Little had changed with the Ford Escape since 2001. The four-cylinder and V6 engines are noisy. All three versions we tested had an unsettled ride and notable noise. Interior fit and finish is improved but remains lackluster. Virtues include interior spaciousness, easy access, and good visibility. Improved braking performance helps as well. A rear-view camera was made optional for 2010.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Could accelerate better."

Anonymous, MI (2011 Ford Escape)

"good on roads with stability and traction control"

Anonymous, PA (2011 Ford Escape)

"The Escape is reliable, but in my opinion the 4 cyl. engine is underpowered."

Anonymous, NC (2011 Ford Escape)

"The handling is very good. one of the things that I had to get used to is that my vehicle automatically shifts to four wheel drive. Also, it has a crash sensor in which the vehicle would sway towards the shoulder."

JOSEPH H., OH (2011 Ford Escape)

"The car is very zippy with plenty of acceleration with minimal torque steer"

PAUL G., CA (2011 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration is sporadic, when you press the gas pedal sometimes it goes and sometimes the engine hesitates, step on the gas a little more and the car downshifts and lurches. Suspension is not great, and transmission is erratic."

JACK G., CA (2011 Ford Escape)

"good acceleration and handling, just lot of front end noise."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Ford Escape)

"Accellerates with a jerking motion. Doesn't accelerate smoothly"

MICHAEL F., CA (2011 Ford Escape)

"It has an excellent turning radis"

Anonymous, TN (2011 Ford Escape)


Anonymous, AB (2011 Ford Escape)

"Like the pre 2012 body and do not like the look of the 2012 to current"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration jumps into a higher gear when accelerating on an incline like a hill or on-ramp. RPMs jump from 2500 to as high as 5000 or 6000 when it does this. One can almost watch the fuel gauge drop when it does this."

ELIZABETH R., OK (2011 Ford Escape)

"Good acceleration and stable handling. Like to drive."

DAVID S., PA (2011 Ford Escape)

"sluggish on acceleration okay once at speed"

LINDA B., ON (2011 Ford Escape)

"Starting to seriously hesitate during acceleration. Symptom indicates a defective throttle body."

JOHN B., OH (2011 Ford Escape)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Excess driving noise; poor quality fit and finish"

KENNETH F., BC (2011 Ford Escape)

"I just love my car for the way it rides, drives, and handles. Just perfect for my errand's or hauling the great grandkiddo's to their various sporting activities."

KATHY W., WA (2011 Ford Escape)

"The vehicle rides very hard. Its handling is excellent but you feel every bump in the road."

JOHN R., IL (2011 Ford Escape)

"Fabric has frayed on front seats And been replaced twice. Still not good and must be protected by ugly seat covers"

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Ford Escape)

"Wish it had heated seats"

CHARLES H., OH (2011 Ford Escape)

"Heated seats. Great in winter or when just plain tired."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Ford Escape)

"I am 6'3 240 lbs so driver's interior comfort is very important. The 2011 Escape Limited driver's seat fits me as good or better than the newer models of similar size. Cargo capacity is much better compared to the newer models with their sloped roof line that significantly impinges on useability."

DAVID K., CA (2011 Ford Escape)

"Seats are uncomfortable after an hour of driving."

Anonymous, CO (2011 Ford Escape)

"Wish there was a seat cooling system"

RICHARD B., GA (2011 Ford Escape)

"Sit up higher than most sedans"

Anonymous, NC (2011 Ford Escape)

"The heating/cooling controls are terrible (my old 1997 Taurus controls could be operated without taking eyes off the road -after three yers, I still don't know for sure what is what). If you can't put your defrosters on when the going gets bad, things need to be better."

W S., UT (2011 Ford Escape)

"I love the fabric the seats are in, we have 2 dogs and the fur does not stick to the seats, they comfortable also."

JULIE N., WI (2011 Ford Escape)

"Should have power lumbar support. For limited style line"

PETER M., CT (2011 Ford Escape)

"Has a hard ride."

Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford Escape)

"Leg room tight for my 6'3", would like to be able to stretch legs out. Comfort of seat excellent especially adjustments and heated seat. Climate control excellent in most conditions. All in all quite good."

N H., QC (2011 Ford Escape)

"Lift gate doesn't work"

PHILLIS W., LA (2011 Ford Escape)

"Upholstery stains too easily and is hard to keep clean."

Anonymous, CO (2011 Ford Escape)

"the seats are not the most comfortable. Not like driving one of those more expensive cars. but u get use to it"

KATHY H., DE (2011 Ford Escape)

"good ride, comfortable seating"

Anonymous, PA (2011 Ford Escape)

"Noisy engine. Buzzy engine. Rough ride."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Ford Escape)


ADRIAAN V., NL (2011 Ford Escape)

"Front Seats could be more comfortable, more width and more leg room and the noise level would be better if it were more quiet."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Ford Escape)

"Engine sounds like truck. Lots of outside noise filters into the car."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Escape)

"Best seats for people with back problems. Front seats are high and hard which helps with back on long trips"

ROLAND T., NC (2011 Ford Escape)

"Road noise is excessive."

Anonymous, MA (2011 Ford Escape)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great car for the money."

Anonymous, PR (2011 Ford Escape)

"Very spacious for small suv"

MARTIN S., MI (2011 Ford Escape)

"I live in a cold climate. The gas mileage for my hybrid vehicle decreases by 20% in cold weather. Had I known that I probably would not have bought the hybrid at a premium."

GORDON G., MI (2011 Ford Escape)

"Love the Escape, but wish it had better mpg"

Anonymous, MI (2011 Ford Escape)

"Dependable and reliable vehicle, great car for the money, great for hauling stuff."

AGNES G., OH (2011 Ford Escape)

"Worth the money so far after 5 years ownership ."

RAY C., VA (2011 Ford Escape)

"Mine is a limited edition and it's loaded with every feature available, I simply love this car."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Ford Escape)

"I paid 10,000 for my escape when every are else was saleing for 14,000"

JOSEPH G., CA (2011 Ford Escape)

"For a 6 cylinder SUV I thought we got a very good deal for our money. We wanted a vehicle that would last with all the highway miles we put on it."

JULIE N., WI (2011 Ford Escape)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I love the style. It's like a small regular SUV. I would not buy a newer model because of the style the new ones have."

Anonymous, NC (2011 Ford Escape)

"The dash is impressive. I have the SYNC technology which I love."

JOSEPH H., OH (2011 Ford Escape)

"this is my second one with my 1st one being a similar brand new 2008. Reason for not considering another is their new body look which came into production in 2012"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford Escape)

"Clean and crisp styling very truck like exterior luxury interior"

JAMES T., GA (2011 Ford Escape)

"The size feels like a real SUV. The body is substantial yet attractive. The new ones are too small and the front ends are aweful."

KEVIN G., NY (2011 Ford Escape)

"good mileage, utilitarian, reliable. But, on the bad side lot of road noise from front wheel area. Tires seem out round or something."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Ford Escape)

"Don't like the piano black interior nor the glare off the dashboard prevents you from reading the displays. In addition on long rides leaning leg against passenger door results in black marks on leg."

CHRISTINE T., IN (2011 Ford Escape)

Would you buy this car again?

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