With a distinctive boxy shape combining the elements of an SUV, minivan and station wagon, the Flex is a very functional and versatile vehicle. The base 3.5-liter V6 engine was updated over the years in an attempt to improve acceleration and fuel economy, but it still falls short on refinement.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"not much -- drives like a wet sofa"

GEOFF K., ON (2014 Ford Flex)

"Much more comfortable than expected. Great road trip vehicle."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Ford Flex)

"I have a SEL model with the standard Six Cylinder engine and 6 speed automatic transmission. I think the standard engine accelerates well and that the transmission is very smooth in it's operation."

THOMAS C., FL (2014 Ford Flex)

"All great! Most comfortable and roomy quiet car we have had!"

ALAN L., FL (2014 Ford Flex)

"THe acceleration and the growl of the engine is phenomenal. The ride is super quiet too!"

BRIAN G., VA (2014 Ford Flex)

"Covered this."

PETER C., TX (2014 Ford Flex)

"It has very adequate acceleration and the easy handling makes it very comfortable on long trips."

KENNETH M., VT (2014 Ford Flex)

"Powerful enough to pull heavy trailet"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Flex)

"The super charged V6 is a complete joy to drive. This is a rocket!"

David Z., IN (2014 Ford Flex)

"We really like the acceleration and highway gas mileage for this vehicle, on the highway doing 75 mph we can get 22 mpg, which for the size of the car, I think is excellent. Around town we get around 16 mpg. Acceleration is pretty good for the size of engine and size of vehicle."

Charles J., TX (2014 Ford Flex)

"For the size the ecoboost accelerates well. While the turn radius isn't tight the vehicle responds well to steering controls."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Ford Flex)

"despite vehicle size, feels very sporty"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Ford Flex)

"Acceleration is surprisingly strong. I have full confidence in the vehicle when passing someone. Handles well for a large car. The all-wheel drive system combined with winter tires grips well on our icy and snowy roads."

Anonymous, AK (2014 Ford Flex)

"I love the power of the EcoBoost engine, the acceleration is unbelievable! The handling is stable and precise."

Zdenek R., ON (2014 Ford Flex)

"Excellent handling and acceleration, very capable all-wheel drive"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Flex)

"sleeper, sneaky fast, great power"

Anonymous, WI (2014 Ford Flex)

"Fantastically powerful ecoboost engine. Transmission is good and really performs in sport mode. Great highway cruiser for hours of driving at a time. Have made emergency handling maneuvers a few times and never once felt out of control."

Brett R., FL (2014 Ford Flex)

"It's too powerful - I would trade fuel economy for less power. But, it accelerates fine and handles ok for a large heavy vehicle. It's my wife's SUV and I prefer cars - the Flex is too big for me. I like my e-Golf much better for parking and maneuvering."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Flex)

"Great styling. Plenty of room for adults and cargo."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Ford Flex)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"climate control does not always come on automatically in the front. Many times I have to kill / restart the car a couple of times to get it to come on - otherwise, it works fine."

MIKE M., TX (2014 Ford Flex)

"I am a large man, and wanted extra large seats and leg room. This vehicle has great seats and leg room, front and back. It also has a capability to seat seven, which is great with the grand children."

BRUCE W., AZ (2014 Ford Flex)

"Traded Lexus in on this car. The Ford is superior in many respects."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Ford Flex)

"Auto climate system is not nearly as good as many others I have experienced. I am constantly having to fiddle with it to get it right."

Anonymous, ID (2014 Ford Flex)

"This is a loud car. It has many annoying rattles and is boomy, probably because of its huge interior space."

Anonymous, SC (2014 Ford Flex)

"plenty of leg room and support, very quiet ride"

JOHN C., PA (2014 Ford Flex)

"Room to be comfortable. All areas i.e. Air, noise Etc are excellent!"

ALAN L., FL (2014 Ford Flex)

"Seats are comfortable, nice looking. Not a quiet car. Rides fine on a smooth road."

BECKY C., PA (2014 Ford Flex)

"Comfortable/ heated seats/ firm ride"

CHARLES R., MS (2014 Ford Flex)

"Generous leg and head room, very comfortable for passengers on long trips, plenty of storage space"

DENNIS W., CA (2014 Ford Flex)

"Very comfortable ride because of the long wheel base. Excellent to long road trips. Ride and wind noise is very quiet."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Ford Flex)

"Very comfortable for small to extremely large people. Lots of head and leg room. Plenty of storage too."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Flex)

"Very comfortable and very roomy"

Anonymous, GA (2014 Ford Flex)

"Quite and great acceleration seats are very comfortable"

D P., AZ (2014 Ford Flex)

"Both front and second rows of seats in the car are exceptionally comfortable. Also the vehicle is very quiet at speed"

Thomas C., FL (2014 Ford Flex)

"Without a doubt, the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. No road noise, handles the occasional road bump with ease, and the seats could easily be in my living room."

