Rejuvenated, this version of the Ford Escape came to market solid, sophisticated, and athletic. Genuinely qulifying as fun-to-drive, this one delivers agile handling, along with an impressively supple and composed ride. The cabin is quiet and feels substantial. Further, a long list of desirable and high-tech options can make the Escape feel like a luxury-branded small SUV. Three different engines were offered.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Car handles very well and accelerates like it had a V6 in it."

JAMES P., TX (2015 Ford Escape)

"The turbo gives it lots of pep but hurts gas mileage. It handles great."

DONALD J., MI (2015 Ford Escape)

"Drives really good and handling is adecuate for the vehicle, improvement are always welcome"

JULIO O., GA (2015 Ford Escape)

"In humid weather when the engine is cold i experience a slight lag in acceleration. Had the same issue with the Ford Edge I previously owned. The dealer said it was my driving style (?) with the Edge. I didn't bother tro ask about the Escape.(different engine altogether but same issue). I suspect it's a software issue with the electronic accelerator.."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration is very quick, especially at low engine RPM. Handling is delightfully agile."

MARK F., PR (2015 Ford Escape)

"With the large engine and FWD the can has plenty of acceleration and handles quite well. We tested the smaller engines and found the car to be sluggish."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Ford Escape)

"For a small engine, it's very quick to respond, and very powerful [especially if you use the S-standard for shifting instead of D-drive]. It handles as well as any I've ever driven & brakes great, for vehicle size."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Ford Escape)

"nothing bad put 3k on it stricly high speed driving"

AL C., CO (2015 Ford Escape)

"This car get me out on the highway very fast which is a must in my area, also I think it handles great. I do a lot of highway driving and it responds very well."

JACKIE B., CA (2015 Ford Escape)

"Quick acceleration as needed and quick responding steering."

THOMAS B., IL (2015 Ford Escape)

"Fantastic handling."

THOMAS M., TX (2015 Ford Escape)

"The vehicle really scoots."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Ford Escape)

"2.0 engine and handling are almost like a sports car.However,suspension and front end noise make the escape feel quite fragile and suspect of malfunctioning."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Ford Escape)

"2.0 turbo eco boost engine is wonderful. great acceleration with very little turbo lag,"

Anonymous, AR (2015 Ford Escape)

"The pick up and handling of this SUV is much better that I expected."

H S., ON (2015 Ford Escape)

"Peppy movement, good handling for a cross over, interior space a little tight"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Ford Escape)

"Extremely peppy acceleration excellent braking and cornering."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"The acceleration seems slightly underpowered."

HANK F., TX (2015 Ford Escape)

"The handling of the car, being a little higher up to give you good vision, and 4wd is all pluses in Iowa"

TERRY M., IA (2015 Ford Escape)

"Escape seating enables better view of road, traffic, ditches, etc. than typical cars. Satisfied with acceleration, parking."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Ford Escape)

"Great acceleration, nice and comfortable on trips. I have confidence knowing I can count on it for quick acceleration when getting on a highway or passing another vehicle."

THERESA K., FL (2015 Ford Escape)

"When you use premium gas it allows you to take full advantage of the power. Great acceleration and drives very well."

KT H., TX (2015 Ford Escape)

"comfort and handling"

Anonymous, CO (2015 Ford Escape)

"great acceleration for a SUV"

Anonymous, VT (2015 Ford Escape)

"it should warn me if I come to close to something in front Should be on all Ford cars"

Anonymous, BC (2015 Ford Escape)

"handles well pulls our camper as good or better than our other escape that had a v6"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Ford Escape)


Anonymous, NE (2015 Ford Escape)

"Very responsive vehicle Handles well on highway as well as around town."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Ford Escape)

"Handles and accelerates very well"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Ford Escape)

"Plenty of power for merging into traffic smoothly. Handling is a good mix of responsiveness and stability."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"fun to drive"

DONALD B., IN (2015 Ford Escape)

"Very good acceleration, nut hard on gas in city driving"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Ford Escape)

"The 2.0 Ecoboost makes this lots of fun to drive, strong acceleration."

