The Ford Focus combines a roomy, ergonomic cabin and easy access with a comfortable ride and sporty handling. But the quality of interior materials is low grade. Also, fuel economy is unimpressive. While overall crash protection is good, the Focus received a Poor in the IIHS side-crash test when tested without its optional side airbags.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Responsive handling for a inexpensive car, Adequate acceleration"

Paul B., MN (2007 Ford Focus)

"It accelerates well from a stop and has plenty of power on the highway. It handles very well."

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Ford Focus)

"Wonderful gas mileage on road trips with 1-2 occupants. Used primarily as a commuter to work & school for family & serves our family well."

Jacquelyn W., MN (2007 Ford Focus)

"Wonderful Acceleration and impressive handling. The downside for me is that the car is a little too small for a large frame to Guy. The mileage is very good considering that it’s not a Hybrid.The car is just a little too small for long trips although in fact we have taken some extended trips in this vehicle."

Anonymous, VT (2007 Ford Focus)

"Handling is fine. The ride could be better if 14" wheels fit on the car, which they don't. The acceleration while still adequate, feels weaker than it used to be. This car does have lots of miles on it. The engine could be down on compression and the automatic transmission is definitely mushier than in the past."

Richard G., QC (2007 Ford Focus)

"The car is a tin can, but it does handle well."

Larry H., WA (2007 Ford Focus)

"Great handling and acceleration on a basic entry level car."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Ford Focus)

"Engine revs very loudly and acceleration is sluggish. Transmission also shifts very late and requires either gunning engine, or letting foot off accelerator and hitting it again at the appropriate shift speed to make it shift, otherwise it will continue to rev high at lower gear and wasting gas."

Wah W., TX (2007 Ford Focus)

"I like everything about this 2007 Focus except the acceleration. With the small 4-cylinder engine it is frustrating at times, especially if you need to pass another vehicle. It just won't move quickly to pass. So you need lots of room to make a safe pass."

Anonymous, MT (2007 Ford Focus)

"I have the SES model which has a handling package. This, combined with its decent acceleration makes the car fun to drive."

Charles H., NY (2007 Ford Focus)

"The acceleration is not very good because the engine is going bad."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Ford Focus)

"It responds well to sudden acceleration or braking, whichever is necessary. It has a short turning radius, it handles well making it very easy to drive."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Ford Focus)

"Accelerates okay for an old Ford Focus. Handles okay at highway speeds. I don't expect a lot from it."

Anonymous, OR (2007 Ford Focus)

"Really good handling and acceleration for what I paid in 2007."

William L., VA (2007 Ford Focus)

"Acceleration good handles good"

Cheryl D., NY (2007 Ford Focus)

"Excellent handling. Very stable in sharp turns."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Ford Focus)

"The power is not too bad for a small car. The 5 speed probably helps out with that"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Ford Focus)

"My 2007 Ford focus give me all the power I need for driving in the metropolitan Detroit area. It handles well and is easy to park. With front wheel drive I’ve never had any major issues during the winter"

Mary W., MI (2007 Ford Focus)

"Acceleration is quick and handling tight."

Anonymous, KY (2007 Ford Focus)

"It has a street package. Very quick steering, heavy torque bars, and preformace tires."

Anonymous, IL (2007 Ford Focus)

"It still handles and accelerates well - just as good as the day we bought it. Better even since it came from the factory with warped brake rotors."

Scott P., CT (2007 Ford Focus)

"corners well and very easy to drive and maintain. Good exceleration.....great gas mileage."

Pamela B., TX (2007 Ford Focus)

"It has great acceleration, has always handled well, even in inclement weather."

Anonymous, WI (2007 Ford Focus)

"The acceleration leaves a lot to be desired. Getting onto a highway seems risky."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Ford Focus)

"Acceleration, handling, excellent manual gear box"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Ford Focus)

"The acceleration and handling of this car might have been good when new. However, its performance did not last in time and under-performs with respect to other cars from the same year."

Alexandru F., QC (2007 Ford Focus)

"Has way more power than what Automoble magazine would lead you tro believe also much better gas mileage than your test results showed , and with 198,000 miles it still has the original spark plugs uses no oil I dont check it more often than 10,000 miles air cleaner is self cleaning like many industrial applications and it still rtuns like new. drives great on these curvy mountain roads where I live."

Anonymous, CO (2007 Ford Focus)

"Car drives like a larger sedan on the interstate."

Anonymous, AL (2007 Ford Focus)

"Excellent acceleration, handling and economy"

Anonymous, WA (2007 Ford Focus)

"When I need to get out of a tight situation I have the power to do it."

LOIS O., WI (2007 Ford Focus)

"Transmission slipping sucks not to go over 30 miles an hour have to remain in town. Alternator not working properly even after replacing it. Needs to be done again. I will not put more money in this car."

ALSTON H., NY (2007 Ford Focus)

"comfortable ride, handles well in dry pavement, wet pavement, and in snow. I never drive above 65 MPH, but that is not what this car was built for. I drive 74 miles a day on the interstate, and I love this car."

