Rejuvenated, this version of the Ford Escape came to market solid, sophisticated, and athletic. Genuinely qulifying as fun-to-drive, this one delivers agile handling, along with an impressively supple and composed ride. The cabin is quiet and feels substantial. Further, a long list of desirable and high-tech options can make the Escape feel like a luxury-branded small SUV. Three different engines were offered.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I love driving this car. It handles well, it has easy access. I like the size. It looks good in the parking lot, too!"

GARY G., MN (2014 Ford Escape)

"1. It was amazing value for the money in terms of features despite being the base model (first new car in 30 years, so I was easily impressed ;-} ). 2. Hated the sales experience as salesman wore us down over several hours (and CR's supposed "deal" did not save much, if anything, vs the standard Ford incentives - I provided that feedback to CR shortly after the purchase). 3 Sync stinks in terms of random "index full" issues for MP3 music tracks on flash drive every few months. This seems to ta"

Anonymous, NC (2014 Ford Escape)

"The eccoboost and turbo engine gives acceleration when needed. It is fun to drive and have good visibility."

GAIL B., NC (2014 Ford Escape)

"Transmission - it's a Ford - is sluggish and can't dart around in traffic the way I normally can!"

RON H., TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"We were expecting similar performance in winter driving as we had with our FWD Fusion, and were led to believe by sales that we would. Not true. The FWD Escape leaves much to be desired in terms of handling snowy road conditions."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"Has plenty of pep ."

HERMAN K., CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"No comment"

Anonymous, IN (2014 Ford Escape)

"Easy to drive,I like the way it handles. Easy to park and short turns."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Ford Escape)

"The turning radius is horrible."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"The Eco-boost engine is fantastic. The fuel economy for an AWD vehicle is very good. The car accelerates well and handles very good in all conditions."

MATTHEW P., ME (2014 Ford Escape)

"handles very well - very quick to accelerate"

Anonymous, MO (2014 Ford Escape)

"It's a pleasure to drive. Very responsive, maneuverable, comfortable, but still has pleasant, almost sporty road feel. I have never been a fan of Ford vehicles, but I really like this one much better than I would have expected."

JAMES W., CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"Great acceleration, decent mileage. Ride is not smooth or quiet."

PATRICK H., IL (2014 Ford Escape)

"This car is the SE trim with the 2.0 litre turbo. It will rip snort when needed, and the torquey engine inspires confidence. Definitely not your average 4 cylinder. It handles like a champ, too. Nice, tight road feel, excellent steering feedback."

STEVEN B., FL (2014 Ford Escape)

"1.6 Litre engine has some turbo lag. Car also downshifts too much on hills."

Anonymous, WV (2014 Ford Escape)

"Very quick and good handling"

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Ford Escape)

"Plenty of get up and go"

THOMAS P., TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"The 2.0 eco boost engine has unbelievable power for a 4 cylinder. handles great, stops better then it should."

JON B., VA (2014 Ford Escape)

"There are times when I hit the gas and it has delayed reaction. It actually takes a moment to start moving. The good side of the Handling is it's great in snow!"

LYNN C., NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"Occasionally there is a hesitation in acceleration from a stop."

MARSHA L., OH (2014 Ford Escape)

"This SUV has power! You can pass when it's needed."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"Very good acceleration"

DAVID C., NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"Great acceleration if/when needed. Excellent turning radius."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Ford Escape)

"ECOBOOST is a great kick in the pants."

LEE N., OH (2014 Ford Escape)

"Great acceleration, handled winter with lots of snowy roads with no issues, road to my house averages grade of 12% or so."

RON P., BC (2014 Ford Escape)

"handles well with very good get up & go"

RICHARD F., NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"Handles great but the ride is choppy over uneven pavement."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"Performance here is what you would expect only in a higher priced"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"amazed at the acceleration and performance with Ford's new 4 cylinder engine"

PETER A., AZ (2014 Ford Escape)

"pulls my 2500 lb boat with ease I am surprised at the acceleration of the 2.0 engine"

Anonymous, MN (2014 Ford Escape)

"Sufficient power from 1.6 eco boost engine Great handling in all situations"

STEVEN W., PA (2014 Ford Escape)

"fun to drive due to aggressive acceleration availability"

DWAIN K., TN (2014 Ford Escape)

"Goes from 70 to 100 mph very quickly."

G F., MT (2014 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration with the 2.0 engine is very good and exceeds the edge 3.5 vehicle."

PAUL S., TN (2014 Ford Escape)

"Looks wise very nice and practical car. My boss actually likes this now as it's growing on him. Handles decent and Accelerates normal for a 4 cylinder Its a peppy car"

ALAN W., FL (2014 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration, economy, head lights, way cruise control functions, ease of entry, the way the middle seat floods down."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"When accelerating, motor "catches". Not smooth. There is a delay."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"The car has very good acceleration and the transmission shifts smoothly. The cruise control is easy to use and I use it all of the time. The steering is very responsive."

