A freshening didn't hide the fact this was a nine-year-old design. Once our top-rated small car, this version rated only midpack. It retained some of its agile handling, plus the composed ride and roomy interior. But fit and finish and noise remained weak points. Further, there was no longer a telescoping steering wheel, or assist handles to aid access. Braking distances got longer.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Even after 70 thousand miles the car is rock solid and handles that way. The steering is tight and very responsive and acceleration is very good for a 4 cylinder engine."

Dennis F., PA (2009 Ford Focus)

"Great value"

Allen K., OH (2009 Ford Focus)

"When I accelerate with the air conditioning is on, the car jerks significantly. This did not always happen so I assume the problem is with the AC system."

Joseph D., WI (2009 Ford Focus)

"It's a manual transmission and it's fairly responsive."

Anonymous, VA (2009 Ford Focus)

"Accelerates very well on highway."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Ford Focus)

"MPG excellent. Handles as expected. Acceleration adequate and performance as expected."

Anonymous, NM (2009 Ford Focus)

"Terrible handling in bad weather."

Anonymous, PA (2009 Ford Focus)

"Stick shift, quick off the line, handles well for an economy car."

KEN C., OR (2009 Ford Focus)

"Handling is responsive, acceleration more than adequate, love the manual transmission. Overall, like driving a small sports car."

Anonymous, MI (2009 Ford Focus)

"I enjoy the economy (gas) and it handles nicely. Nice acceleration for a 4 cylinder vehicle - like it."

Anonymous, OH (2009 Ford Focus)

"It has no get up and go!"

Anonymous, SD (2009 Ford Focus)

"Car handles very well. Acceleration with the automatic is just OK"

GUY V., ON (2009 Ford Focus)

"Fuel economy"

GENE B., IL (2009 Ford Focus)

"This car is fabulous!!! I've not had any PROBLEMS IN THE 6 YEARS i'VE OWNED IT. Nor do I expect to have any in the near future either. I take it to the Ford Co. every year and so far all is and has been well.taken care of. No big deal problems ever!!!"

JEANNETTE V., FL (2009 Ford Focus)

"Pretty good acceleration for a 4 banger. And great mileage. Handling is ok probably could use better sway bars. Firm ride"

RALPH M., NJ (2009 Ford Focus)

"crisp acceleration both on highway and in city; excellent handling on high speed curvy roads"

Anonymous, AZ (2009 Ford Focus)

"Good acceleration and sharp handling. It's a smooth ride on most any surface."

Anonymous, MO (2009 Ford Focus)

"Oh my gosh, it shakes so much it feels like the car was ready to stall while waiting at a traffic light. I had to replace the radiator, pumps and hoses, it was very costly."

Mary G., MI (2009 Ford Focus)

"Enjoy the peppy responsive nature of this car. Handles well for a smaller car."

Anonymous, SK (2009 Ford Focus)

"Plenty of get up and go when I need it."

H K., CA (2009 Ford Focus)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats fit female owner, not so good for husband. Noisy at interstate speeds. Intermittent slight shimmy at 70 mph. Very basic auto; nothing fancy, so noise and ride about as expected in a "cheapo" model."

Anonymous, NM (2009 Ford Focus)

"Cramped seating 3 or more. Lotsa road noise! Hard ride - especially front suspension "bang" over small obstacles. ITS STILL FUN 2 DRIVE!"

James L., NV (2009 Ford Focus)

"Stiff and noisy ride. Not a comfortable car to drive more than an hour. Not easy to find comfortable driving position."

Anonymous, WV (2009 Ford Focus)

"Seats are narrow for a bigger person, but great for my spouse. The ride can be classified as smooth ride, although it is somewhat noisy on the highway."

Thomas W., AZ (2009 Ford Focus)

"mouse entered through fire wall, died and smell came in the car heating and air conditioner system. very poor design. done with fords ! poor suspension, paint very thin coating, scratches very easy."

Frank B., PA (2009 Ford Focus)

"Not very comfortable. Ride is just OK, there is some road noise, and seats are rather cramped."

Charles J., IL (2009 Ford Focus)

"It's a little noisy on the highway, but overall the seats are comfortable and the ride is generally smooth."

Anonymous, VA (2009 Ford Focus)

"Controls are handy and ergonomic. Well laid-out. Simple to operate without distraction."