TIM K., TN (2007 Ford Focus)

"Snappy acceleration matched with good forward traction control keeps car on track. Good anti-lock braking. Overdrive on transmission keep revs relatively low. Engine noise not too loud - typical of 4-cylinder engines."

HAVELOCK T., AB (2007 Ford Focus)

"Good acceleration with the auto trans. Handling is fair, and the car feels skittish in hard cornering and emergency braking."

GREG L., ON (2007 Ford Focus)

"The car is worthless in mud and snow. New tires and was stuck in my own driveway after 8" of snow. Never happened before with any of my prior vehicles. Also on the job I drove through an area that I had always traveled and got buried in mud. Nice car for dry roads but nowhere else."

STEPHEN L., KS (2007 Ford Focus)

"Corners very well. Good acceleration. Just fun to drive."

JIM L., ND (2007 Ford Focus)

"Car handles extremely well, have had no trouble keeping up with BMWs on winding roads, cruises comfortably at extra-legal speeds, with stick shift easily keeps up with traffic."

L G., NJ (2007 Ford Focus)


PAMELA B., TX (2007 Ford Focus)

"Quick and agile for a cheap vehicle."

Anonymous, VA (2007 Ford Focus)

"I love the way it handles yet doesn't feel like a small car. The ride is good, the steering precise. The only car that drove better was the Mazda 3 but that was significantly more expensive considering the large rebates Ford was offering."

VITTO M., ON (2007 Ford Focus)

"The car handles curves very well. It addition, it is reliable in snow. It handles all types of weather like a pro."

Anonymous, MN (2007 Ford Focus)

"Excellent gear box, nimble handling"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Ford Focus)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"it's a noisy metal box on wheels. Road noise is extreme. Seats are okay, not very adjustable."

Anonymous, OR (2007 Ford Focus)

"The head rests hit at the wrong angle and push my head down instead of supporting my head upright."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Ford Focus)

"Front seats are not comfortable for long trips. Not typical for Ford after owning 10 previous vehicles. Ride is ok not too soft--I don't like cars that ride softly or float--there is no feel of the road. It is a small, inexpensive, high rpm four cyl. car--there is some noise, but it is not a problem."

Donald F., OH (2007 Ford Focus)

"Driver's seat uncomfortable on long drives"

Paul B., MN (2007 Ford Focus)

"There is a nice amount of room and comfort for the size of the car"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Ford Focus)

"I have back problems so I installed a Recaro seat as I could drive all day with no problem . The original seat I could only go for an hour .Poorly designed."

Anonymous, ON (2007 Ford Focus)

"For a small car I can set the seats for comfort. I have taken this car on long trips and have been comfortable."

Charles H., NY (2007 Ford Focus)

"The seats seem to mold around your body giving great support to legs and back."

Anonymous, ON (2007 Ford Focus)

"driver seat is contoured for back support. this is very helpful for me as I have back problems. It is very noisy on a long trip the milage is lousy. 15 to 17 mpg. ."

Rosalie P., PA (2007 Ford Focus)

"Engine is noisy and there is a lot of road noise."

Robert K., CO (2007 Ford Focus)

"The engine sounds raspy at times. It seems worse during cold weather. The seats are okay on short trips, but can feel a little hard on long trips."

Fred G., TX (2007 Ford Focus)

"It is not comfortable to seat, its noisy and the ride is not smooth"

Rory B., CA (2007 Ford Focus)

"Seats are very comfortable. Lumbar support is good."

Linda P., CA (2007 Ford Focus)

"Road noise is a major issue. Bucket seat does not have adequate lumbar support for me."

Nancy C., ON (2007 Ford Focus)

"Very noisy in right rear area."

D M., PA (2007 Ford Focus)

"the car vibrates, it's noisy, back seat area very small."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Ford Focus)

"The shape and padding needs improvement."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Ford Focus)

"It's just a work car and it functions well and gets good gas mileage."

Linda J., ID (2007 Ford Focus)

"Seats are comfortable and road noise is reasonable, but ride is not that smooth."

David L., MI (2007 Ford Focus)

"Seats not adjustable poor back support"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Ford Focus)

"My car squeaks more than other cars I've had. The biggest noise comes from the rear suspension and I've been told is a common Focus problem and is annoying but harmless. I hear a lot of rattles from the interior plastic parts on the door and vents that I've never had with my other cars. Also, it lacks storage space in the front, which is frustrating. But at least the seats are extremely comfortable."

KATRINA B., CT (2007 Ford Focus)

"Very noisy car. OK for short trips but not very comfortable on the road for tall drivers."

RICK L., OR (2007 Ford Focus)

"Somewhat noisy on heavily worn asphalt roads. Otherwise, a comfortable, well handling car"

R D., NY (2007 Ford Focus)

"I do find that the air conditioning doesn't cool the car enough for me when it gets above 80 outside. I'm told the system is working fine, but I'm not satisfied with the cooling unless I put it on Max air."

JUDITH K., IL (2007 Ford Focus)

"it's like driving a tin can on wheels. Lots of road noise. The ride is not overly bumpy, but this version of the Focus is stripped down, no insulation, so it's very noisy."

