For 2005, Chrysler addressed a major shortcoming of the Grand Caravan by improving its interior flexibility. The second- and third-row seats can now be folded flat into the floor, ending the need to remove heavy seats. There's also more in-cabin storage space. However, the increased flexibility doesn't compensate for the number of areas where the Grand Caravan falls short of the better minivans.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "Acceleration and handling very acceptable and give a comfortable feel"

    Anonymous, MN (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Acceleration is lethargic Handling? What is that? The van is very insecure when moving about in the freeway."

    Paulo C., ON (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "with the shorter wheelbase the 3.3 ltr engine is very responsive and handles very well in turning for being a minivan."

    Lynden T., NM (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Anonymous, WI (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "It's always been good at getting from A to B. Enough power even when fully loaded (6 or 7 passengers). Holds the road well too."

    Anonymous, CT (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Smooth ride descent power"

    Anonymous, AB (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "This vehicle is 12 years old and handles excellent. it has the3.3 litre V6 and I use synthetic oil. Oil changes are every 10,000 kms and never have had to add oil between changes. It is the 3rd Caravan I've had since 1990. In total I've put over put on over 850,00 kms on these vehicles with the only major repair being a failed transmission on my previous Caaravan with over 300,000 kms on it."

    Lorne H., NB (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "very smooth ride. Big V6 has enough power to get van up to highway speeds."

    Keith D., NC (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Handles very will for a mini van. Handles long road trips and daily driving with ease."

    Robert B., SC (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "It's easy to handle."

    Peggy M., FL (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Anonymous, CO (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Anonymous, NL (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "It steares so easy, hamdling is very good"

    Anonymous, WI (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The fact that it has 248000 miles on it and is still quiet, reliable, and easy to drive."

    Lynn M., MN (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "It had a towing package that made is very good in mountain or big hill areas as well as being able to use the air conditioner when driving with heavy loads. It is sad to say that newer vans no longer come with the towing package, or that is what I was told."

    Anonymous, IL (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "No issues"

    Anonymous, AL (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Has always handled well and with the 3.3 litre engine excellent acceleration ."

    Anonymous, NB (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "For a vehicle of this type, class and wright, it drives like a car. Good acceleration, gear shift ranges (doesn't constantly hunt for proper gear in city driving), steerability, emergency handling."

    Anonymous, TX (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Dodge Caravan SXT, 3.3 L V6 short wheelbase: Good acceleration; turns sharply and quickly; although roomy, vehicle handles responsively; has good placement of controls for easy viewing; navigation features assists with orientation in unfamiliar locations"

    Anonymous, CA (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "I especially like the fold down seats in the back that fold into the floor. This allows much more space to carry things and they are easy to raise and lower. Other vans do not have this."

    Anonymous, IL (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Somewhat noisy due to air leaks around back doors"

    Anonymous, MN (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Comfortable seats, quiet smooth ride."

    Anonymous, MD (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "seats on more deluxe model of 2005 are even better than 2014 model but due to age there is now a rattle in dash and windshield seals coming undone; this model is still a more deluxe comfortable vehicle than the 2014 but the cost of the deluxe version was several thousand more"

    Anonymous, WI (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "I am under 5 feet. The seats are ergonomically not compatible to my height. Driving is a challenge anytime after an hour."

    Anonymous, CA (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The seats are comfortable for driving, the ride is smooth and handling is pretty good considering it is a van."

    Denny S., MO (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "We love the stow-and-go seats in the rear. It makes the vehicle so much more versatile."

    Anonymous, VA (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "noise and ride are very good, but seats are uncomfortable if travel for more than 1 hour in general"

    Lynden T., NM (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Wish the power seat had an adjustable lumbar support."

    Anonymous, TX (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The seats are comfortable. road noise not bad.ride is not good. I feel every bump in the road."

    Richard R., TX (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Has always given a nice ride, and very comfortable while driving long distances . Noise is a little loud , but not distracting at all ."

    Anonymous, NB (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "it is noisy when on the road but it is an older model. I love the fact that the seats puts me above most of the other traffie while on the highway. Especially in bad weather I don't get overwhelmed with water spray from other cars"

    Anonymous, WA (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "They fit my body and are very comfortable."

    Lynn M., MN (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "seems rougher ride and driving noise inside higher"

    Anonymous, LA (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Rattles, alignment problems"

    Anonymous, FL (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Some road noise"

    Anonymous, AL (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The seats sit at a very comfortable height; it is at a comfortable level for arthritic knees."

    Polly M., OH (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Front bucket seats are very comfortable and power levers can contour seat to my greatest comfort."

    Anonymous, NC (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Very good value. As good a package as any Honda or Toyota"

    Steve M., TN (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Chrysler build a good Mini Van since it's start in the Mini Van market. Fiat/Chrysler not so much. This Van was 23K and the new Chrysler/Fiat Pacifica is over 35K. Reliability and quality are down with the Fiat Ownershop"

    John H., FL (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Replacement parts are very inexpensive for this vehicle. Repairs are quick and easy, and far between. At 300,000 this vehicle owes me nothing."

    Anonymous, BC (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "New for $12000 good"

    Anonymous, NH (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "It was a great vehicle that served me well for 13 years. I got a discount and extended warranty when I purchased it new and got my money's worth out of it."

    Reid F., MN (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "I bought my Caravan in late 2004 and I followed the recommended maintenance schedule. I have had very few unexpected repairs."

    Polly M., OH (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The caravan has been a great value, reliable over the years. One of the best cars I have owned with normal maintenance"

    Anonymous, OH (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "purchased new from dealer when it was about 1 1/2 yr old at good discount. Lot of vehicle for very good price"

    James P., CT (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "This vehicle has provided transport for up to 7 people as well as dogs, lawnmowers, a freezer, garden products and much more. It’s been a workhorse and it’s still going."

    Diane M., VA (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "It was a good deal at the time"

    Anonymous, OH (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan)

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