With a distinctive boxy shape combining the elements of an SUV, minivan and station wagon, the Flex is a very functional and versatile vehicle. The base 3.5-liter V6 engine was updated over the years in an attempt to improve acceleration and fuel economy, but it still falls short on refinement.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Handles better than most cross overs, corners well, but acceleration is somewhat lacking. UNLESS you have the Eco-Boost engine."

Dean S., NC (2013 Ford Flex)

"We love our flex! It’s comfortable, roomie, Quiet and Pepe. Have been pleased with it from day one and no problems after five years."

Dennis L., KY (2013 Ford Flex)

"Phenomenal acceleration with the Twin-Turbo Ecoboost V6, at the expense of some fuel economy. Handles like a large sedan rather than the giant 3-row SUV that it is."

John C., OH (2013 Ford Flex)

"Drives great, very smooth and love the power of the ecoboost."

Anonymous, IN (2013 Ford Flex)

"For a vehicle of this size it rides and handles very well. The acceleration is sufficient even though it has the NA engine. The AWD handles great in the snow."

GERALYN H., NJ (2013 Ford Flex)

"Goes great"

Anonymous, AL (2013 Ford Flex)

"I was unsure about moving to such a large vehicle when buying the Flex because I did not want to have the experience of driving something that handled like a truck. The Flex has been such a great surprise as an everyday driver. Great handling, Fairly easy to maneuver parking garages in the city. Great acceleration getting onto the highway, and great going over the mountain passes."

DAVID B., WA (2013 Ford Flex)

"It does everything with grace and comfort"

Joe D., MB (2013 Ford Flex)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Probably the best highway cruiser I’ve owned. Roomy, flexible, quiet, excellent ride."

Jim M., ON (2013 Ford Flex)

"Very comfortable for all 7 passengers. Seats are great as far the ride is extremely quiet compared to other cars we test drove."

Anonymous, IN (2013 Ford Flex)

"Outstanding seat comfort"

Anonymous, IA (2013 Ford Flex)

"Overall good vehicle. Wish it were a little quieter at freeway speeds."

Anonymous, NV (2013 Ford Flex)

"Flex is very comfortable for either a quick trip to the grocery store, or on long drives. Seats are not overly bolstered but yet are supportive and work well for the Flex. Being a larger vehicle, you have plenty of leg room and a wide arm rest for the front seat occupants."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Ford Flex)

"The ride is very smooth. I am 6' 3" and I never have to dip my shoulder when I get in and out of the car. Headroom is great."

Harvey M., WI (2013 Ford Flex)

"It is the most comfortable highway vehicle I have owned and the adaptive cruise control is a must for any luxury vehicle"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Flex)

"Sears are like my recliner at home, very comfortable and well there’s nothing like it"

Tom H., CA (2013 Ford Flex)

"Very nice on trips"

Anonymous, MN (2013 Ford Flex)

"Everything fits well"

Anonymous, AL (2013 Ford Flex)

"climate control very powerful. Ride noise is minimal."

Anonymous, NH (2013 Ford Flex)

"The seats and leg room in all 3 rows is fantastic. my head does not touch the roof and the nav system is fantastic. the sound system sounds great from any seat"

PERRY M., ON (2013 Ford Flex)

"The Flex is large, roomy, comfortable, and practical. It is not a sports car, so driver enjoyment is marginal."

ROBERT K., PA (2013 Ford Flex)

"Extremely comfortable for long distance drives"

Anonymous, BC (2013 Ford Flex)

"Ride comfort"

RICHARD P., WI (2013 Ford Flex)

"An exceptional highway cruiser - quiet, comfortable, roomy,flexible configurations for luggage etc. Acceptable mileage for a vehicle this size"

JIM M., ON (2013 Ford Flex)

"The Flex (twin turbo) is fast, has excellent handling, is very roomy (second row bucket seats have limo spaciousness, great second row center console and second row seats are heated too). Climate zone flexibility (front row, second and third row zones) is excellent. The highway ride is very quiet at any speed. The automatic radar cruise control works great along with the automatic emergency braking. The three row sun roof is appreciated by all who tide in the Flex. Anyone riding in the Flex comm"

JOHN O., IL (2013 Ford Flex)

"Comfortable seats, comfortable yet handling-focused ride, great long-distance car"

Anonymous, CO (2013 Ford Flex)

"seats good suopport"

Carol F., WA (2013 Ford Flex)

"The very most practical vehicle we have ever had.Seating is better than in my MKS and for weekends,travel,dog on board,highway and rural rough roads it is the universal key.The styling is not compelling and I did not appreciate the FLEX until I rented one for a week to accommodate family guests.WE WERE WON OVER.-"

Joe D., MB (2013 Ford Flex)

"This car is so versatile while being a great ride and good looking."

Anonymous, ID (2013 Ford Flex)


Anonymous, IN (2013 Ford Flex)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The Flex is reasonably priced for the capability it offers."

ROBERT K., PA (2013 Ford Flex)

"Needed an upgrade from a four door sedan when the arrival of another child arrived in our family. For the price of what minivans are running, this offered all the similar options for a price point that was lower by at least $2500 than the cheapest minivan from the CR recommended versions and the Flex offered more options. Additionally, the gas mileage was comparable for a similar sized engine class. Overall reliability of Ford has been improving so the costs associated with maintenance has been"

CHARLES B., WA (2013 Ford Flex)

"Bought certified used from dealer. 2 years old and low miles. Great Value"

DANA F., CA (2013 Ford Flex)

"We were fortunate to have secured an excellent price on a fully loaded Flex with features that one usually associated with high end luxury vehicles like the adaptive radar cruise control, automatic emergency collision mitigation braking, advance track traction traction control, blind spot monitoring, cross traffic alert, second row airbag seat belts, 110V power outlet, power fold third row with tailgate seating feature, rear seating controls for climate control... And on and on. We have come to"

JOHN O., IL (2013 Ford Flex)

"Very utilitarian and comfortable, which somewhat offsets it boxy styling."

R C., NC (2013 Ford Flex)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"unique. love it or leave it"

Anonymous, NH (2013 Ford Flex)

"It just a bit different than any other minivans and such. Lots of compliments on the Kodiak Brown color."

RONNY V., CA (2013 Ford Flex)

"For looking like the box it came in, Ford did a great job of making it look cool. I really like it. Side note, I'm an engineer, so I look at pocket protectors as something that will keep ink from getting on my shirt."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Ford Flex)

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