RON S., PA (2015 Ford Escape)

"See previous note."

CYNTHIA C., FL (2015 Ford Escape)


JAMES M., IL (2015 Ford Escape)

"Very maneuverable, handles well."

FREIDA C., KY (2015 Ford Escape)

"accelerates like a V-8 but it is a 4 cyl, turbo."

GERALD W., MI (2015 Ford Escape)

"handles very nicely. especially good in snow (all wheel drive)...have to really try to spin the wheels when starting out from a stop. nice feeling!"

JAMES B., WI (2015 Ford Escape)

"Very peppy vehicle."

JAMES B., UT (2015 Ford Escape)

"For a SUV with only a 1.6L engine, it is peppy & economical. Having had an Edge & previous gen. of Explorers, it keeps up with them in every respect."

ROSS L., ON (2015 Ford Escape)

"This is one surprising smaller cars I have owned, the acceleration is as good as most cars that claim to be sportier with much larger engines. I do not have to wait for traffic to be almost nil, I can pull into traffic and not hold up anyone. What a difference from only a few years ago."

GEORGE B., IN (2015 Ford Escape)

"The 4 cyl EcoBoost provides excellent acceleration"

Anonymous, MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"turbo charged quick pickup handing is great"

BILL B., WI (2015 Ford Escape)

"Acceleration is great, I have usually no issues entering a freeway or moving into traffic. There is an occasional stumble with the turbo that can be bothersome at times. The brakes are excellent and the handling is better than expected for this style of vehicle."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Ford Escape)

"I have the 2.0 L and it does everything I want. It performed well in my trip to Florida from Michigan. Acceleration on entering the way is great."

G H., MI (2015 Ford Escape)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"We drove our new Escape from Oberlin to San Francisco to tour the national parks in that area and the city. After 7,000 miles in it we found it comfortable, as much as our Ford Edge was on similar long trips. The navagation system is very useful in strange cities and remote places. We really really like the care and are glad we got all the bells and whistles on it -- useful to have the auto park in big cities, the HD lights at night and the Sirius radio when on long trips."

GERARD F., OH (2015 Ford Escape)

"My car is a Titanium model. The seats are very comfortable, though I read in reviews that Escape seats are not comfortable. I suspect the difference is that the reviews are not on Titanium models, which not only have comfortable seats, but have a fully adjustable front passenger seat, unlike ANY other car/truck in this class. CR never mentions this. Also compared to the Subaru Forester I test drove the ride is MUCH better. The Forester felt like it was bouncing on the highway all the time."

JIM D., CA (2015 Ford Escape)

"I love that it has the ability to shift using Standard-shifting as well as Automatic transmission. It's great to have that extra power when you want\need it. Climate control is excellent. Ride is very smooth & comfortable, for vehicle size. My only complaints are that the seats need more padding in the lower-back area; car needs more storage spaces & cup-holders throughout; and there is a little wind noise from the front windows."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Ford Escape)

"The overall comfort and ease of operation of the features is fantastic."

ROBERT B., WA (2015 Ford Escape)

"The seats are very comfortable in the escape the rear seats could be a little bigger for passenger space. The cargo area could be wider because my daughter's stroller has to be put in an angle whereas in my wife's crv it can go straight even though the escape is technically wider than the crv."

DAVID S., NY (2015 Ford Escape)

"Lumbar support and power seats for the passenger side as well as the driver side."

ROY W., CA (2015 Ford Escape)

"Leg room a little uncomfortable for my six foot two inch frame."

Anonymous, AL (2015 Ford Escape)

"Somewhat choppy ride but it is a short wheelbase SUV."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"Climate controls work extremely well, are intuitive and allow precise adjustments at different seat positions to suite individual needs"

Anonymous, MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"It has very comfortable and supportive seats. Did a 1100+ mile trip,last year and it was very comfortable. Handles very well for an suv and has the vest breaks of any vehicle I've had in a long tine!"

RON S., PA (2015 Ford Escape)

"Very comfortable car with a quiet ride and good visibility. A/C works very well. Handling is very good at this price point."

