2015 Dodge Durango Owner Satisfaction - Consumer Reports
The three-row Durango SUV is another impressive example of Chrysler's resurgence. While previous Durangos were rather mediocre, this one is a luxurious, refined, and capable SUV that rates at the top of its category. Too bad a history of lackluster reliability gives pause. The Durango, which shares a platform with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, does an impressive job of combining workhorse utility with ample creature comforts.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Smooth and comfortable ride with plenty of power."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Dodge Durango)

"It has great acceleration."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Dodge Durango)

"It's a good strong dodge engine and doesn't drive like a typical truck which I appreciate."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"This SUV handles great. It has a tighter turning radius than my other van and does a great job pulling a 5,000 lbs camper."

Carl H., WI (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Power, handling, comfort"

MARIANO A., MI (2015 Dodge Durango)

"like that it sets high, lights of opposing cars don't get in my eyes. It has great pick up"

Anonymous, NV (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Not as responsive or zippy as our acura mdx but seems to have enough power when we need it."

Anonymous, KY (2015 Dodge Durango)

"8 speed transmisson,handaling,comfort."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Handling is like a car. I love it. I have people who ride with me from time to time and they are impressed with the handling and performance."

VERNON H., TX (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Good power V-6 good handling just likes the twin brother the Jeep Cherokee"

ROLANDO V., MD (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Bought this SUV because I was going to pull a (new) 4000-pound travel trailer. Your analysis was spot on! Handled the trailer beautifully on our 4,000-mile trip to Glacier and Lake Louise. 8-speed transmission made climbing steep grades very easy."

ROBERT R., CA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"5.7 hemi has great pickup. Ave 23 mpg on highway. No engine in cabin. New transmission (I had a 2011 Citadel) is much smoother. Love it."

DUANE D., NY (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Excellent acceleration"

TRAVIS B., CA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Handling so well while towing 5000 lb boat/trailer at any speed up to 70 mph Without towing ride and handling are excellent as well"

Anonymous, SC (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Towing capacity Acceleration Great transmission GPS, back-up camera, safety features"

GARY L., PA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"The R/T is a great road can and drives like a sports car. The Hemi gives it all the power and exceleration you would expect and more. It sticks to the road."

JAMES G., NH (2015 Dodge Durango)

"I appreciate the handling & ride even when pulling a small trailer."

Anonymous, IN (2015 Dodge Durango)

"* speed transmission excellent, smooth. Helps a lot with gas mileage. I have the V6 and it has plenty of power even when towing a small trailer"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Handles like a car - I don’t feel like I’m in a large SUV. It covers smoothlty and accelerates very smoothly."

Anonymous, MN (2015 Dodge Durango)

"For a V6, acceleration is more than acceptable. The car is a joy to drive and very comfortable for long hauls."

Dino H., IN (2015 Dodge Durango)

"For a bigger SUV, the suspension is tight and it corners as well as a smaller SUV. Quick acceleration helps with passing, especially 2 cars. Don't have to wait for car to get up to passing speed."

Anne N., NE (2015 Dodge Durango)

"the power is great. I love it"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Dodge Durango)


Anonymous, TN (2015 Dodge Durango)

"The 5.7L Hemi accelerates very well and has no problems pulling my 29 foot travel trailer even wile driving in the mountains in Colorado."

Stephen W., MO (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Responds quickly and accurately"

Anonymous, WI (2015 Dodge Durango)

"We bought our Durango for long trips and pulling our camper. The level of comfort, quiet, turning radius, and pulling capacity gives us what we wanted at a much better price than the others."

Sharon H., WI (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Drives great"

John H., IN (2015 Dodge Durango)

"It is very quiet and has plenty of power with the V6. It has a great sound system and the Uconnect is the easiest of the three cars that we have."

Harold C., TX (2015 Dodge Durango)

"The 5.7 hemi has good power, but has a lag when passing of approximately 1.8 seconds. As this is a drive by wire system, it is sometimes problematic when passing."

Richard B., WA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"For a 6 cylinder more than adequate acceleration and excellent gas mileage-25+ on the road for a large SUV."

J K., NJ (2015 Dodge Durango)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The front seats are roomy and comfortable."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Dodge Durango)

"I'm 5'1". The base of the driver seat is very uncomfortable. It's too long and often digs into the back of my knees."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Very comfortable leather seating, memory driver's seat, auto-climate control - many features I did not have before"

CHRISTOPHER W., VA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"One of the most comfortable seats we sat in and/or drove in when looking for a vehicle. We have the Citadel model."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"The Durango is very quiet and smooth feeling. Steering is a breeze. The seats are very comfortable. There's enough room to haul all the stuff we needed to the beach."

