The Ford Focus combines a roomy, ergonomic cabin and easy access with a comfortable ride and sporty handling. But the quality of interior materials is low grade. Also, fuel economy is unimpressive. While overall crash protection is good, the Focus received a Poor in the IIHS side-crash test when tested without its optional side airbags.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It turns very quick and for a 2.0L it is fairly zippy."

ROD B., NE (2006 Ford Focus)

"For a low end vehicle, this car handles very well and does extremely well in snowy/slippery road conditions"

CAROL G., WA (2006 Ford Focus)

"The car rides well, but the acceleration could be better."

MERRELL L., ME (2006 Ford Focus)

"Tight handling and strong acceleration. Always puts a smile on my face."

JIM G., IN (2006 Ford Focus)

"Super handling and great preformance"

DENNIS C., AB (2006 Ford Focus)

"Car handles well in a curve. Acceleration is adequate."

SYLVESTER D., OH (2006 Ford Focus)

"The issue with this car, perhaps because it is so light, is that it has trouble with snow and even sometimes with wind."

EVAN R., MA (2006 Ford Focus)

"seems to work just fine"

Anonymous, SC (2006 Ford Focus)

"excellent road stability and outstanding braking"

Anonymous, NY (2006 Ford Focus)

"for a small car I do not know how one could have better acceleration or handling must be the best Ford ever produced"

Gene B., WA (2006 Ford Focus)

"2006 Ford Focus ZX5 handles really well. It has a quick turning radius."

Rod B., NE (2006 Ford Focus)

"Fairly nimble car for the price. Also accelerates well."

Judy P., PA (2006 Ford Focus)

"ZX3 stick shift is very peppy and energetic. Goes up hills great and great handling around curves in twisty canyons. Good on freeways, too."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Ford Focus)

"This car corners well and handles well in most driving conditions."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Ford Focus)

"I drive over a winding mountain pass every day to get to work, and this car handles well. Body roll might be a bit too much, but the car makes up for that with a comfortable ride. Acceleration is reasonably good."

Anonymous, UT (2006 Ford Focus)

"Has poor acceleration."

Ralph F., RI (2006 Ford Focus)

"While not having great acceleration, it does have plenty of powe to merge into highway traffic safely. The ride is satisfactory for the size of the car and it handles curves in a compitant manor."

James L., OH (2006 Ford Focus)

"It is a fairly zippy little car. The steering is tight and responsive."

Anonymous, NE (2006 Ford Focus)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"There is a lot of rattling and some squeaking from the back seat. It disappears when someone is sitting in the back seat. When it is making noise it can get annoying at times."

MERRELL L., ME (2006 Ford Focus)

"No way to grease joints shocks no good"

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Ford Focus)

"Uncomfortable. Noisy."

Anonymous, PA (2006 Ford Focus)

"This car suffers for an extremely high level of road noise."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Ford Focus)

"The engine noise is loud, particularly in the back seat. We always use our other car over this one."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Ford Focus)

"The car is a station wagon design thus road noise from the rear wheels, depending on the road surface. Many Michigan paved roads seem like smooth gravel. After 12 years a few squeaks."

Anonymous, MI (2006 Ford Focus)

"fairly noisy ride, seats could be more comfortable"

Anonymous, NY (2006 Ford Focus)

"Seats could use better lower-back support."

Tim P., NC (2006 Ford Focus)

"Way simpler to use than the 2015 Buick!!! But it rides harder and is noisier!!"

Doreve A., IL (2006 Ford Focus)

"The road noise is awful. With windows open or closed, it is very loud. Have to play music to drown out road noise."

Ralph F., RI (2006 Ford Focus)

"IT is a noisy car but the seats are very comfortable. Being a car that sits low to the ground, it is still easy to get out of."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Ford Focus)

"Somewhat noisy ride. Will look for a quieter car next time."

Jon K., NY (2006 Ford Focus)

"Road noise is very noticeable in the cabin."

Greta B., NV (2006 Ford Focus)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"When I bought the car I got a gteat deal from the dealer. I have put in over 212,000 miles on it with no major issues, just maintenance. The only issue I have had is that the rear tires prematurely wear. The dealer said that is is a characteristic of the car"

RICHARD B., IN (2006 Ford Focus)

"When I bought this in 2008 I found it at the back of a Toyota used car lot. They wanted to unload it badly so I got it for several thousand less than comparisons on the market."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Ford Focus)

"I have the most basic stripped down model and I am not satisfied with the ergonomics or the lack of standard items (like arm rest between the two front bucket seats. This car is simply too stripped down. I bought it at a car auction at a very inexpensive price and that is the reason I'm very satisfied with the car. I would not buy one again though: as I said, too stripped down."

ROY S., MA (2006 Ford Focus)

"Car has been exceptionally reliable and inexpensive to own with few repairs other than routine maintenance, though now we are starting to see that it will start to cost more to maintain. We would have considered buying another Ford Focus wagon if they still made them."

Jon K., NY (2006 Ford Focus)

"222000 km very little problems"

Anonymous, ON (2006 Ford Focus)

"This car has been very reliable. It has been inexpensive to maintain. I'm sorry that the current Focus is so poorly rated because I would have liked to get another Focus as I am now ready for a new car, but I always consider your ratings."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Ford Focus)

"Great value. Bought new. Now have over 200,000 miles. Few repairs and 33 mpg."

Tim P., NC (2006 Ford Focus)

"My ford Focus is a workhorse! With proper maintenance, I feel my car will operate without any headaches beyond 200K milies."

Alex G., MD (2006 Ford Focus)

"Paid about $10,000 new after a bunch of rebate were applied. Basic model - stick shift, roll down windows, manual locks and A/C. Goal is 250,000 miles! As a commuter car it is great and easy to park. Peppy and good brakes. Seats so so - would not want to sit in them for a long road trip. A/C just starting to die. Got our money's worth!"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Ford Focus)

"Have owned for over 12 years, it is in exceptional shape, very, very few repairs - A/C died last year. Rest was maintenance. Too bad Ford will no longer make them as we would have bought another one."

Mireille D., NB (2006 Ford Focus)

"If you don't abuse the car, and pay attention to maintenance, it just keeps on going."

Anonymous, NY (2006 Ford Focus)

"economical 4 cyl, 4 spd auto, decent power for the size. no costs in 10 years other than oil and front brakes."

Anonymous, ON (2006 Ford Focus)

"The car was inexpensive. No significant repairs in 11 years. It doesn't have the latest bluetooth feature, but everything else is what we wanted and still works. Very happy with the car."

Bart C., WI (2006 Ford Focus)

"Car has been quite dependable with largely minor repairs, making it a very good value for the money."

Jon K., NY (2006 Ford Focus)

"My wife paid MSRP, so in that aspect not the best purchase value. But we still have the car after 11 plus years. The steering & response is great. It has had no major issues. A motor mount had to be replaced a couple years ago and after 11 years we just had to replace the thermostat and the alternator just quit last month. Because we've kept it so long the value over time has evened out."

Anonymous, NE (2006 Ford Focus)

"No mechanical issues in 11 yrs."

Anonymous, NC (2006 Ford Focus)

"Great car for gas mileage and comfort for 4 people."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Ford Focus)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Nice and practical styling"

Anonymous, ON (2006 Ford Focus)

"I love it-love the hatchback for storage."

JUDY S., WI (2006 Ford Focus)

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