Chrysler might have invented the modern minivan, but time has marched on, leaving the Dodge Grand Caravan feeling dated and past its prime. At least the GC’s ride is very comfortable and settled, and passengers will find a quiet, well-equipped cabin that offers considerable versatility. Both the second- and third-row seats can fold away into the floor, a big convenience for times you need to maximize cargo space.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "GC has great acceleration at all ranges."

    Jay M., NY (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Good visibility through big windows. Rides high off the ground. Fast starts. Good in snow."

    John A., NY (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Acceleration is good, handling is average"

    Anonymous, SK (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "For a minivan, it has lots of power."

    J O., AZ (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Powerful engine"

    John B., IA (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Smooth ride. Good acceleration on regular mode vs. economy"

    Gregory B., OH (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "It is very roomy and comfortable in all three rows."

    Jay M., NY (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The seats are ok but not extremely comfortable. The ride is like a truck ride. During cross country trips is annoying. The noise is average."

    Kathleen S., IL (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The road noise is very annoying, mostly because this is a handicapped accessible side ramp-van customized with a lowered floor (by BraunAbility). The front seats are fairly good, but one gets the feeling of traveling faster than the actual speed, partly due to the noise level."

    Anonymous, TX (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Comfort is fine but noise and rattles are awful."

    Arthur L., FL (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "The seats have an awkward forward tilt for the head rests (no way to adjust). The rear seats in particular are extremely uncomfortable. The overall quality of the interior is cheap, in particular the leather. The noise is extremely loud while driving. This is a Braun conversion van, so I do not know how much is due to this fact."

    Anonymous, VA (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Seats are comfortable and the ride is very smooth, but there's a lot of road noise, especially around the sliding doors."

    Anna B., IN (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Seats very comfortable and height good. Drives like a car. Very quiet"

    Gregory B., OH (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    "Not a bad ride, but but lots of road noise."

    Daniel S., NJ (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Perfect compromise vehicle for hauling people, dogs and materials"

    John B., IA (2011 Dodge Grand Caravan)

    Would you buy this car again?

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