DAVID C., NJ (2014 Ford Escape)

"the extra HP put this above the CRV that I was considering. Pleasantly surprised with Ford"

PATRICK A., WA (2014 Ford Escape)

"Incredible acceleration and good fuel economy"

W D., CO (2014 Ford Escape)

"Surprisingly good handling, acceleration in traffic, better than expected. Highway gas mileage at interstate speeds (70 mph) can exceed 27 mpg, averages 20 in city-A/C always on due to hot climate"

JOE P., FL (2014 Ford Escape)

"OK but a slight lag when the pushed"

RICHARD M., TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"We've been very impressed with the resposiveness of the 2 L turbo, fun to drive and gets you out of a jamb quickly. Excellent handling on and off the road with the intelligent AWD."

Anonymous, UT (2014 Ford Escape)

"Ecoboost 2.0L has more than enough power and accelerates very quickly. It feels like a V6 instead of a 4 cyl."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Ford Escape)

"Great in snow and ICY roads....mountain roads"

LIZ R., AK (2014 Ford Escape)

"Extremely great handling and acceleration"

Anonymous, NV (2014 Ford Escape)

"Suspension could be better. Overall handling is excellent. Easy to park."

J L., CT (2014 Ford Escape)

"I went on an 1100 mile trip, and this car was the best car I've had for overall comfort,ewase and gas millage"

ROBERT P., FL (2014 Ford Escape)


EDWARD B., NJ (2014 Ford Escape)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The vehicle is too small for me. I am 6' 1" my leg get sore because of the lack of room. There is a high pitched noice I hear sparodically that is very annoying. It seems to be more prevalant during the summer when it is hotter. It is difficult to get the AC vents set so that they are effective.Seats are ok, I feel crowded in the space."

DAN H., CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"I would like to be able to move the driver's seat back further and to be able to lower the pedals."

FRAN R., TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"This vehicle has been reduced inside for seating space,head room Have to remember to duck my head or I knock my head on the frame, rear hatch doesn't open up very fast and I have to remember to slow down or I knock my head putting some thing in the back. Also this area doesn't store what was possible with my 2009 Escape."

DAVID L., MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"wind/fluttering noise inside vehicle while driving"

STEVEN C., MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"The driver's seat is very comfortable and supportive. I drove to Florida and back from New Jersey and never once did my back ache. The ride is smooth and the handling responsive and sure."

DAVID C., NJ (2014 Ford Escape)

"The seats are terrible, uncomfortable, and road noise, wind is bad."

JOSEPH D., NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"The ride is bumpy"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"seats could be a bit more padded."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"Very few cubbies for driving necessities. No small storage in console."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Ford Escape)

"When driving the road noise is loud."

MARILYNN S., MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"I would like to have had less noise with the sun roof when it is closed and I open up a window or more in the car. The sun roof shade vibrates when it is fully closed and a window is open."

FRED A., NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"The ride is a little stiff."

Anonymous, SC (2014 Ford Escape)

"Room in the driver's foot well just as you noted in your review. Not much room for the left foot."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Ford Escape)

"Bad venting system. Vent with fan used alone often is warmer than it is outside."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"The only problem I have with comfort is that at highway speed the ambient noise is high. I find that I have to turn up the sound system to compete."

RANDALL A., KS (2014 Ford Escape)

"Car could use more noise deadening material."

J L., CT (2014 Ford Escape)

"After 2 years I'm still having problems figuring out all the buttons to push for heat, defrost, etc. Noise from the windows are very prevalent when highway drving."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Ford Escape)

"Overall nicest car I have owned"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"Comfort is good. I'm 275lbs and can easily get in and out of vehicle since its higher. Climate Control is excellent in the most humid parts here in South Florida get cold! Noise I thought was loud but now I don't notice so its fine by me."

ALAN W., FL (2014 Ford Escape)

"Front seats could use a little more padding. Climate control is nice. Noise level is good. Ride is a little stiff-bucks."

JOHN S., WA (2014 Ford Escape)

"Very quiet. Not much road noise."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Ford Escape)

"Would like to have power driver seat, all else ok."

BLAKE M., PE (2014 Ford Escape)

"The ride is good, but road noise is somewhat intrusive. Has some squeaks and rattles."

Anonymous, SD (2014 Ford Escape)

"There is some wind noise that is constant at highway speeds"

Anonymous, IA (2014 Ford Escape)

"Excellent comfort. Refrigeration is terrific. I live in Az where it gets very hot."

ROBERT A., AZ (2014 Ford Escape)

"It could be just a little quieter. Not a major issue"

MICHAEL F., GA (2014 Ford Escape)

"Not really a lot of room places to set stuff down"

MARK A., MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"Very unconfortable seats"

Anonymous, MS (2014 Ford Escape)

"Comfort is good, but lumbar support should be more adaptable."

