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Fiat 500

Fiat 500 2018 2-door hatchback Trim Shown: 2018 Lounge 2-door hatchback FWD Manual
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The 500's alert handling, free-revving engine, and crisp-shifting manual make it engaging to drive. The base engine and manual returned 33 mpg overall, but it lacks low-end thrust. The 135-hp turbo improves the experience. On all versions the ride is choppy and the cabin noisy. Head room up front is good, but some will find the steering wheel too far away and the driving position awkward. The tight rear seats are difficult to access, and the cargo area is miniscule. The convertible top can be pulled back like a sunroof or fully dropped. The Abarth is quick and grips well, and the electric 500e is enjoyable for its silence and efficiency. The 500 scored a Poor in the IIHS small-overlap crash test.
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2012 Redesign Year
Fiat 500 2017 Trim Shown: 2017 Hatch
The retro-styled 500 has agile handling, a willing engine, and a crisp-shifting manual transmission, all of which combine to make the Fiat fun to drive. The little 101-hp, 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission returned 33 mpg overall in our testing. However, it takes frequent downshifts to keep up with traffic on the highway. Zippy around town and easy to park, this two-door suffers from a choppy ride and a noisy cabin, which detract from the fun. The rear seats are very tight and difficult to access. Front-seat headroom is copious, but the cabin is narrow and some may find the steering wheel too far away. The convertible version has a clever sunroof feature. The sporty Abarth version is quick and fun to drive, but the throaty exhaust note can grow wearisome over time.
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2017 N/A N/A
2016 N/A N/A
2015 $8,775 - $14,225 $5,990 - $10,940
2014 $7,300 - $11,950 $4,650 - $8,900
2013 $6,150 - $10,600 $3,590 - $7,640
2012 $5,100 - $8,675 $2,580 - $5,830
2011 Redesign Year
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2011 N/A N/A