This iteration of the Dodge Grand Caravan is better than the model it replaced. Despite some notable new features, though, it hadn't risen to the level needed to compete against better rivals. Safety features include standard stability control and curtain airbags. A blind-spot detection system is also available as an option. It’s a good find if you can locate one equipped with the feature.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "Very good acceleration for a six cylinder vehicle."

    Don H., FL (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The engine is no longer as peppy as it once was. Handling has been no problem and is acceptable for a mini van."

    Charles C., MO (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Handles OK except for meager acceleration. Can't handle going up hill, especially with a full load. I do not try to accelerate quickly with this vehicle. Once it's moving it maneuvers well on a flat surface. Handles curves well with the stabilizer package."

    Anonymous, MD (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Acceleration is barely adequate. Handling is fair, it is a minivan."

    Anonymous, TX (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Would be better with 6 speed transmission"

    Carl H., MI (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "It has good acceleration for passing on two lane highways and corners quite well on mountain curves. I drive in the mountains a lot."

    Frank G., AB (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "We have used this vehicle for many years to transport our pets and large items. It handles really smoothly."

    Alicia F., DE (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Handles & rides well for a minivan. Acceleration is spirited with the 3.8L V6."

    Michael B., PA (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Has excellent acceleration and is comfortable."

    Anonymous, ON (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "comfort is fine but air noise around doors while driving is bad"

    Anonymous, WI (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Seats are comfortable with sufficient adjustability. Smooth and quiet ride with replacement Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tires."

    Kurt M., IL (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The wind & engine noise are more than I wanted"

    Robert R., NY (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Like that the middle and rear seats fold down flat. Can fit two dog crates in the van when the rear seats are down. Use my van like a truck or a limo when picking up family and friends at the airport. Like the storage areas under the van when the middle seats are in use."

    Don H., FL (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "I have purchased 3 Grand Caravan, 2 new and 1 used. All had very comfortable ride, and seating with room to spare."

    Lisa H., IL (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Very comfortable seats, quiet ride."

    Paul E., OH (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "I like the heated seats."

    Anonymous, MN (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "This car is now 10 years old with over 150000 miles. The comfort is still reasonably good. When I first purchased the car it was very quiet, but now allows a fair amount of road noise."

    Charles C., MO (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Only has front AC no rear AC. AC can't keep up with Texas summers. Seats are non-power but comfortable, cloth. Noise and ride is acceptable."

    Anonymous, TX (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Runs like new! Rides like new! We keep it maintained very well. Never spent big $$ on anything. It's a stow $& go mini van. It is exceptional! Has 4 speed auto with no issues! Very well built and substantial, as opposed to the Prius, which is a plastic car with squeeks. Dodge still has no squeeks and is very quiet!!!!"

    Carmen G., CA (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The seat position is comfortable and the power seats are easy to adjust. The vehicle drives stablely do it doesn't need a death grip on the wheel when highway driving. Very relaxing"

    Frank G., AB (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "My last five vehicles have all been Caravans. This unit has the most uncomfortable ride of all. It also had the greatest road noise. Electrical problems have made it so untrustworthy that we only drive it locally. As a result next van will be a different brand choice."

    Larry D., LA (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "No squeeks. Very substantial. Well built. Rides great. sto and go is fantastic. Any other van can't compare, not even the new ones - except maybe the new Pacifica!"

    Carmen G., CA (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Philip E., FL (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "For just under $18,000, we received a reliable vehicle that carries 7, can carry 4 x 8 sheets of building materials by use of its fold into the floor seats, and is larger and more versitile than other manufacturers offerings. It is rated to tow 2000 lbs also. If the brakes were better designed (they are a chronic problem), I would say that this is the perfect minivan."

    Debra G., PA (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Good value compared to cost"

    Anonymous, OH (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "I love my Dodge because it has huge cargo capacity and is used to move furniture around and carry other stuff. Also can carry 7 people in a pinch. It's big to park however -only drawback."

    John G., ON (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "This car came with a lifetime drive train warranty. The base model included many features (stow 'n go seats, pw, pl, power mirrors)."

    Thomas M., MD (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan)

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