Little had changed with the Ford Escape since 2001. The four-cylinder and V6 engines are noisy. All three versions we tested had an unsettled ride and notable noise. Interior fit and finish is improved but remains lackluster. Virtues include interior spaciousness, easy access, and good visibility. Improved braking performance helps as well. A rear-view camera was made optional for 2010.
There are 5 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"acceleration is much better than I expected."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Ford Escape)

"Excellent for in the city but the engine offered allowed us to tow a trailer without getting a big truck. Yet the car is compact enough for street parking within a city."

Anonymous, BC (2010 Ford Escape)

"We have a four cyl, but my wife would like a little more get up and go."

Anonymous, MO (2010 Ford Escape)

"The 2.5L 4cyl is just OK. when it accelerates, A little on the noisey side. Mediocre fuel econ."

JOHN G., MI (2010 Ford Escape)

"Drives well enough."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Ford Escape)

"Weak power for V6 given poor mpg"

MARK D., PA (2010 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration is very good, handling is about average, the ride is pretty quiet."

Anonymous, CO (2010 Ford Escape)

"Handles well, but has little pep"

ROBERT S., NM (2010 Ford Escape)

"I was pleasantly surprised with the 2.5 four cylinder engine considering the reviews at the time. The six speed automatic transmission shifts smoothly and the electric power steering make it easy to drive. The vehicle is much quieter inside than I expected and there is plenty of room when traveling."

WILLIAM S., CA (2010 Ford Escape)

"Although smooth, the transmission is noisy."

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Ford Escape)

"looks good/minor problems only"

Anonymous, TX (2010 Ford Escape)

"the engine would suddenly quit when stopping for traffic or lights. It was eventually diagnosed as a problem with the "throttle body." After the warranty period I got a recall notice for this issue. The parts were looked at and "adjusted" but not replaced until another quit event when the agency finally replaced the part. On questioning the agency service manager I was told that even though I had at least two such events reported prior to the recall notice, Ford top management had advised ag"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Ford Escape)

"The ride is comfortable and I like the audio system. The acceleration seems sticky at times. It's like there's a slight lag time from the moment I press on the accelerate until the car actually accelerates. I've had it checked, but nothing was found."

LISA W., TX (2010 Ford Escape)

"it drives good it only has 6 CYL."

Anonymous, FL (2010 Ford Escape)

"Good Engine Power"

ERNST V., SC (2010 Ford Escape)

"The accelerator gets stuck sometimes."

Anonymous, ID (2010 Ford Escape)

"I like the front-wheel drive's response on our Alaska roads. This model is NOT a 4-wheel drive. But I feel I don't need it with the response of this vehicle."

Anonymous, AK (2010 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration is delayed - the vehicle will often fail to respond to pedal input then suddenly "lurch" forward. It also is very loose on center and doesn't feel very connected to the road."

Anonymous, GA (2010 Ford Escape)

"The turning radius stinks"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Ford Escape)

"Accelerates and handles well. During icy and snowy conditions, it handles poorly."

EUGENE R., NE (2010 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration is choppy."

KELLY M., OH (2010 Ford Escape)

"I don't want a sports car feel. This is the ride I like and need."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Ford Escape)

"Turning radius is limited"

Anonymous, ME (2010 Ford Escape)

"Very quick."

GENE T., NC (2010 Ford Escape)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Climate control is excellent, seat comfort is adequate, road noise is high."

REBECCA S., OH (2010 Ford Escape)

"The climate control is a little challenging to get right and the ride is pretty noisy. The ride is quite good because the suspension is solid. I can feel the road even in snow. The drivers seat is t very comfortable for long trips ( over 1 hr)."

Anonymous, OH (2010 Ford Escape)

"Seats are not comfortable on trips"

ROBERT S., NM (2010 Ford Escape)

"Road noise could be inproved"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Ford Escape)

"started getting a lot of squeeking from a source inside the cabin."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Ford Escape)

"THE WORST seats I have ever sat in"

Anonymous, PA (2010 Ford Escape)

"It could be a little quiter. Reduced noise level. It's not bad though."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Escape)

"Climate control is great. The front seats are a little undersized and moderately comfortable on long drives."

LYLE M., NV (2010 Ford Escape)

"Power seats and heating element."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Ford Escape)

"Car has a large number of rattles, squeaks, noise. The wires under the dash are loose, the dash rattles. There are several noises from the rear of the vehicle as well."

JORGE R., AZ (2010 Ford Escape)

"Seats are very comfortable. Love the interior height. Easy in and out. Perfect height for geting in and out easily. A/c underpowered. Needs rear seat vents."

