Rejuvenated, this version of the Ford Escape came to market solid, sophisticated, and athletic. Genuinely qulifying as fun-to-drive, this one delivers agile handling, along with an impressively supple and composed ride. The cabin is quiet and feels substantial. Further, a long list of desirable and high-tech options can make the Escape feel like a luxury-branded small SUV. Three different engines were offered.
There are 15 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"it has great acceleration and braking. it has the power all vehicles should have."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Ford Escape)

"The engine is the smallest offered and gets pretty good mileage. Yet it is very strong and the car will accelerate very quickly. Nice..."

BRADLEY D., TN (2013 Ford Escape)

"tends to "fishtail" when sudden braking or accelerating"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration with the 2.0L turbo engine is very good without the A/C on. Wish the A/C compressor didn't take so much power. Handling is good for an SUV, but not nearly as good as the Acura TSX."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Ford Escape)

"very good acceleration and nice handling. Smooth ride and comfortable seats"

FRED H., WI (2013 Ford Escape)

"I wish I had gotten the ecoboost motor to increase efficiency and to give more power. It would have been worth the extra money."

FRANCINE G., PA (2013 Ford Escape)

"When I hit the accelerator to speed up it hesitates with a delayed response. Was told the "Eco-Boost" system causes it. Otherwise it gives a very smooth ride and handles excellently. It's cool that Intelligent 4 wheel drive kicks in when needed."

A L., TX (2013 Ford Escape)

"Handles well, ride is quiet and smooth."

DAVID F., PA (2013 Ford Escape)

"I have had it almost 2 yrs and am still amazed at the acceleration power and find it hard to believe that it is a 4 banger under the hood. It is also a very solid feeling car, very nice for a smaller vehicle"

Anonymous, KS (2013 Ford Escape)

"Excellent handling on turns and good on snow and ice"

B S., IL (2013 Ford Escape)

"Drives well & accelerates very well"

ALAN Z., NY (2013 Ford Escape)

"Has a hesitation when I decelerate and then accelerate quickly."

ALAN Z., FL (2013 Ford Escape)

"Great acceleration"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Escape)

"Outstanding acceleration."

DAVID P., CO (2013 Ford Escape)

"2.0 eco boost so we can pull our ski boat. Very good if I have to pass other vehicles."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Ford Escape)

"The break pedal is too dame close to the gas pedal. It causes problems when pulling away from a stop light. The key is hidden from view of the driver and is sometimes hard to find at night."

DONALD H., IN (2013 Ford Escape)

"Love the handling. Good acceleration ,sporty. Very comfortable and good visibility. Fun to drive"

MICHAEL H., CA (2013 Ford Escape)

"Great pickup and acceleration in the mountains"

THOMAS P., AL (2013 Ford Escape)

"Good acceleration, great handling. Great radio. Headlights."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Escape)


Anonymous, SC (2013 Ford Escape)


WILLIAM H., IN (2013 Ford Escape)

"vehicle accelerates uncontrollably at highway speeds"

GORDON F., ON (2013 Ford Escape)

"Feel confident entering the highway.."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Ford Escape)

"acceleration is good, handles well, and shifts well. MPG is less than expected or advertised. did not have backup camera, or deck lid that opened automatically"

Anonymous, MD (2013 Ford Escape)

"Rear end gets clunking sound occasionally when stepping on accelerator from a stop or rolling forward."

RAYMOND P., NY (2013 Ford Escape)

"The turbo engine is very good. Lost off get up and go when you want it. I love the handling"

THEODORE E., AZ (2013 Ford Escape)

"The ride and handling are like a car that cost a lot more."

JACQUELYN M., IL (2013 Ford Escape)

"Peppy, handles like my 1972 240Z."

ANDREW D., NH (2013 Ford Escape)

"good handling,t, very quiet, good finish"

JOHN K., PA (2013 Ford Escape)

"Very reliable when having to react to unexpected interference on the road. Acceleration quick and smooth"

MARGARET M., LA (2013 Ford Escape)

"Zippy little car that gets you in and out of traffic with ease. Drives well both on the highway and in the city."

MICHELLE F., MI (2013 Ford Escape)

"The car hesitates when accelerating, then suddenly jerks forward. Ford mechanics say there is nothing wrong."

ODELL O., AB (2013 Ford Escape)

"Good acceleration for a SUV. Handling is very good as well considering it is a truck. This is our third Escape and this one handles the best, however in doing so Ford lowered the vehicle so ground clearance is less that affects off-road. I guess this was a compromise."