CAROL B., OR (2007 Ford Focus)

"Drivers seat adjusts to support my lower back. This is essential as I have had back surgery."

LOIS O., WI (2007 Ford Focus)

"Seats are made cheap."

ALSTON H., NY (2007 Ford Focus)

"Seat design is blocky and not the nice contoured seat I'm accustomed to in our past Focus purchases. The ride is a little choppy at highway speeds and doesn't feel as sure-footed as I would expect."

GREG L., ON (2007 Ford Focus)

"Engine vibrates."

GARY R., TX (2007 Ford Focus)

"The dash and overhead storage rattles."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Ford Focus)

"I have back problems so original seat is terrible Unable to drive for more than an hour with it Replaced it with a Recaro seat now can drive 4 to 5 hours.This is something that would be valuable to me in a review"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Ford Focus)

"I would say that if it has a fault, it is the engine and road noise."

Anonymous, GA (2007 Ford Focus)

"There are two problems with this Focus that affect comfort & safety. The DEFROST system is horrible. With certain weather conditions it absolutely will not defog the windshield. Scary at times. The other problem is just an annoyance: engine & road noise is very loud, especially on a long trip. I like the performance & handling of the vehicle very much."

RAYMOND B., GA (2007 Ford Focus)

"In the whole the focus is a good drive to work car. The biggest issue is road noise."

KEITH C., GA (2007 Ford Focus)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"My Focus "fits" me, it's easy to get in and out of, easy to drive, since it's a station wagon, I have good visibility all around, it responds well to sudden acceleration or to braking whichever is needed, it gets good gas mileage. Even if I could afford a new car, I wouldn't consider parting with my Focus."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Ford Focus)

"bought car new with a strong Ford discount. The car has been very reliable with few repairs other than brakes, tires, and an alternator."

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Ford Focus)

"We bought this car to teach the kids how to drive a stick-shift. They beat the xxxx out of it, but we got it for a good price and it"s easy for me to work on."

Scott P., CT (2007 Ford Focus)

"This car has given me good service for what I paid for it. It had a few problems but any car would with that amount of mileage."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Ford Focus)

"The only things I have had to do with the Focus is buy new tires and finally a new battery after 11 years. Had to replace electric window opener twice, once with Ford parts and 6 months laater with after market which still works after 5 years."

William L., VA (2007 Ford Focus)

"It is a station wagon--one of the last ones made. It is now our truck, and has more than paid for itself."

Donald F., OH (2007 Ford Focus)

"The focus is an inexpensive car that has given me good service with very few problems for 10 years."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Ford Focus)

"Excellent ride and handling, good acceleration, good. Argo capacity especially with rear seats folded"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Ford Focus)

"The car was very loaded for the model year it came out."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Ford Focus)

"Reasonably priced for a small wagon with good cargo space.Good gas mileage."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Ford Focus)

"The S model Focus has been very reliable. There aren't very many luxury features and the seats are a little uncomfortable. However, the car is very dependable, inexpensive, fuel efficient, and has good handling."

Anonymous, IN (2007 Ford Focus)

"Extremely good value for the money."

Anonymous, ON (2007 Ford Focus)

"I bought this car used for a no frills commuter car, it meets that definition perfectly."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Ford Focus)

"Good basic transportation for the price"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Ford Focus)

"has been a very reliable vehicle, good mileage, and dependable."

TIM K., TN (2007 Ford Focus)

"The Focus is a great cargo hauler. It holds nearly as much as my previous Sable wagon. I only wish Ford had kept making a Focus station wagon."

FRED Z., MD (2007 Ford Focus)

"Great value because of the features, driving experience and price"

L G., NJ (2007 Ford Focus)


PAMELA B., TX (2007 Ford Focus)

"One of the least expensive cars available - it has been an excellent value! Not much for style or prestige, but an excellent vehicle for what we need."

JAY R., AZ (2007 Ford Focus)

"Just in the past year it's been starting to have problems. I bought it in 2009 and put over 120,000 miles on it since I bought it."

ROBERT H., PA (2007 Ford Focus)

"In the almost 8 years I have owned this vehicle I only once needed something other than routine service. It's by far the best care I have ever owned"

KATHLEEN C., MI (2007 Ford Focus)

"I got what I expected from a Ford Focus... I've had one before that did better than I expected, so I'm hoping this one will last a few years before it disintegrates beneath my butt."

CAROL B., OR (2007 Ford Focus)

"Good for local traveling and good gas miles"

GEORGE R., MA (2007 Ford Focus)

"My wife wanted a yellow car. We searched a 200 mile radius and found this one, but had little bargaining power. So we ended up paying too much, and got too little for our trade."

DOUGLAS S., WI (2007 Ford Focus)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"LOVE the styling of my Focus. It is a 3-door hatchback / coupe. Simple, clean straight lines that I love. I also LOVE the roominess of the interior of this 3-door hatchback. With the back seats flat I can haul a bunch of 8 ft. long wood 2x4's, 2x6's, even up to 2x12's & STILl CLOSE THE HATCH. It is incredible how much I can get into this car & still drive with it tight to the weather. I may keep this car forever!"

RAYMOND B., GA (2007 Ford Focus)

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