While the Flex's unique looks divide our staff, we all found it extremely practical. It's effortless to hop in and out and drives more like a car than a traditional SUV. The 355-hp engine in our high-trim version delivers effortless power and palatable fuel economy. It rides comfortably and is quiet. Handling is secure. The second-row seats afford limousine-like stretch-out room.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very satisfied so far."

Anonymous, AB (2010 Ford Flex)

"Around town drives likes a tank, hard to park. Highway driving is smooth, the one plus to this vehicle. Forget driving in snow, rear end slides at the slightest acceleration. I've owned since new and this is the worst family vehicle. Regret trading my Toyota minivan."

MICHAEL S., IN (2010 Ford Flex)

"I don't like how the car accelerates. It reacts slowly at times especially when returning to drive after reversing. It at times doesn't react when pushing the gas pedal then all of a sudden accelerates quickly once it finally reacts."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Flex)

"Great pick up, comfortable at high speed, quiet"

RICHARD B., FL (2010 Ford Flex)

"Ford has quietly covered up that the intercooler was producing condensate which was subsequent transported into the combustion cylinder and converted into steam damaging the ignition coils. I was forced to have the dealership buy the Flex back."

Anonymous, CT (2010 Ford Flex)

"Smooth handling and responsive acceleration especially when on the highway"

Anonymous, AB (2010 Ford Flex)

"Acceleration is great. When you need to pass you can count on getting by quickly. Handles well in all kinds of road conditions . Very trustworthy."

Anonymous, MB (2010 Ford Flex)

"This vehicle has it all, lots of power and very comfortable"

Anonymous, ON (2010 Ford Flex)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable ride."

Anonymous, MN (2010 Ford Flex)

"LOVE the adjustable foot pedals. This is a key safety and comfort factor for short people, and a great family feature for people of different sizes."

MARY K., MA (2010 Ford Flex)

"Very quiet, excellent A/C, ride is "US land yacht" smooth. 3rd seat is actually comfortable."

JOHN L., WA (2010 Ford Flex)

"I can adjust my seating in numerous ways which makes long rides easy on my back. This car is very quiet, smooth ride, I forget how fast I'm driving sometimes.I love the air conditioner and ability to adjust front and rear of car."

DEBORAH M., NC (2010 Ford Flex)

"Only had it for a month and so far has run well and had good reports from other Flex owners."

Anonymous, AB (2010 Ford Flex)

"very quiet on the road, great for family road trips"

LEO S., ON (2010 Ford Flex)

"This Ford Flex is the most comfortable trip car we have ever had (and we take our share of long car trips--8 - 12 hours one way). We can drive for hours without feeling cramped or developing leg or hip pain (and we're not spring chickens any more). We love the ride, and it's generally pretty quiet inside the cabin."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Ford Flex)

"Rides smooth, comfortable seats and lots of leg room. Good mileage on highway."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Ford Flex)

"There's a squeak in the dash that comes and goes with the change in weather. Showed up around 40k miles."

PAM D., TX (2010 Ford Flex)

"This is hands down the most comfortable car I have ridden in or driven. Our model has leather seats, which makes all the difference in the comfort level of the back seat and 3rd row. These spots are just as well cushioned as the front seats are. When car shopping, we test drove a few Flexes that had cloth interiors and found that the back seat felt about as comfortable as an ironing board."

Anonymous, OH (2010 Ford Flex)

"Can't get comfortable in front seats. Back is sore after 30 minutes."

Robert M., MI (2010 Ford Flex)

"Smoth and relatively quiet"

Anonymous, AB (2010 Ford Flex)

"The driver's seat is highly adjustable. The backseat is very spacious. On long drives, adults ask to ride in the backseat. The third row of seats is not that great but I didn't not have a need for them that much. Granted we have replace parts due to wear and tear, but the car runs smooth and quiet. There is some wind noise from the sunroof but easily forgotten with the radio on."

Matt M., OH (2010 Ford Flex)

"Can travel long distances w/o tiring."

Anonymous, KS (2010 Ford Flex)

"To date this is the most comfortable vehicle that I have ever owned. This is also Ford's best kept secret as they do not promote the vehicle like they do others."

David R., OH (2010 Ford Flex)

"We drive to Florida, never have backache, like sitting on a sofa. Most comfortable vehicle we have ever owned"

Anonymous, ON (2010 Ford Flex)

"Our 2010 Ford Flex is, to date, the most comfortable vehicle we have owned. I am pleasantly surprised and delighted to drive this vehicle."

David R., OH (2010 Ford Flex)

"Ever since we obtained our Flex in late 2009, even our friends who ride in our vehicle comment favorably about the seats, and great ride especially those who drive similar GM vehicles. We have recently replaced struts and shocks and the ride is back to like-new levels."

S O., MI (2010 Ford Flex)

"with the purchase of leather seats, etc, it has made the riding experience excellent."

Anonymous, IN (2010 Ford Flex)

"They are comfortable for me and my spouse, the car is still rather quiet while moving and re=i=des well."

Roy V., NC (2010 Ford Flex)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I bought the Limited new in 2010. Numerous production problems, leaks, squeaks, rattles, inferior windshield with hazing on driver's side. Dealer and Ford refused to honor warranty or fix problems. Flex is horrible in snow. Vehicle has no storage whatsoever if using all 3 rows for passengers. Stick to minivans, this is not a family friendly vehicle."

MICHAEL S., IN (2010 Ford Flex)

"Expected better hway gas mileage. Noisy interior. Very cramped third row seating do to elevated floor. Great cargo space; dashboard dials easily accessible. Heating/cooling good."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Flex)

"Very quiet and comfeterable - low to the ground"

RONALD R., MI (2010 Ford Flex)

"after 7 years on the road she is still going strong with no major problems.Still love her."

LESLEY Z., QC (2010 Ford Flex)

"I got a lot of car for my money and the body style changes so little year after year that no one realizes it's a 2010 and not something newer. I can ride a total of 7 people or my Great Dane-English Mastiff mix dog! I have carried all kinds of landscaping and gardening supplies as well--keep a tarp or blankets and no damage, dirt, stains, or pet hair!"

DEBORAH M., NC (2010 Ford Flex)

"Very expensive"

BERNIE S., MN (2010 Ford Flex)

"Good year. Interior could be better."

CHARLES G., PA (2010 Ford Flex)

"An unusually attractive stylish vehicle that allows me to easily transport 7 adults/children or to transport large items such as furniture. The price beat all other comparable vehicles and the Flex outshines them all in room capacity."

Shireen B., MD (2010 Ford Flex)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Nothing else like it. Love the styling."

KEN P., BC (2010 Ford Flex)

"Roomy, well thought out conversion of seats to enable carrying cargo."

TERRI L., GA (2010 Ford Flex)

"I have many people stopping me to ask about her and wanting to take a peck inside."

LESLEY Z., QC (2010 Ford Flex)

"Interior seems low end"

CHARLES G., PA (2010 Ford Flex)

"The car is very utilitarian is looks. Rectangular and boxy. This works very well for cargo hauling."

JOHN L., WA (2010 Ford Flex)

Would you buy this car again?

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