WESLEY B., TX (2010 Ford Escape)

"Too much road noise"

ROBERT C., NM (2010 Ford Escape)

"The Escape has great visibility all around and is fairly small and easy to maneuver, on long trips it just eats up the miles. I have taken many 2 day trips and the seats are always comfy down to the last hour. Rain snow, ice are no issues, the tires and AWD system work well together. Don't like the new Escape at all."

Anonymous, CO (2010 Ford Escape)

"My only real problem with the Escape is the motor and road noise."

DERICK D., ME (2010 Ford Escape)

"There are no heating outlets in the rear area of the 2010 Escape. Same for air conditioning."

Anonymous, CO (2010 Ford Escape)

"Seats are not very comfortable."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Ford Escape)

"I find that the driver and passenger seat is very supportive and comfortable. The back seats are less comfortable but there was more foot room from the previous Escape Hybrid I had. However the one constant flaw is the Ford Seatbelts- they get rather tight on the back seat passesngers. I now have 63K and one of the seat belts in the back felt apart and Ford wants 450 dollars to fix it. I have called the Ford Customer Service and they report its "out of warranty" a safety issue such as a seatbelt"

CHRIS E., CA (2010 Ford Escape)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Escape limited, value for standard and optional equipment."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Ford Escape)

"Partially good support from Ford."

SHAWN D., PA (2010 Ford Escape)

"Probably the worst vehicle that I have ever purchased. The sad thing was that It was rated as a best buy or recommended buy in consumer reports. We had extremely exhaust problems when the vehicle was only 4 1/2 years old. We have had numerous transmissions issues, steering issues when our vehicle became disabled, rear hatch problems, rust problems, wheel problems. Various other issues."

KELLY M., OH (2010 Ford Escape)

"This vehicle did not have any issues with for 6 years. Unbeatable value"

STAN R., ON (2010 Ford Escape)

"My car is low maintenance and gets me where I want to go for low $$$. Price vs.quality is good for me."

Anonymous, QC (2010 Ford Escape)

"we were ripped off on the price"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Ford Escape)

"Lots of features packed into the 27K price"

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Ford Escape)

"very well optioned for the price. Good mileage around town and excellent mileage on highway considering size and capacity."

ROBERT P., AK (2010 Ford Escape)

"well built car"

CYNTHIA P., FL (2010 Ford Escape)

"Cramped leg room for me in driver seat at 6 ft 1 in. Plenty of interior room. Excellent acceleration with six cylinder engine. Good visibility."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Ford Escape)

"Great fuel economy for an SUV. Nice hauling cargo capacity."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Ford Escape)

"reliable, enough power to pull, no problems with service, generally satisfied with it in all aspects"

Anonymous, BC (2010 Ford Escape)

"Goes very good in the snow,its all wheel drive."

GENE T., NC (2010 Ford Escape)

"I bought my vehicle used (it was five years old), I have been maintaining its routine maintenance schedule and have had no serious issues with the vehicle. I am receiving full value for the vehicle, based on what I paid for it."

STEPHEN B., PA (2010 Ford Escape)

"The value has decreased dramatically and I worry about the safety rating for the roof"

Anonymous, TN (2010 Ford Escape)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"great looking inside an out."

Anonymous, KY (2010 Ford Escape)

"Console could be better designed"

ROBERT C., NM (2010 Ford Escape)

"I live in the mountain desert, had I purchased this car new I would not have selected dark color with dark interior. All else considered I really like this car."

LISA D., NM (2010 Ford Escape)

"Love the squared styling. Creates increased interior room. Newer models look good but much more cramped. Would not buy newer model becaused of headroom and tighter fit."

WESLEY B., TX (2010 Ford Escape)

"It looks and feels like an SUV not a bloated station wagon. Current SUV designs are simply mini vans with a less "soccer mom" appearance."

Anonymous, OK (2010 Ford Escape)

"I like the 2010 styling better than the newest styling that looks like every other small SUV."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Ford Escape)

"I am 6'4", 240 lbs. and can fit comfortably in it. Style was quite appealing & roomy"

STAN R., ON (2010 Ford Escape)

"I am so pleased with this body style that I have no intention of buying the "re-designed" version which, to me, lacks the utility of a small SUV."

RICHARD O., NJ (2010 Ford Escape)

"Again Ford limits options to specific trim levels and packages. You could not get homelink garage openers below the limited level. You could not get the sport trim package at the limited level. You could not get the color I wanted with the sport package. I wanted the black out look of the sport package. Why do they place limits on how you can customize your order when you are placing a factory order?"

GLENN C., NY (2010 Ford Escape)

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