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The three-row Durango SUV is a luxurious, refined, and capable SUV that now rates at the top of its category. Unfortunately, below average reliability hurts its Overall Score. Sharing the same platform as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Durango does an impressive job of combining workhorse utility with ample creature comforts. The interior is spacious, quiet, and well-finished, with room for seven adults.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The Auto Start/Stop is a royal pain and I dont see how it possibly saves fuel. I shut it off now every time that I start the car."

David B., PA (2017 Dodge Durango)

"excellent handling and aceleration"

Anonymous, NY (2017 Dodge Durango)

"I own the Citadel with the 5.7 Hemi. I love the way this car looks and handles (remarkable acceleration and handling with quiet and luxurious interior).This car as all of the advanced safety features and early on the advanced collision braking saved me from two minor collisions one front and one while backing up! I love this car because it provides all the “guy‿ appeal of a hot car that’s good looking and refined. I leased the car because I was concerned about reliability after reading CR. But I’m so happy that I didn’t let that deter me! Lease with be up in another year and one half and I’m hoping Chrysler will keep the styling and handling cues. Btw your review of the Durango was very thorough and mostly complimentary but the reliability concerns almost had me going to a much more mundane Highlander or Sorrento lol. Seems that putting reliability issues aside your review include better than average road test and customer satisfaction which many higher end foreign models don’t provide."

Anthony C., WI (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Acceleration is good, and handling is excellent"

Thomas B., MS (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Adaptive Cruise Control system has a documented quirk that could cause an accident. When following a car and another car crosses my path (I.e., I am in center lane & car on my rift crosses in front of me to left /turning lane), the system will not reaquire the original vehicle in front of me and maintain the intended interval. In fact, if the car in front of me has stopped while the other car passes across my path, my car will actually accelerate right up into the back of that car unless I brake myself."

Ronald K., NE (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Versatile with multiple setting including economy, regular and sport. Provides for options depending on the type of driving I am doing at the time. 6 cylinder engine is a good performer overall and returns excellent economy for it's power."

Richard C., MI (2017 Dodge Durango)

"It handles well with minor slippage in heavy snow. Comfortable and well balanced. Accelerates quickly and stops well."

Anonymous, NY (2017 Dodge Durango)

"The Durango is quick and handles well for this large a vehicle."

Gary L., PA (2017 Dodge Durango)

"8 speed is smooth and v6 has enough power . drives well for its size"

E B., GA (2017 Dodge Durango)

"The car has good acceleration and handles well. I tow a boat with it and it handles well with the boat (18.5 foot)"

E B., LA (2017 Dodge Durango)


Anonymous, TX (2017 Dodge Durango)

"The acceleration is excellent and meets every expectation I have. I've found the handling to be very responsive, especially for a vehicle this size."

Michael L., MI (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Good performance."

Anonymous, CA (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Powerful, smooth. Love the sport mode. Stable in corners with minimal body roll."

Anonymous, CO (2017 Dodge Durango)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable, supportive, adjustable driver seat. Very quiet in wind and traffic noise. Moderately noisy in road surface noise."

Anonymous, AZ (2017 Dodge Durango)

"To much road noise"

Anonymous, IN (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Excellent fabric, back support is excellent, like heated back"

Anonymous, IN (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Noise and ride are great. Drivers Seat has been increasigly uncomfortable."

Hought W., GA (2017 Dodge Durango)

"sits well for long trips , rides solid"

E B., GA (2017 Dodge Durango)

"It is quiet and rides very well, very comfortable seating."

Thomas B., MS (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Great road trip Vehicle"

Stephen B., IL (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned."

Anonymous, CA (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Seats are very comfortable and give great support. Nice ventilation. Seats are a little too high even though you can lower them."

Marilyn M., FL (2017 Dodge Durango)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"An excellent 'all purpose' vehicle which performs very well. A good quality interior without going to top-of-the-line (GT) Good performance and handling especially with air suspension for towing. For my usage it exceeds all other choices in the competitive market."

Richard C., MI (2017 Dodge Durango)

"CR's opinion was right on.. It has a lot of features for the money and has performed flawlessly. I ordered all the extras including entertainment package and came in much less than comparable SUVs."

R B., CA (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Wanted a seven passenger rather large SUV. After reading the CR and the test drive video I took a test drive and was sold. I had driven several other large SUVs and they were all more expensive and I wasn't in "love" with them. The Durango Citadel was an eye opener. Have had the car almost two years and it has performed flawlessly. I loaded it up with all the safety features and the DVD entertainment system, which gets a lot of use and abuse from grandkids and keeps on ticking"

R B., CA (2017 Dodge Durango)

"I tow a travel trailer and the capabilities, options and features for the price made it a very good value."

Gary L., PA (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Many very user friendly and convenient features throughout the vehicle."

Benjamin C., MI (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Awesome vehicle for the price. Much cheaper then competitors."

Anonymous, MI (2017 Dodge Durango)

"Best value combination for power, electronics, room and styling vs foreign and domestic competition"

Anonymous, IL (2017 Dodge Durango)

"7 passenger seating, smooth and quiet ride."

Anonymous, IN (2017 Dodge Durango)

"My wife works at a Chrysler dealer so she got my Durango at a real big discount."

Anonymous, AZ (2017 Dodge Durango)

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