EDWARD P., MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"Seats are not comfortable for smaller drivers."

PETER C., MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"very nosy from road noise. opposite of your road test rating"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Escape)

"Seats are not very comfortable at all."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Ford Escape)

"The heating system doesn't seem to be as good as previous units that I have owned."

BARRY M., PE (2015 Ford Escape)

"Love how you can adjust the driver's seat for lumbar support, to make it higher, etc., never had such a comfortable road trip"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Ford Escape)

"Everything about my Escape is completely great, fun to drive, looks great, seats great, controls great noise factor great!!!!!"

KEN D., IL (2015 Ford Escape)

"Needs a place for loose change (other than cup holder) and somewhere to put down phone/wallet/etc.... Passenger front seat has small net next to seat which would be great on drivers side!"

DARREN C., MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"The back seat is very uncomfortable. Lacks padding in the seat and the view is poor from the back seat, when looking forward. Very limited leg room in the back seat."

SHARON S., CO (2015 Ford Escape)

"Road noise is greater than anticipated and unexpected for a vehicle in this class/price range."

M B., CA (2015 Ford Escape)

"Seats (front) are comfortable, although short. I am tall and the seat only supports part of my thighs. A/C is good. Ride is a little bumpy at low speeds due to the tight suspension, but the handling is quick and precise."

MARK F., PR (2015 Ford Escape)

"It is a little stiff riding, but handles like a small car. Quite a bit of road noise inters the cabin on all but really smooth roads. The seats are only comfortable for short trips, they don't offer much support."

DENNIS M., ID (2015 Ford Escape)

"seats are not as comfortable as most vehicles"

JAMES B., WI (2015 Ford Escape)

"I had several Escapes before this one - disappointed in the reduction of interior space in the 2015 model."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Ford Escape)

"The power leather seats are comfortable, supporting, and easy to care for. Power of the turbo makes passing easy, and handling is better that most sedans I have driven. I can set my own temperature which is usually cooler than my wife."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Ford Escape)

"my wife feels seats are not as comfortable as prior escape."

JAMES P., CA (2015 Ford Escape)

"We much prefer fabric seats but couldn't get the accessories we wanted without going for the leather which is hot in the summer and cold in the winter."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Escape)

"Seats, Accelation,ride"

Anonymous, HI (2015 Ford Escape)

"The front seats are fairly comfortable but all seats including the front could use more padding. The rear seats are harder than the front and somewhat uncomfortable for trips of 3 hours or more. The climate control works efficiently, but the fan speed needs to be at 3 for any kind of effectiveness--especially in hot weather. Fan speed at 3 and above is loud."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Ford Escape)

"very comfortable titanium trim level quiet rides very smooth"

JOHN R., MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"A significant rattle under/within the passenger side front seat when it is unoccupied."

MICHAEL C., MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"the system is very hard for a89 yr.old man to use i wish i did not have the ford touch system ido not"

WILLIE D., AR (2015 Ford Escape)

"The AC direction controls do not have enough down movement to get the air where I like to have it. This is due to the steep angle of the dash/windshield."

SKIP P., AZ (2015 Ford Escape)

"Excellent handling and acceleration. Styling is good. I have hip bursitis so driver seat is a little stiff for me but my wife is very satisfied with seats."

JAMES B., NC (2015 Ford Escape)

"Drivers seat could be a little more comfortable. That is about all that I find wrong with this vehicle. This is my 4 th Escape if that helps you, and the service has been exceptional."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Ford Escape)

"Passenger side front seat seems to have more road noise/window noise and during rain it sounds like water inside the door. Has blind spots for driving and parking. Vents & controls are good. Very bad visor coverage during certain times when the sun is rising or setting. It's not comfortable to manually open & close the rear door/hatch. Awkward to not have button to release/open for grocery pickup, etc. We didn't realize that before purchase."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Ford Escape)

"I have bad back so the lumbar support is great and the trim feels luxurant"

PERRY C., AZ (2015 Ford Escape)


JAMES M., IL (2015 Ford Escape)

"The seats adjust to be very comfortable. I can drive long distances without becoming stiff and sore from sitting. It is also very easy for entrance and exit."

