Little had changed with the Ford Escape since 2001. The four-cylinder and V6 engines are noisy. All three versions we tested had an unsettled ride and notable noise. Interior fit and finish is improved but remains lackluster. Virtues include interior spaciousness, easy access, and good visibility. Improved braking performance helps as well. A rear-view camera was made optional for 2010.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"A small six cylinder and front-weel drive form the perfect marriage here; good pep and good mileage. I like it."

ANDREW W., NY (2012 Ford Escape)

"The transmission slips and the dealership says they can't feel it and yet it happens to both my husband and myself ALL the time. I am afraid the transmission will go out on me when I am alone."

PEGGY P., AR (2012 Ford Escape)

"The vehicle is extremely comfortable on both long and short trips and the vehicle's performance in acceleration and braking is outstanding"

LARRY M., NC (2012 Ford Escape)

"My wife drives it"

Anonymous, NY (2012 Ford Escape)

"Decent acceleration but with a very noisy engine handles OK"

Anonymous, NY (2012 Ford Escape)

"Gas mile is low lot less power thin the car I had same motor lot les mile!!"

PAUL G., PA (2012 Ford Escape)

"road and tire noise. Nothing else."

PETER S., ON (2012 Ford Escape)

"I like its quick handling!"

Anonymous, CO (2012 Ford Escape)

"Excellent acceleration and very easy to drive"

Anonymous, GA (2012 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration is good though of course not as good as my last one which was 6 cyl. Turning ratio is also a lot better that my older Escape."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Ford Escape)

"Comfortable upright seating position and great for trips"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Escape)

"This. Vehicle accelerates nicely and tows very well provided you stay in its limits. The transmission could shift smoother. Occasional hesitations and overshifts become annoying. We've taken several cross country trips and we're pleased with the handling and ride. It is difficult to get into for folks that can't lift thier legs very high. Not happy about having to replace the front struts at 60k miles. Overall it is a great little workhorse."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Escape)

"The car is very reliable and it drives easily and responds to my moves."

LINDA C., TX (2012 Ford Escape)

"It is louder when you accelerate, or when you go from 30 to 55. Would be nice if it was not so loud."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Escape)

"I owned a 2002 Ford Escape previously and the acceleration was much better. The in car noise level is still too high. The drive is great and the turning radius is great. It drives like a big car, feels like a big car but convenience of a small SUV. I just love it. The rear window leaks badly."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Ford Escape)

"I like the way this vehicle keeps the speed set on very steep hills and you don't have to ride the break on down hill roads,"

DARYL O., WV (2012 Ford Escape)

"Excellent acceleration up mountain roads at high elevation. Love the overdrive release button feature that allows mild engine braking when driving down steep downgrades."

RON T., NV (2012 Ford Escape)

"Very Powerful! v6 over head cams!"

THOMAS C., OH (2012 Ford Escape)

"The 3.0L engine substantially out performs the 4.0L in my previous explorer! Awesome SUV."

STEPHANIE W., WA (2012 Ford Escape)

"For 4 cyl ,it has great pickup & hankling."

BILL C., NC (2012 Ford Escape)

"Not bad, not as smooth ride as our other car. Can be bumpy at time depending on the road"

KEN P., MO (2012 Ford Escape)


GUNNY K., MA (2012 Ford Escape)

"the all wheel drive really sets it apart from my 08, front wheel drive escape. it is very agile and gives a feeling of confidence on the road."

JEFF R., CA (2012 Ford Escape)

"My Escape has never let me down, all I have done is change oil every 5,000 miles, rotated tires. At 90,000 miles I did get new tires and new brakes only expense I had other than gas and oil changes."

BONITA R., PA (2012 Ford Escape)

"This is my husband's vehicle, and he really likes it. It handles well and is great in icy and snowy conditions. We bought it because we live in farm country in Pennsylvania, and the snow drifts several feet deep in our driveway because of the open fields. We have no trouble getting in or out of the long driveway with this vehicle."

DIANE U., PA (2012 Ford Escape)

"Great acceleration,reasonable gas mileage handles well for a vehicle its height and length..large cargo area for its size..drivers seat is a little uncomfortable over a long trip, good fit and far trouble free..."

KEN W., AB (2012 Ford Escape)

"Good accerleratiion and handling, very comfortable, great on mountain roads."

Anonymous, NM (2012 Ford Escape)

"The acceleration seems slow to me. Of course with the Town Car, the engine was bigger."

LORETTA R., NC (2012 Ford Escape)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Excellent heating/cooling system (until blower stopped woring on low speed)"

Anonymous, NY (2012 Ford Escape)

"I am six feet tall and I wish the drivers seat would sit back a little farther. Everything else is OK."

Anonymous, OR (2012 Ford Escape)

"It is very windy inside the cab of the vehicle when the windows are rolled sown."

DAVID M., IL (2012 Ford Escape)

"It is just the correct size for my age group. It as the space I need,but it not to big! I love this Auto!!"

LINDA C., OR (2012 Ford Escape)

"Love having a separate climate control for the passenger. Love the fast-acting seat heaters. Very quite on the highway. Great acceleration up mountain roads at high elevation."

RON T., NV (2012 Ford Escape)

"Noise from tires can be heard in cabin. Should have more noise suppression from exterior."

TIMOTHY S., MI (2012 Ford Escape)

"seats are not comfortable on long drives"

RALPH M., KS (2012 Ford Escape)

"Comfortable seats and good climate controls"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Escape)

"The words comfort and seats should never be used together. The seats are stuffed with soy beans and feel like marbles."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Escape)

"power seat was "iffy" had to have it fixed."