ROBERT M., DE (2013 Ford Escape)

"Fuel mileage is lower than advertised or expected"

CARL P., OH (2013 Ford Escape)

"Don't get the mileage the dealer said I would when I bought it."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Ford Escape)

"It's peppy and gets good gas mileage"

Anonymous, MA (2013 Ford Escape)

"Great acceleration. Handling good. Cruise control activation spotty."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Ford Escape)

"I have the 2.0 engine. It is peppy and the handling is better than my 71 MG-B."

WILLIAM C., ME (2013 Ford Escape)

"There was a recall on the electronics for a wire harness problem that makes the car stall or flash check engine lights and defitely run rough considering the turbo engine. They have "fixed" it several times and in fact twice on the recall and it still continues to plague the vehicle."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Ford Escape)

"Handled great, spunky acceleration"

MICHELLE P., OR (2013 Ford Escape)

"We get a boost when starting, can be dangerous."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Ford Escape)

"I got the bigger engine and it drives like a sports car. Acceleration & handling are great."

Anonymous, IN (2013 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration is outstanding with high test gas. Very good at finding and holding gears. Using regular causes the transmission to lug down and finally shift too hard (especially on cruise control). With select shift in Sport, great performance."

ALFRED P., WV (2013 Ford Escape)

"The drive is very smooth. Handling is excellent."

JOSEPH D., GA (2013 Ford Escape)

"Frequently used for busy highways. Always responds well. Smooth ride"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Ford Escape)

"When wanting to accelerated quickly it seems to stagger and not shift at second gear. You can't trust the acceleration will be there. Once it shifts it had a lot of kick."

Anonymous, AB (2013 Ford Escape)

"Handles well, but 1.6ltr engine causes transmission to shift a lot. I would get the 2ltr engine if I were to do it again. Got one of the first units, August,'12, so it's had 6 recalls!"

RICHARD M., OH (2013 Ford Escape)

"Ability to safely accelerate while passing"

JOEY H., AZ (2013 Ford Escape)

"It is a very sporty drive. Great acceleration, sticks to the road in turns and corners."

RONALD O., AB (2013 Ford Escape)

"Excellent acceleration and drives well."

WALTER K., OR (2013 Ford Escape)

"The turbo engine has such wonderful mid-range power that it feels faster than the regular 4-cylinder engines in other small SUVs, even if the difference in performance numbers isn't that different. It's just so easy to drive and always has enough grunt to move quickly in city and suburban traffic."

BRAD W., MI (2013 Ford Escape)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Bad, the ride is not smooth. Good, the length of the car, easily fits in smaller parking spaces in city parking. ."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Escape)

"Drivers seat to narrow. Ride is noisy."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Ford Escape)

"Seats are not comfortable. Not enough cushioning."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Ford Escape)

"Looks great and handles well. I love the dashboard features. The rear hatch lift is great and it,s impossible to lock the keys in the car. My favorite car."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Ford Escape)

"Heated seats, rides great, spunky acceleration"

MICHELLE P., OR (2013 Ford Escape)

"The HVAC system occasionally will switch to Defrost on the vents, more when it is above 100*F outside, leaving us sweltering in the lack of proper ventilation. Is is only sporadically, so hard to diagnose. Other than those occasions, fully satisfied."

KEVIN K., CA (2013 Ford Escape)

"No noisy,rides smoothly,good climate control"

ALAN Z., NY (2013 Ford Escape)

"Very noisy (wind and tire noise). Climate control is flawless. Ride is very satisfactory."

ALFRED P., WV (2013 Ford Escape)

"heated seats are great for a bad back"

CAROL M., NY (2013 Ford Escape)

"The seats have multiple power settings including lumbar. The seats are also heated with multiple settings. You can actually feel the heat as compared to other cars with heated seats."

ROBERT M., DE (2013 Ford Escape)

"Can drive for a long time in comfort"

L P., SK (2013 Ford Escape)

"Has everything I want"

BRUCE C., ON (2013 Ford Escape)

"I really like the automatic climate control; however, in cold weather, cool air blows on my feet when the heat isn't running. I resolved that by turning the heat up so it runs longer. I do dislike the fact that when the driver and passenger windows are open, the skylight cover, which is fabric, shakes and makes noise. Also, there are no cubby holes to stash stuff like my phone or cigarettes for easy access while driving."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Ford Escape)

"After comparing with Toyota, Honda, and Mazda, I found the Escape to offer by far the best blend of comfort, good ride, and nice handling. The Ford feels more luxurious in comparison and really sold me despite so-so reliability ratings."

BRAD W., MI (2013 Ford Escape)


THOMAS H., WI (2013 Ford Escape)

"Car is very uncomfortable. No leg room"

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Ford Escape)

"Great acceleration and handling. But road noise is a little loud."

PETER S., NJ (2013 Ford Escape)

"noisy inside, not smooth ride"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Ford Escape)

"I don't like the steering & adjustments. It'Uncomfortable to drive."