KEN S., NY (2009 Ford Focus)

"- A/C & heat work very well - Seats comfortable and easy to adjust - Car handles very well - interior is noisy - low profile tires (Focus SES) transmit a lot of road noise"

GUY V., ON (2009 Ford Focus)

"Way too small, 10 year old grandkids find it uncomfortable, not enough leg room, vibrates when driving at times, annoying, way overpriced from Titus ford, bought it in 2013 for 19,000.00"

MAUREEN M., WA (2009 Ford Focus)

"Lot of road noise"

Anonymous, TX (2009 Ford Focus)

"The seat are so uncomfortable and the steering wheel doesn't go down much at all. And it so cramped there no room for anyone on the backseat."

Anonymous, TN (2009 Ford Focus)

"No heated seats and they sit too low."

Anonymous, SD (2009 Ford Focus)

"First it's fun to drive. Cabin noise and rattles a bit much."

JAMES L., NV (2009 Ford Focus)

"For the use we make of this vehicle in terms of MPG and its ability to provide more transportability than my other vehicle we are very satisfied with it."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Ford Focus)

"Much more comfortable than I thought it would be. Have done several cross country trips and it's been just great."

H K., CA (2009 Ford Focus)

"On a score of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I would rate the comfort st 8,"

James K., FL (2009 Ford Focus)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"No place to put change and wish it would have come with a navigation screen."

Brigitte S., ID (2009 Ford Focus)

"After nine years, it is still running dependably. We got more than our money's worth."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Ford Focus)

"My needs are simple and the Focus is simple. And the price was reasonable."

Joseph D., WI (2009 Ford Focus)

"Brought it under the Obama administration's cash 4 clunkers program and was able to negotiate a good purchase price and the car has been solid so far not a single major problem."

Dennis F., PA (2009 Ford Focus)

"209k miles and still runs fine"

Anonymous, NY (2009 Ford Focus)

"Fuel economy and reliability"

Allen K., OH (2009 Ford Focus)

"The fuel economy and no major mechanical problems"

GENE B., IL (2009 Ford Focus)


JAMES P., CA (2009 Ford Focus)

"Good gas mileage; easy to accelerate onto the freeway."

Anonymous, MI (2009 Ford Focus)

"Lifetime brakes, lifetime air filter, no fuel filter, great gas mileage, great ride, NO problems of any kind (nothing needing to be fixed)"

JUDY W., AR (2009 Ford Focus)

"It is a low priced, high value vehicle that I Am planning on buying again."

GARY G., CA (2009 Ford Focus)

"We have had no mechanical problems for the entire 7 years. We just replaced the front brakes this spring."

Anonymous, ON (2009 Ford Focus)

"Nice looking white exterior, grey leather seats in excellent condition -- I am the only driver using it for the most part, so front and back seats are like new to this day. Car runs very well. It is parked in our garage so winter is not harsh on the motor. Mileage is great. I am short, so this little care is just great for me!"

Anonymous, WI (2009 Ford Focus)

"this car was a great value. Ford had more than one cash back deal at the time and it convinced me to buy the car"

JERRY M., KY (2009 Ford Focus)

"Inexpensive to buy and own. Other than usual maintenance, oil, tires, & etc., I've had no issues. Good gas mileage."

Anonymous, MO (2009 Ford Focus)

"It's my second Ford Focus (first one had 230,000 miles on it). It's been virtually trouble free other than the usual things that wear out. My next car will most likely be a Ford Focus."

Anonymous, DE (2009 Ford Focus)

"overall, a great little sedan. excellent driver seat position /adjustment makes it a comfortable ride. reasonable mileage and reliable."

Cory K., MB (2009 Ford Focus)

"The little Focus was a lot of car for the size/money. Great dependable vehicle for everyday driving to work and home. It has nearly 200,000 miles on it now and has never given me a problem and is still a dependable little car."

Anonymous, MI (2009 Ford Focus)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I think Ford was going through cash problems at the time and I appreciate the fact that they did not take a government bail out the materials on the interior suffered."

JERRY M., KY (2009 Ford Focus)

"We still really like look! It't fun to drive,"

JAMES L., NV (2009 Ford Focus)

Would you buy this car again?

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