Anonymous, MN (2015 Ford Escape)

"Runs very quietly. a previous Escape (2009 model) had lots of road noise. The 2015 model is much more quiet."

ALBERT S., VT (2015 Ford Escape)

"I find that the climate control works very well for what I want in a car, the seats are quite comfortable. The pickup in this 4 cylinder car is much better that I expected."

H S., ON (2015 Ford Escape)

"There is too much road noise and the ride is somewhat harsh. This was helped a little by changing the wheels and tires but not enough."

ED E., OR (2015 Ford Escape)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"To buy Honda CRV it would have cost $7000 move than the Ford Escape with the same sticker price."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Ford Escape)

"Titanium model has everything and more in one package. The infotainment system is good it drives well and represents good value and with the 24 month Ford lease all I do Is change the oil once and return the vehicle before I need to spend a dime on service"

STEVEN J., NY (2015 Ford Escape)

"I made a mistake in rushing to buy another auto after my 1996 used van broke down and would have cost me too much to repair. The Ford Escape is smaller than I am comfortable with, but I have no complaints about the ride and realize that the "poor" mileage is due to the short trips that I make. (7200 miles since 02\19\2015)"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Ford Escape)

"There are a lot of features in the Titanium model not available on other small crossovers."

Anonymous, KS (2015 Ford Escape)

"Resale / Trade In value has declined much more than I had anticipated or feel is in line with similar makes."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Ford Escape)

"The latest and best in a small SUV"

ROBERT K., IL (2015 Ford Escape)

"My Escape has excellent accelleration. The way it handles on the road makes it so much fun to drive. I have owned many cars and I would say the overall value exceeded my expectations. I would definitely buy or lease another Escape!"

CYNTHIA C., FL (2015 Ford Escape)

"I used the CR New Car Buying Guide to select the Escape based on features and to negotiate the best price. Good stuff."

MICHAEL S., NC (2015 Ford Escape)

"We let the sales folks talk us into more add-ons than we should have - our own fault."

PAUL K., TX (2015 Ford Escape)

"Need more options for the value, also depreciation in this vehicle is really bad."

JULIO O., GA (2015 Ford Escape)

"In Canada, like everything else, it was a bit pricey."

RONALD W., ON (2015 Ford Escape)

"I didn't want navigation,bluetooth,Phone connection and the model I got didn't have some of that stuff."

Anonymous, KY (2015 Ford Escape)

"Car is over priced and gas milage is no where what they said it would be. Phone cuts out for no reason and you have to call to get it back up and running. Would not but this car again."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Ford Escape)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The exterior of this car is absolutely glamorous! Fell in love with it the minute I saw it on the dealer's lot. The interior looks and feels great too."

Anonymous, OK (2015 Ford Escape)

"Love the look and comfort. The Eco-Fuel Boost is a great feature, it has giddy-up and go power."

THERESA K., FL (2015 Ford Escape)

"I do not like the change in the outside body style. I liked my 2010 escape much better"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Ford Escape)

"On the outside it is one of the ugliest cars on the road. But you can't see that from the inside, and it is a wonderful car to drive. Really good highway driving and fine in town."

ROBERT L., OR (2015 Ford Escape)


Anonymous, NC (2015 Ford Escape)

"Clean, crisp lines."

EDWARD P., MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"styling looks like a lot of other makes. Think all of the auto designers went to the same design studio."

JAMES P., TX (2015 Ford Escape)

"Starting to get a little dated. The 2017 styling looks like a step in the right direction."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Ford Escape)

"Exceptional styling, very pleased"

DAVID M., FL (2015 Ford Escape)

"nice trim all leather and power glass roof nice sound system"

JOHN R., MA (2015 Ford Escape)

"The Ford escape looks almost the same as other different make of cars in this category, making it difficult to find in a parking lot. So much so I had to attach a yellow tennis ball to the radio antenna make it easier to distinguish."

STUART R., PR (2015 Ford Escape)

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