TERRY B., MN (2012 Ford Escape)

"The navigation system on the dash is difficult to see; to check any details, you cannot see them as they are behind the steering wheel. The seats lack comfort."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Escape)

"Ride & noise are not good for a long drive."

GORDON L., AZ (2012 Ford Escape)

"No lumbar support adjustments. Seats uncomfortable after 20- 30 minutes. Also highway noise in interior."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Escape)

"Engine noise is loud."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Ford Escape)

"The driver's seat is automatic but you can't lift the seat back to take pressure off of your legs. I had a 2002 Town Car and it was very quiet and comfortable."

LORETTA R., NC (2012 Ford Escape)

"Until really warmed up, the engine sounds like a diesel - noisy."

CHRIS N., NC (2012 Ford Escape)


Anonymous, MO (2012 Ford Escape)

"Prior to purchase the vehicle was noted for road noise. Yes, it is pretty noisy. On very smooth asphalt roads the noise comes down to what is expected in a vehicle."

RONALD B., TX (2012 Ford Escape)

"VERY noisy, harsh ride. Had to replace motor mounts around 30K miles that was causing loud clunking noises, poor handling. Seems to be a fairly common issue according to dealership."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Escape)

"Very comfortable driver and passenger seats, and enough room in the rear seats. Road noise in not excessive, handles well, and gets great gas mileage."

PHILLIP H., TN (2012 Ford Escape)

"When selecting this vehicle we looked for a car with 1) excellent 360° visibility 2) a practical grab handle for the passenger The Escape was the only amongst all competitors scoring on both issues"

ALFRED W., AZ (2012 Ford Escape)

"A little road noise driving down the road"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Escape)

"Very bumpy and loud"

Anonymous, WA (2012 Ford Escape)

"Road noise is bad."

JOHN D., LA (2012 Ford Escape)

"I love this car. Very comfortable while driving for 14 hours."

Anonymous, NM (2012 Ford Escape)

"Seat positioning is good and seats are comfortable enough. Good A/C output."

Anonymous, MO (2012 Ford Escape)

"climate control system turns on fan at highest blowing speed and will not stay on any previous setting"

P U., MI (2012 Ford Escape)

"I've had 3 back surgeries making it very difficult to enter and leave most vehicles. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that I could easily use the 2012 Escape."

LARRY M., NC (2012 Ford Escape)

"Better Lumbar comfort particulary on lomg trips. need to get out and stretch from time to time. Back window inside still streaks from outside water. The dash displays are very had to see when driving into a bright sun."

DAVID S., BC (2012 Ford Escape)

"Love the visibility, comfort of seats, climate control. Sometimes it is a bit noisy - mainly from the road noise and occasionally the 'wind' noise"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Escape)

"I lost it all !!!! High price at ford fix did not get fix but it work now !!! Ford Said 1600.00 to fix !!!"

PAUL G., PA (2012 Ford Escape)

"Seats aren't very comfortable on a long trip"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Ford Escape)

"Extreme engine vibration at idle when in gear"

CHARLES C., VA (2012 Ford Escape)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Convenient size and configuration. Ease of entry good. Not glamorous but extremely practical and very economical for size and body style. Good visibility. Small turning circle. Roomy for overall length."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Ford Escape)

"I have had no mechanical trouble of any kind during my time with this vehicle. It is a reliable vehicle that I depend on."

Anonymous, NE (2012 Ford Escape)

"My wife complains about passenger seat being too low. I don't like not being able to manually shift the trans. The low gear is so low it is pretty much useless during normal driving conditions. The tranny shifts up and down to often."

ROLAND M., RI (2012 Ford Escape)

"Got what I wanted."

BILL C., NC (2012 Ford Escape)

"Just like the style and size of the car. It's not to big and still gives us the size to store things in the back. Didn't like the style change in 2013"

KEN P., MO (2012 Ford Escape)

"great mileage. I love the hybrid and am disappointed that Ford has discontinued the Hybrid Escape model."

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Ford Escape)

"Bought used, great price fora lot of extras."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Ford Escape)

"The rust on the lift gate, doors and around the rear window are going to be a huge factor when I go to either trade in this vehicle or try to sell it outright."

MARY W., OH (2012 Ford Escape)

"Already 100,000 miles on it and only brakes, serpentine belt, and a bad bearing in the water pump have been the major expenses."

Anonymous, MO (2012 Ford Escape)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"i got the sport package, which instead of chrome, it is black powder coated!"

ROBIN H., OK (2012 Ford Escape)

"Still looks great"

D F., PA (2012 Ford Escape)

"Good seat adjustment. It is noisy. Good visibility. Too high off hte ground for short people and it didn't come with a step. Radio reception is not consistently good. Never great."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Ford Escape)

"It would be better for me if the navigation panel was larger and a little higher on the dash so that it would be easier to see and read the maps & driving directions without having to look away from the road ahead. 2012 was the last year Ford made this edition of the Ford Escape. I like the style of this model year and do not care at all for the newer slick back style of the newer editions."

CHARLES M., UT (2012 Ford Escape)

"Looks good, modern style."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Escape)

"Body style changed in 2013 and I had the option of a new 2012 or 2013. I like the 2012 much better."

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Ford Escape)

"I feel very confident driving this vehicle. I also believe that the size inside/out of the vehicle is both attractive and useful."

Anonymous, NE (2012 Ford Escape)

"I like the "box" vs "egg" shape of the 2012 model. Ford ruined the Escape when they came out with the 2013 egg shaped body design."

PHILLIP H., TN (2012 Ford Escape)

"the front look"

Anonymous, MO (2012 Ford Escape)

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