This long-wheelbase version of the Dodge Caravan rides quietly and handles nimbly. (The Chrysler Town & Country and Plymouth Grand Voyager are similar.) The 3.3-liter and the 3.8-liter V6s both accelerate adequately. The front seats are fairly comfortable, but some of our testers found the padding a little lumpy. Tall drivers may find leg room a little tight.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "For a mini van handles well. Good response when driving in any condition. Excellent driving position and is just fun to drive. With 3.0L V6 engine has all the power you need."

    Anonymous, NY (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Drive great"

    Sarah T., MI (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "It's a gutless wonder performance, but it is a tough workhorse."

    Anonymous, NM (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The engine performs great even after all these years. The car accelerates and handles very well."

    D K., WI (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Acceleration is about as expected for a van. The handling is very good for such a large vehicle."

    Charles E., ID (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Handles well acceleration very good Has had repeated problems with windshield wiper motor"

    Tish G., FL (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "very comfortable seats, low noise, excellent ride."

    Michael L., CA (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "smooth riding, roomy, comfy seats, pretty quiet"

    Clifford T., PA (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "higher seat than my sedan makes it easier to get in and out for this old geezer"

    Anonymous, MI (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Ours was a Dodge Caravan Sport; most comfortable vehicle we have ever owned. Roomy and comfortable. Has served well for 17 years. Held up well; exterior still looks like only 3-4 years old. Good gas mileage for van. Has been very reliable and still running good. Getting ready to pass it on to a niece who has 3 small kids. Only real negative at the moment is that the ventilation system in rear may have a clogged vent since rear does not cool, but gets very hot air thru vents."

    Anonymous, SC (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Sits up high so you can see surroundings, rides comfortable."

    Sarah T., MI (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Seats, even after 17 years of use, are very comfortable and safe."

    Anonymous, AK (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The Grand Caravan is supremely comfortable to drive and ride in, especially for long trips. The ride is good; the noise level is acceptable."

    Anonymous, ID (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Comfortable seats, large seating area, room to shift position on long drives."

    Anonymous, CO (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The Grand Caravan is the most comfortable vehicle to drive and ride in that we've owned. It's the main reason we've kept the van 17 years."

    Charles E., ID (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "I can't get the seat back further so driving is not comfortable (long legs). Note this is driven for short mileage, generally less than 10 miles."

    Anonymous, PA (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "See previous comments. Excellent value when purchased new in 2000 and has held up well. Most comfortable vehicle we have ever owned. Would have purchased a new Dodge Caravan in 2015 to replace but did not like style, rear seats nor quality of current Dodge vans we say."

    Anonymous, SC (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "My dodge caravan had poor quality ratings from experts on dependability and repairs. I had no problems, sure the front end has to be maintain, (i.e. tie rod end, sway bar bushings) but those are normal maintenance and inexpensive for the quality you have. So my dependability rating would be average."

    Anonymous, NB (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Great utility vehicle. Well made. Met all of our needs."

    Anonymous, NY (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Even though it is old, this Daimler Dodge has been trouble free for the most part and still looks good."

    Anonymous, PA (2000 Dodge Grand Caravan)

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