WILLIAM B., PA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Seats are too hard (stiff). Really a problem on a long trip."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Very Quiet"

RICHARD S., MA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"If they had been available, I would have gotten fabric seats."

DOUGLAS G., IL (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Very comfortable on long drives for driver and passengers. Lots of room... excellent UConnect system"

Anonymous, VA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Climate control does not match our past experience with Ford vehicles. The auto setting does NOT usually result in adequate cooling and we frequently have to tinker with the fan setting and manually turn on the air conditioning. In contrast, we never had to touch any of the controls in either our 2002 Ford Explirer ir 2006 Ford Freestyle if the climate control was set to auto."

TIMOTHY N., MN (2015 Dodge Durango)

"The seats are 8 or 10 way adjustable,not sure what to count, but are very comfortable. Climate control system cools @ heats without seeming to struggle and does it"s job quietly. The vehicle is very quiet while driving (I find myself speeding often). The ride is more firm than my previous car(300 M) but definitely not harsh."

DAVID E., WI (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Comfortable seats on long trips, Little road noise. The ride is smooth and car absorbs most bumps. Greatest on highway cruising."

Paul Z., MA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Excellent comfort; much like a heavy sedan; not truck like; quiet."

John B., MN (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Air vents in seats, adjustability, automation - all GREAT"

Anonymous, WI (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Great quality of leather and very adjustable"

Anonymous, CO (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Outstanding support and comfortable seat. Very little wind noise and zero squeaks and rattles approaching 50,000 miles"

John P., OH (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Great ride. Leather interior and seats comfortable and adjustable. Heated seats work well. It is quiet and has a great sound system."

Joel H., TN (2015 Dodge Durango)

"My wife owns this car and selected it because the seats were very supportive and comfortable! She is very particular in this area. Noise level is very low and acceptable. Ride is smooth and the car has great exceleration."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Seats have memory so that when the button on the door is pressed it will go to one of two set positions as well as the outboard mirrors. Brilliant"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Dodge Durango)


Anonymous, TN (2015 Dodge Durango)


Anonymous, TX (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Seats comfort is outstanding. Suspension is topnotch. Turning is smooth. Noise is minimal."

Dino H., IN (2015 Dodge Durango)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Fantastic SUV for the money. Ride comfort, high performance engine, cabin trim, seat comfort and the U-Connect entertainment system make this vehicle well worth the price paid."

Michael A., GA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"I love this automobile"

Anonymous, MO (2015 Dodge Durango)

"This is my second Durango and I feel it's a great value compared to some of the competition."

EUGENE M., AZ (2015 Dodge Durango)

"New 2015 model purchased in May 2016. The discount from MSRP was substantial compared to the discount on 2016 models. The discount on 2016 models make the Durango a better value than Highlanders and Pilots, and yes I do understand that it will depreciate faster in a few years than the 2 Japanese models."

Anonymous, MN (2015 Dodge Durango)

"We looked all of the SUVs and trucks that would pull our camper and felt they were all too large and expensive until we looked at the Durango. It got great mileage, looked good, was very comfortable, and was $15000-20000 less than any of their others that would do the job."

SHARON H., WI (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Great option for 7 passenger vehicles and a very reasonable price, especially when compared to other large SUV's"

NICHOLAS H., MD (2015 Dodge Durango)

"I was maneuvered into a bait & switch on the vehicle on the purchase. I bargained for a four wheel drive & ended up with a two wheel drive. The dealership was CJD of Jacksonville, FL at 11101 Nursery Fields Drive 32256"

WAYNE M., FL (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Fully loaded Citadel for $41,500"

JOE K., NJ (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Great vehicle for the price. Handles well in the snow and has plenty of power for hauling."

John P., OH (2015 Dodge Durango)

"dismal resale value"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Dodge Durango)

"We shopped all the other makes and found the Durango gave us more for the price."

Sharon H., WI (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Paid 41,500 for Citadel with all safety technology systems. Beautiful interior with many included amenities: heated and cooled seats, sunroof, leather seats, collision avoidance with full braking, rear camera, blind spot ........"

J K., NJ (2015 Dodge Durango)

"I just cannot think of another car on the market when I bought this vehicle that has the build quality, driving dynamics and tech interface."

Bradley M., NJ (2015 Dodge Durango)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Looks good inside & out"

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Best looking SUV in my opinion"

RICHARD S., MA (2015 Dodge Durango)

"I hate the grill and Thank God my Durango does not have a sheep head on it. Love the large tail lights. I love the Hemi V8 and the general handling. I put 30,000 miles per year on it and have had no problems."

VERNON H., TX (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Car looks fine, but the roof pillars are so wide that they seriously obscure vision- perhaps dangerously so."

BILL J., MD (2015 Dodge Durango)

"Best looking SUV"

JOE K., NJ (2015 Dodge Durango)

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