ANDREW B., AB (2014 Ford Escape)

"Heated seats very helpful for my back. Infotainment system perfect for long drives. I have a concert in my car! MyFord Touch is easy to use. Love the automatic climate control. Windows never fog up. Remote start is helpful too. 2 liter turbo flies on premium gas! Love this car!"

Anonymous, OH (2014 Ford Escape)

"some padding has become uneven. a/c seems to lose ability to cool and requires moving setting to get it to cool properly."

JOHN G., FL (2014 Ford Escape)

"Most comfortable, supportive driver seat I have ever had."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Ford Escape)

"I find the drivers seat to be among the most comfortable I've ever experienced. It's also remarkably quiet compared to any other small SUV I've driven."

JAMES W., CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"Seats are not comfortable on drives longer than two hours."

ALAN M., MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"No lumbar support"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"The height of this vehicle is perfect. You don't have to climb up into it. All you have to do is open the door and sit right down. When getting out of this vehicle, all you do is turn and stand up. Great feature for someone with knee problems of any kind."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"The vehicle is a bit cramped. My wife and I are average size people, maybe even a bit smaller than average. We won't purchase this size vehicle again. I don't think the Ford escape is more cramped than other vehicles in it's class. This just isn't the class for us."

DOUGLAS B., SD (2014 Ford Escape)

"The seats , climate control, are good. The car is noisy when driving on highways and the ride is a little stiff for long distances."

MARCIA L., NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"More road noise then I'd like to have."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"I do find there is quite a bit of wind noise. The ride is a little stiff but not uncomfortable."

MYRA V., LA (2014 Ford Escape)

"Very comfortable ride. Automatic seats set to each drivers comfort. Seat warmers add to the comfort."

CHRISTOPHER J., AL (2014 Ford Escape)

"Just found out that if you purl grandkids in dear facing car seats (2car seats) the front seats have to be moved uncomfortably forward. Maybe need a bigger car."

Anonymous, BC (2014 Ford Escape)

"Much quieter and smoother ride than my 2008 Escape"

REBECCA O., MN (2014 Ford Escape)

"Interior feels cheap, the vehicle does not hold its value"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"The Escape is not as quiet as I would like. You hear a lot of road noise."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Ford Escape)

"seat wore prematurely - fight to get repaired but done; seats a little uncomfortable and interior storage (dash console etc) is poor design and function"

ANDY B., TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"Have short legs so the seat length is supportive and comfortable, automatic climate control, quieter than friend's new Forester, spritely handling"

RON P., BC (2014 Ford Escape)

"We both have bad backs, and these vehicle is great for driving long distances"

LINDA J., CO (2014 Ford Escape)

"The seats are awkward and uncomfortable. There is little lumbar support. The unadjustable head rest seem to be angled too far forward which makes it difficult to get proper back and neck support at the same time."

CYNTHIA D., AR (2014 Ford Escape)

"This is our distance car. It is very comfortable even on very long drives over 10 hours."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"Seating is a little hard. Could be more comfortable"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"Rough ride"

WILLIAM C., MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"A/C can be slow to cool. Does not keep up with Texas summers."

KAREN G., TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"LOUD LOUD wind noise at 60+ m.p.h. A loud hissing sound on the highway. Sounds like it's coming in from top of the windshield."

PAUL S., MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"Power adjust seat allows good position for short people. Seatbelt cannot be lowered enough to keep on shoulder and not riding up on my neck. Passenger headrest block views when trying to check traffic to the right. Controls for moon roof do not work properly when just venting.. Noisy on the highway"

Anonymous, AK (2014 Ford Escape)

"The road noise of this SUV is quite high even though we did the undercoating."

HAHMO A., AB (2014 Ford Escape)

"My only disappointment is there is some road noise. But overall it's comfortable and roomy"

Anonymous, VI (2014 Ford Escape)

"The road noise is rather loud."

HOOD B., AZ (2014 Ford Escape)

"It was purchased primarily because it seemed to "fit" my wife the best of the small SUV's that we looked at. After getting used to it, I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable, quiet, and pleasant to drive it is."

GORDON F., NC (2014 Ford Escape)

"The Passenger front seat is a little cramped versus other Ford products. The glove compartment is designed stupid - everytime I open it everything falls out onto my feet."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Ford Escape)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Very good value. With rebates and discounts from my employer(enterprise car rental)."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Escape)

"Receive invoice pricing in addition to rebates."

Anonymous, SD (2014 Ford Escape)

"I bought as a salvage vehicle. Extremely cheap compared to sticker. It is not worth sticker price. Too pricey compared to other brands."

