While the Flex's unique looks divide our staff, we all found it extremely practical. It's effortless to hop in and out and drives more like a car than a traditional SUV. The 355-hp engine in our high-trim version delivers effortless power and palatable fuel economy. It rides comfortably and is quiet. Handling is secure. The second-row seats afford limousine-like stretch-out room.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very responsive and accurate. Acceleration is more than adequate including emergency situations. A true pleasure to drive."

Bob K., NY (2011 Ford Flex)

"very smooth ride."

Larry D., FL (2011 Ford Flex)

"Much better rear vision due to its boxy shape and large mirrors."

Robert Y., MN (2011 Ford Flex)

"Lots of power for towing a 19' airstream trailer and great acceleration."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Ford Flex)

"Turbo really allows safe passing on 2-lane roads."

Henry D., NM (2011 Ford Flex)

"Turbo engine"

KEN M., ON (2011 Ford Flex)

"After 6 yrs and 70,000 miles this car still is my favorite travel car ever. Very quiet,still no rattles with adequate power and excellent handling."

RON S., CA (2011 Ford Flex)

"Having had Corvetts & Expeditions, I was very surprised and pleased by the way this Flex handles on the road. Great tracking and stability in cornering on the mountain roads in the Carolinas."

GARY F., FL (2011 Ford Flex)

"Good acceleration for it's size. Good handling due to boxy shape"

M W., AR (2011 Ford Flex)

"Great acceleration.steering wheel handling is easy Had ability to move they traffic and feel balanced it’s a great ride and very smooth performance."

Anonymous, TN (2011 Ford Flex)

"Turbo 3.5 is very strong torquey engine - worth the premium Ride with this option is too stiff Corning is capable but steering feedback and seat bolster are too light to inspire confidence to push near the limit"

Ken M., ON (2011 Ford Flex)

"The handling is absolutely astonishing. It handles like a sports car. Anyone that does not like the handling of this car must be driving on 15' wheels. Acceleration is adequate the eco-boost might have been a better engine choice."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Ford Flex)

"Great power for good mileage"

Steve D., MI (2011 Ford Flex)

"Very responsive &quick acceleration when on the highway"

Anonymous, AB (2011 Ford Flex)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Extremely comfortable seats. Very easy to get in and out of. Very low road noise. Handles rough roads extremely well."

Bob K., NY (2011 Ford Flex)

"Headrests are uncomfortable."

Anonymous, OH (2011 Ford Flex)

"Great ride and comfortable leg room and cargo room."

Larry D., FL (2011 Ford Flex)

"By and large it is comfortable and quiet with a good ride. Only complaint would be that the front seats could be a bit wider."

D M., IL (2011 Ford Flex)

"The Flex is sublimely comfortable. Easy to get into and out of. Spacious. Great visibility."

George P., CA (2011 Ford Flex)

"The Ford Flex is my favorite car to drive. We bought the base model but even so it is the most comfortable car we have ever owned. It has lots of room for bigger people and we can even put adults in the third row. The seats are very supportive and great on trips. The car is very quiet too. You can hold a conversation with people in the third row without having to yell. I would definitely get another Flex when this one gets retired."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Flex)

"The car has a terrific ride--very smooth. The 20 inches wheels do highlight the bumps though."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Ford Flex)

"The car is very comfortable. Long rides are easy. It's great on the highway."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Ford Flex)

"It's hard to adjust the seat adequately for my height (5'3)"

ANNE D., MI (2011 Ford Flex)

"Seats are very comfortable and supportive. Rear air works great. Very quiet-quieter after 125k milesas many new cars."

PHIL D., FL (2011 Ford Flex)

"Quite a bit of road noise. Hits heavy in the bumps."

FRED W., VA (2011 Ford Flex)

"Driver's seat is not comfortable, especially for longer trips - over 1 hour"

Anonymous, NC (2011 Ford Flex)

"Front seats a little "tight" for big people. Everything else is very satisfactory"

D M., IL (2011 Ford Flex)

"All the seats are heated, adjustable, and are very comfortable. On trips my wife falls asleep and sleeps like she is in her bed"

Dennis S., IL (2011 Ford Flex)

"The seating position is terrific. The ride and handling are absolutely amazing (with 20" wheels).. This car is truly outstanding and it even came with a refrigerating which we have become totally dependent on and cannot do without."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Ford Flex)

"Very comfortable, lots of room for the drive of a car"

Steve D., MI (2011 Ford Flex)

"nice, soft ride; large, comfortable seats-not too hard or soft; quiet car considering its minimal cost; I don't know how it could be done, but sometimes I'd like more leg room in the front and 2nd seat"

Norman W., AL (2011 Ford Flex)

"very satisfied with exit and entry and comfort of seats"

W M., IL (2011 Ford Flex)

"Quiet and very comfortable"

Anonymous, AB (2011 Ford Flex)

"The vehicle is a good compromise between size and capability. CimgotcCarries 6 passenger. Comfortable seats Also has decent galling capacity."

Phil D., FL (2011 Ford Flex)

"The quietest, most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned."

Anonymous, MI (2011 Ford Flex)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"We bought the base model Flex. The base model had a big powerful v6 engine, back up beepers for parking, Ford Sync, roof racks, airbags for all passengers (even the third row) and a power driver seat. The only repairs I have made on the car for its first 90,000 miles were due to rodent damage which isn't really Ford's problem. I own sports cars, motorcycles, trucks and the Flex is my favorite car. It has huge amounts of room inside, is extremely comfortable and never lets us down. I will de..."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Flex)

"Great highway car; huge volume for passengers & gear."

Henry D., NM (2011 Ford Flex)

"For what we wanted, "grandma's car to carry all grandkids, the Flex fits the bill."

D M., IL (2011 Ford Flex)

"Reliable, flexible, used both for local and distant travel. Car does not often need anything but routine service. At 95000, only brakes and tires."

Robert Y., MN (2011 Ford Flex)

"When I compare what I paid (30,445) for the car in 2010 with what my friends and relatives paid about then for their cars, I'm amazed that I got so much for the money. Part of that is because I used the figure from CR, I think it was called "start negotiating here" and said I wanted it for that price. I also did that with a car purchase in 2005. It really helps to have CR to point to when talking to salespeople."

NORMAN W., AL (2011 Ford Flex)

"bought 2nd hand 1 year old, low mileage - good value"

HANS H., BC (2011 Ford Flex)

"We got it used in 2012 for $24,000"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Ford Flex)

"ease to get in or out, because of back problem"

JOSEPH R., IL (2011 Ford Flex)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"White paint"

Anonymous, MA (2011 Ford Flex)

"It's boxy in styling."

FRANCIS H., PA (2011 Ford Flex)

"Unique look!"

M W., AR (2011 Ford Flex)

"My Flex is a beautiful Mediterranean Blue and causes strangers to ask about both the color and function of the vehicle so I frequently sing praise about how much I like it and how happy I am with how it looks and how it performs."

JEANNE M., GA (2011 Ford Flex)

"Rather bland exterior styling. Very functional and specious for its overall size, but won't win any styling contests. Very functional and specious for its overall size, but won't win any styling contests. However, the interior styling is quite nice and somewhat luxurious even after five years and 125k miles. The Sony sound system sounds great."

PHIL D., FL (2011 Ford Flex)

Would you buy this car again?

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