The F-350 is a heavy-duty truck with a 1-ton capacity as opposed to the 1/2 ton of the F-150. The Super Duty line was redesigned for 2005 with new exterior and revised engines. The ride is stiff and bouncy, especially compared to the F-150. Ford's 6.0-liter turbodiesel packs some real punch and is fairly quiet and free of vibration. Stepping into the cabin is more difficult because of the high floor.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

“The 6.7 L Powerstroke power and torque makes this 9500 lb (DRW, 4x4) truck surprisingly quick through all of the gears once the turbo builds pressure. It tows 14k lbs up and down 6% grades while maintaining speed with little driver input. Relatively smooth ride when unloaded and rides much better when loaded.”

BRIAN R., OH (2015 Ford F-350)

“Diesel option provides tremendous torque. Interior ride very comfortable and quiet.”

DAVID Z., NY (2015 Ford F-350)

“Good; acceleration, infomation system comfortable seats. Bad- takes a football field to turn around.but it is usually the largest vehicle in the Walmart parking lot.”

LARRY B., VA (2015 Ford F-350)

“I use it to haul a slide-in truck camper and it handles and accelerates amazingly well in spite of the fact the whole thing weighs almost 11,000 pounds and has a very high center of gravity.”

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford F-350)

“With the 6.7l Power Stroke diesel engine, there has never been a need for additional power even when towing my 12,000 fifth wheel in hilly terrain yet. Mountain driving is coming up soon and I anticipate that there may be a need to downshift one or two gears when needed. Handling while empty is choppy in certain conditions as would be expected in a 1 ton pickup and when towing with 2000 lbs tongue weight certain road surfaces can be choppy as well. A vehicle of this nature may benefit from a”

FAYE H., WI (2015 Ford F-350)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

“I use this vehicle to both commute to work (30 mile round trip), pull a work trailer about 6000 lbs and pull a 12,000 fifth wheel camper, under all these conditions, the quietness of the cab has impressed me. It is very easy to carry on a conversation in normal speaking modes with anyone in the backseat or front seat. The heater/AC unit performs flawlessly so far and the seats have provided me and passengers with a comfortable ride with frequent non-stop rides over 3 hours.”

FAYE H., WI (2015 Ford F-350)

“Noise level is very low for a diesel. Interior space is very small.”

Anonymous, MI (2015 Ford F-350)

“tows great - love the exhaust break. Not totally impressed with navigation and cost of upgrading”

PATRICIA B., CO (2015 Ford F-350)

“Have a dually. Extremely rough ride even loaded and with added airbags”

KELLY T., ND (2015 Ford F-350)

“Diesel engine (6.7L) is powerful, no problems towing. very secure. I like the sync my touch system. very accurate. easy to understand. Front seats are very comfortable. Needs more room in back seats like the F-.150.”

LARRY B., VA (2015 Ford F-350)

“Ford has this extremely irritating limitation of options to specific levels of trim. In particular you cannot get a heated steering wheel unless you buy the platinum trim level. I have had frostbite and really wanted the heated steering wheel, so I had to shell out for the upgraded trim to get it.”

GLENN C., NY (2015 Ford F-350)

“I have back problems and the front seats of the F350 are more comfortable for me than any other car seats I've ever sat in. This is mainly because there's enough space in the cab for me to sit straight with my back and legs at 90 degrees and my feet flat on the floor.”

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford F-350)


Anonymous, VA (2015 Ford F-350)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

“For a towing vehicle it lacks some basics towing gauges and trailer connections normally expected.”

Anonymous, WA (2015 Ford F-350)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

“Once forced into the platinum trim level you get the privilege of paying for a tacky chrome plated plastic "Platinum" on both sides of the bed. I pulled them off and got rid of them. Gaudy, tacky.”

GLENN C., NY (2015 Ford F-350)

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