Anonymous, MO (2014 Ford Escape)


Anonymous, IL (2014 Ford Escape)

"quality of options are on par with luxury suv's for a lot less money"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"Value has held up. I wished I had not leased the car."

ROBERT A., AZ (2014 Ford Escape)

"price was over all factor. liked the size and its features"

STEVEN C., NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"great little car easy to drive"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"Ecoboost engine is not energy efficient. Gas mileage is not near what we were promised."

WILLIAM H., TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"The only small SUV that can haul a trailer over 2000 lbs."

Anonymous, WA (2014 Ford Escape)

"We bought it used with low mileage. It's got all the bells and whistles and we saved a lot by not buying new."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Ford Escape)

"Not a bad vehicle for the money."

Anonymous, IN (2014 Ford Escape)

"I sold my previous 2010 Focus car with 14000 miles for $10500 to a Ford dealership which had a lot more features than 2014 Escape that I purchased for $21,900, I bought this vehicle for the additional room, My opinion is that the lack of the additional features for the price diminish it's value,"

DOROTHY M., IN (2014 Ford Escape)

"Overpriced compared to competition. Should've bought an Outback"

JOHN C., UT (2014 Ford Escape)

"After three years, I am surprised at how rattle free, durable seats and interior bits, comfort, ride and handling are surprising good compared to many other models. The AWD system has work better than expected on unpaved roads, snow/ice in winter. It seemed a bit expensive at the time of purchase, but clearly it was a very good value."

SANDOR K., CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"very economical. lots of room for carrying groceries,etc. love the expanded visablity of the suv."

G C., WI (2014 Ford Escape)

"It rides great. No problems not to thrilled with voice nav system"

ARTHUR A., TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"The value at this particular dealership was not justified."

DENNIS O., OK (2014 Ford Escape)

"The Titanium package had everything I wanted except navigation."

DAVID S., CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"Lot of features for the money"

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Ford Escape)

"I believe it is a very good automobile. Good mileage on gas. Comfortable and performs very well. With the eco-boost it gets up and goes when needed."

J F., TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"You can pay a lot more and not get the bang for your buck you get here"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"I should have gotten more features for the price. the backup camera screen is to small to use."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Ford Escape)

"Felt like the dealer could have given us a better deal."

Anonymous, OK (2014 Ford Escape)

"It runs fine but could use a little more engine."

RAYMOND M., MA (2014 Ford Escape)

"I am disappointed with the mpg on this car. The estimates for the car were much higher, and was one of the reasons I chose the car."

MICHAEL A., FL (2014 Ford Escape)

"My wife and I went looking for a crv or rav4. To our surprise the escape had all we wanted in a smaller suv at a much more attractive price.very satisfied with gas mileage, options, comfort, looks and reliability."

PATRICK B., NH (2014 Ford Escape)

"Came with all the Safety, Acceleration, Fuel Mileage, and Ease of GPS and Bluetooth"

BILL R., CO (2014 Ford Escape)

"The vehicle looks good, handles well and meets and exceeds our needs."

EDWARD S., FL (2014 Ford Escape)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Sleek, Smooth lines."

BILL R., CO (2014 Ford Escape)

"THE 20T"

Anonymous, TN (2014 Ford Escape)

"Styling is neat. The blunt front grill seems to be a factor in wind and the lightness of this vehicle can be scary in high winds. Very susceptible to airplaning in water filled ruts on highway. Feels like it could tip over easy."

Anonymous, AK (2014 Ford Escape)

"Exterior and interior look fresh and everything seems to be in the right place. Driver seat and steering wheel adjustments make for very comfortable driving, even for hours on end. Passenger seat in not very adjustable, but the range of adjustment is large for and aft. For its' class, the car is relatively quiet at freeway speeds."

SANDOR K., CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"I bought top of the line with every option but the dash and interior still look cheap and feel like,plastic"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"Not having a split rear door/hatch is a problem. Things move around during driving and when opening the rear hatch they fall out of the vehicle"

W O., AZ (2014 Ford Escape)

"Great styling. Fun to drive."

Anonymous, ND (2014 Ford Escape)

"i bought this when i saw the new design which i did not like as well."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Escape)

"The redesign since the 2012 is very unsatisfying to me. From the inconvenience of the gear shift to the lack of room for "little things". I will not be leasing another Escape when this lease is up next year!"

LYNN C., NY (2014 Ford Escape)

"Always complimented on fine look. 20k less then Lexus without giving up anything. Bad: turn signal bulb went out. Could not replace it myself. Dealer charged $90 to replace bulb. (Had to remove bumper."

FRANK E., TN (2014 Ford Escape)

"styling is very good"

Anonymous, NC (2014 Ford Escape)

"it is the perfect small SUV"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Escape)

"The extra paint cost. Did not want when bought but found out it was great, Car always looks good."

Anonymous, SC (2014 Ford Escape)

Would you buy this car again?

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