Charles J., IL (2014 Ford Flex)

"Extremely comfortable"

William B., MO (2014 Ford Flex)

"Outstanding comfort and very quiet on the road. A lot of room. Great road trip car."

Michael B., NY (2014 Ford Flex)

"This trim line has rough feeling fabric seats. Also, the outside edges of the seats come up too high making seats feel narrow. The edge presses on thighs."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Flex)

"The car is spacious, and feels more car like that SUV/truck like. It does not sit up quite so high, and it is a smooth cruiser."

David Z., IN (2014 Ford Flex)

"This is the best riding vehicle I have ever owned"

Dan C., BC (2014 Ford Flex)

"Quiet smooth ride"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Flex)

"Roomy vehicle, especially the front and second row seats. Third row fits adults okay, but I wouldn't want the third row full of adults for long trips."

Anonymous, AK (2014 Ford Flex)

"The seats are amazingly comfortable, they are perfect. The ride is noisy and rough."

Teresa R., AZ (2014 Ford Flex)

"This vehicle looks "boxy" but is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever ridden in, at least in first or second place. I drove my younger brother's luxury vehicle and that was really nice also. Gas mileage is acceptable (19 mpg average but do get up to 23 or 24 mpg). The SYNC system is okay, but not as good as the SYNC 3. The safety features in this 2014 model are good but wish I had more, like adaptive cruise control which is available now in the premium model. At almost 42,000 miles I have had relatively few problems but just found out I have to replace the PTO on the transmission. Thankfully it is still under warranty. The cargo capacity of this vehicle is truly amazing. I sold my truck and have used this vehicle to bring home lumber, plywood, and other remodeling items (such as bathroom sink, kitchen sink, tiles, grout, trim, etc.) with no problem. I love this vehicle and would highly recommend to any active family."

Charles O., NY (2014 Ford Flex)

"We love the room in the vehicle, with all the seats down, we can put so much stuff in the car. The seats are comfortable and we have put about 25,000 miles on it with several long trips an it rides good an we are comfortable in it."

Charles J., TX (2014 Ford Flex)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"It looks nicer than it is. Seats don't recline well. Bluetooth cuts in and out navigation controls are clunky . Sun visors don't extend. 3rd row seats are pretty much worthless."

JAMES W., CA (2014 Ford Flex)

"The total package with warranties and taxes was approx $43K; I got it in Dec 2013 for approx $33K. It does everything I wanted, and I haven't had any maintenance issues."

BRUCE W., AZ (2014 Ford Flex)

"Comfortable,roomy excellent roadability, excellent brakes(best I have ever used), great exceleration. Right rear visability disarming because right side mirror is convex and cars appear farther away than they actually are. I may install a camera especially to cover this area. I have had a number of close calls."

PETER C., TX (2014 Ford Flex)

"For the size and luxury the value is very good in comparison to the competitors"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Flex)

"Very flexible vehicle."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Ford Flex)

"This vehicle looks, and handles like other SUV's that are $10,000 more. We love driving this car long distances."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Ford Flex)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I have looked at other types of vehicles for room for traveling and have found this is by far the roomiest of other similar vehicles."

DON S., KY (2014 Ford Flex)

"People are constantly commenting on the good looks of the car. They like the "retro"look and the size."

KENNETH M., VT (2014 Ford Flex)

"One has to get used to the "boxy" look of the vehicles. My friend has one which also really likes and says it reminds him of a toaster! However the interior design and quiet more than makes up for the exterior style IMO."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Flex)

"It brings to mind the old Woodies, the old surf mobiles."

CORDELIA B., KS (2014 Ford Flex)

"It's a love it or hate it exteroir design. We love it. However even people who do not like the styling fall in love with the car when they ride in it. Most prefer the middle row seat due to the room and comfort."

RICHARD V., AL (2014 Ford Flex)

"Very easy to find in parkin lot"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Ford Flex)

"Its a very boxy looking vehicle not a stylish exterior."

DONALD D., MI (2014 Ford Flex)

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