenger cabin, which, although the car was taken to the dealership several times, they were unable to either pinpoint as to source, or to fix. Also, the trunk and passenger cabin are far less than airtight, which wince I live on a dirt road, posed a real problem in regard to passenger comfort and ease of maintenance. Additionally, the cabin filter is inadequate for function, and difficult to access..."

Anonymous, OK (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Comfortable seats for an inexpensive car. Well insulated and drives like a more expensive car"

Jan V., MD (2013 Dodge Dart)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The car warning lights that go on and off every few days"

IRA G., NJ (2013 Dodge Dart)

"bought used -- depreciation is your friend!!! bought a $28,000 car loaded with features for $11,000"

M S., ON (2013 Dodge Dart)

"There was no other vehicle in its price range ($18K) that had all the features this car did at the time of purchase."

MATTHEW S., WV (2013 Dodge Dart)

"For an in expensive car, i have been happy with the performance. The gas mileage is great."

LISA G., FL (2013 Dodge Dart)

"After about 29,000 miles, the gas mileage dropped from 31 to 27 mpg in the timeframe of two months, with no explanation other than needing a new battery. Following battery replacement, the gas mileage remained at 27 for awhile, then gradually dropped to its current 25mpg. I spent a "fortune" on new spark plugs and tuneup, but no change. My only disappointment with this car is the POOR GAS MILEAGE compared to the advertised EPA mileage."

ALAN S., TN (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Great mileage with 1.4L, manual trans and mostly highway driving."

WILLIAM R., NM (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Low price and good readability"

Ira G., NJ (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Like everything about this car. Was able to get a Limited model with heated leather seats, sunroof, 8" UConnect with nav & satellite radio, with the 1.4 Turbo and 6-speed manual transmission. Great mileage, handling, quiet & comfort."

William R., NM (2013 Dodge Dart)

"The Dodge Dart hasn't received the best reviews. I don't understand it. When I was shopping for a car in 2013 there was nothing else comparable in price that had all the features/accessories of the Dart. Mine was purchased for $18.5K If I wanted to get the same features in another car, I would have spent at least $23K"

Matthew S., WV (2013 Dodge Dart)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Bright orange with black accents. Love it! People stop to comment on it all the time. I can find it easily in a large parking lot. I wanted a color different than the boring greys, reds, blues, blacks and whites. Would have loved a 2 tone color. With the black accents it looks sleek and sporty."

CHERYL H., IN (2013 Dodge Dart)

"Windshield large and very shallow angle, creates a lot of glare. When it fogs up, difficult to defog."

CARL K., PA (2013 Dodge Dart)

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