WILLIAM G., TX (2013 Ford Escape)

"My only comment is regarding comfort of the seats in this vehicle. Somewhat 'hard' not wonderful for long drives. Really this is my only complaint. Very satisfied with the cost point, so not complaining too much."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Ford Escape)

"The 2013 Escape has peppy acceleration and handles beautifully, better than would be expected for an SUV. It is fun to drive. I really like the blindspot and proximity warning systems."

ANDREW D., NH (2013 Ford Escape)

"The ride is comfortable and and the climate is very good at 100 degrees or zero degrees. Front seats are good for long drives but not the back seats for adults on long drive (3 hours)."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Ford Escape)

"The noise level has become increasingly louder, especially the last year."

DANIEL W., IL (2013 Ford Escape)

"high road noise"

DENNIS K., MI (2013 Ford Escape)

"Front seats feel molded to the body...very comfortable and reassuring."

PHILIP K., FL (2013 Ford Escape)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Bought the escape used and it was an excellent value at used price. New price would not have as good of a value."

Anonymous, ND (2013 Ford Escape)

"overall the driving experience is great, easy to park and drive, great view of your surroundings, responsive and efficient. Only a few minor flaws, other than that this car has been a great daily commuter."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Ford Escape)


J B., FL (2013 Ford Escape)

"Bought used... to seal the deal the dealer though an extended warranty thru 100,000 miles"

Anonymous, IL (2013 Ford Escape)

"Fun car to drive, but handles well in the snow. Has good cargo space, great sight lines, great acceleration."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Ford Escape)

"Got a great price on the car and extended warranty. Much better than the comparable Honda CR-V. I have been thrilled with this car."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Ford Escape)


RICHARD W., WI (2013 Ford Escape)

"The best value for the money. The ride and performance are great. The best car I have ever owned."

JACQUELYN M., IL (2013 Ford Escape)

"I could not get backup camera or back up warning unless I purchased the package which included automatic parking side lane warning etc(I don't need these).Which was over a $3000.00 option"

BARRY J., SK (2013 Ford Escape)

"Great SUV. Seat comfort, handling, acceleration is excellent. But it should have had a backup camera and a hatch area rollup cover as standard in the SE. It also should have had a different seat cloth than the gray which shows stains even from water. An off switch for the automatic 4WD would help when stuck on ice."

GARY L., MA (2013 Ford Escape)

"excellent pricing"

RICHARD C., NM (2013 Ford Escape)

"The amount of money spent on repairs of this vehicle over the years has been significant, making it not a very good value over time"

Anonymous, IL (2013 Ford Escape)

"Good value for the price"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Escape)

"We compared the driving experience as well as the style and room with several other similar SUVs including luxury vehicles above its class. The style, design and drivability compares with anyone. The sync system puts it in a class all its own."

SHAWN D., CT (2013 Ford Escape)

"The Ford Escape Titanium is a very nicely equipped, excellent handling, powerful vehicle. Coming from a Volvo XC, we tested numerous vehicles in this class and the Escape Titanium (2.0) outperformed its direct competitors and surprisingly the premium vehicles in this size. Plus it was the most fun to drive!"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Escape)

"It was absolutely the single worse value I ever received on the purchase of a brand new car in 50 years of buying a new car."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Ford Escape)

"Very economical on long trips (33) mpg and turbo helps accelerate to highway speeds when entering freeway or passing other vehicles."

DAVID P., CO (2013 Ford Escape)

"Because it had 680 miles on it, it was considered a "used" car; but for our purposes, it was "new". Got it at a good price"

FERDINAND D., TX (2013 Ford Escape)

"The is an over powder go-cart, I love it."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Ford Escape)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Very distinctive styling. Better looking than the other 2 row suvs."

RICH B., VT (2013 Ford Escape)

"I love the modern effecient look of the vehicle, and the spaciousness of the interior."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Escape)

"Color and appearance are good. Inside controls are easy to read and use. Still looks like new."

LOIS K., OK (2013 Ford Escape)

"Very sporty looking"

Anonymous, IL (2013 Ford Escape)

"Sweeping lines front to rear and front end styling"

THOMAS G., VA (2013 Ford Escape)

"I like the look of it"

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Ford Escape)

"I have gotten more compliments on this vehicle than any other, especially the color."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Escape)

"I selected an unusual color, Kodiak Brown, and absolutely love it. In the sunlight, you can see metallic flecks in its rich wine-brown shade. You don't see many other Ford SUVs in this color, and that's why it's special to me. Sadly, Ford discontinued this color."

BARBARA W., CA (2013 Ford Escape)

"lots of features make the interior more elegant than you would see in an escape"

MATT R., WI (2013 Ford Escape)

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