Sporty handling, relatively low noise, and a well-done interior make the Focus feel more like a small sports sedan than a humdrum compact. Though not blazingly fast, the Focus does get good fuel economy. Several flaws keep it from being one of our top-rated small cars, though. The most irksome of those is the PowerShift automatic transmission, which stumbles at low speeds.
There are 7 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"This car has been a nightmare since after six months of owning it. It jerks upon shifting from gear to gear, at stop signs upon acceleration, and when driving at times, it will jerk. I have had the transmission rebuilt, several new clutches put in which seem to work only for a short while, and then the jerking begins again. I do like how the car looks but I wouldn't buy a Ford again."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Ford Focus)

"ni comment"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Ford Focus)

"Transmission had issues which affected acceleration"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Ford Focus)

"This car has 5 speed transmission which makes for good acceleration. It also makes it fun to drive."

Don R., AR (2012 Ford Focus)

"Hesitates in acceleration"

William B., IN (2012 Ford Focus)

"Acceleration is slow and dangerously irratic when the air conditioner is on. This alone would keep me from buying another Ford. I’m going back to Honda."

Mark R., PA (2012 Ford Focus)

"At only 53K miles, the electric power steering system recently failed, resulting in a total loss of power steering. The dealer diagnosed the problem as an internal electronic failure in the Steering Gear Assembly which had to be replaced at a cost of $2,441. It appears to me this steering system was engineered about as well as the dual clutch transmission in this car."

Beth K., NC (2012 Ford Focus)

"Love the pep in this (5 speed manual) and cornering is great."

Paul K., FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Handling is excellent as is breaking quickly especially in panic stops. Better than the RAV4. It has bigger front rotors and is a smaller vehicle. Ride is quite good also for a smaller car. It has quite a compliant suspension. It has good power but you can't get full benefit from it at lower speeds due to hesitation in shifting from its double clutch transmission."

Peter P., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"Erratic at times but does a goodjob."

Patrick D., PA (2012 Ford Focus)

"good winter car"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Ford Focus)

"Once Ford replaced the poor clutch that that was placed in the Focus originally it runs like a fine oiled machine. Acceleration is good hen I need it to be but just in running about town it performs well! Handling is tight and responsive with an adaquate feel of the road."

Kenneth W., AL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Accelerating is weak."

James T., SC (2012 Ford Focus)

"Acceleration is quite good for a 4-cyl vehicle. I like the CVT transmission which contributes to better mileage, and the ability to manually select gears."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"good acceleration for a car of this size."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Ford Focus)

"Transmission problems ( which come and go) take( unfortunately) the fun out of driving this car. This will not be a rep[eat purchase when the car gives up the ghost. Ford should have replaced the twin-clutch for a more functional and reliable automatic transmission."

E S., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"With the manual it accelerates as well as you want it to. Steering feel is good and accurate. Handling is tight and it corners very well."

Anonymous, AB (2012 Ford Focus)

"Acceleration, slipping clutch or transmission."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Focus)

"handles corners well fun to drive"

Anonymous, AB (2012 Ford Focus)

"the automatic transmission sometimes shudders"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Ford Focus)

"it is a sporty car with good handling."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Concern over transmission issues that were under recall and eventually has been dealt with but somewhat reluctantly. Took number of visits plus is seems to recur. Problem is sluggish response at times."

Anonymous, OR (2012 Ford Focus)

"Handling is great, easy to maneuver. Accelerates quickly, brakes fast."

Gainer J., FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Bad. It feels like fuel is being slowly sent to the engine, causing very slow acceleration. This is not good, especially for entering freeway on-ramps or passing vehicles. Good: Handling is excellent. Good control of vehicle. Turning radius should be tighter."

Steven B., CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"The motor is underpowered for mountain or hilly driving. The good thing about an underpowered motor though is that you get anywhere from 25 mpg city, to 35 highway. Handling is on the more solid sporty side."

Gordon S., MI (2012 Ford Focus)

"When switching gears, the automatic transmission, does not alway do this smoothly. At times it stales or catches."

Anonymous, NC (2012 Ford Focus)

"I just love this car. I like the size. The braking system is excellent. I have had only one problem with the transmission in the beginning, which Ford fixed, and have had no problems since. This car has been trouble free for the most part."

Anonymous, AL (2012 Ford Focus)

"The ongoing hiccups with the transmission."

James R., MI (2012 Ford Focus)

"Acceleration is terrible in this car. It's a pain accelerating from rest. And if you are starting on a slope, every car behind you switches to the adjacent lane to overtake you."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Ford Focus)

"It's fine on the highway, but I have never enjoyed it felt comfortable with the handling on a curvy road. Just lacks the feel of the road."

Alan M., NC (2012 Ford Focus)

"My problem is it's handeling in winter with snow and ice, I had an accident winter before last, there was a little packed down snow on a slightly downhill grade. Could not get car to stop. There were others on that down hill grade and they could stop, I could not stop. My tires were said to be ok for all weather. Had a problem several more time. Now this occurs while being careful and not going fast at all and always tech has told me that the tires are ok"

BETTY S., OH (2012 Ford Focus)

"This is possibly the worst car we have ever owned. The transmission is horrible. The car had a full clutch replacement at less than a year old and it only solved things briefly before t got right back to lurching, slipping and grinding. Most recently, the transmission completely failed while I was doing 65mph on the highway. We are now stuck with a car with very low trade in value and one we wouldn't dare sell in a private sale."

Anonymous, ME (2012 Ford Focus)

"Very peppy, outstanding fuel economy and fun to drive."

DALE W., NS (2012 Ford Focus)

"I wish transmission was smoother when starting from a dead stop. Sometimes it feels there is a delay when pulling away from a stop light or stop sign. It kind of makes your head snap back slightly."

JOHN L., IL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Wish it had better torque at lower rpm."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Ford Focus)

"The gas mileage is remarkable in mixed driving but the actual driving experience is not good due to the slipping/hesitating/rough transmission. It's had the clutches replaced a while back but is still not good--not all the time, but it is impossible to drive smoothy from a standing start much of the time. The ONLY reason we continue to own the car is that we have a 6-year, 100,000 mile warranty--when the 6 years are up--it will be traded. We currently have about 65000 miles on it.l"

J M., FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Bad: what every one knows. Acceleration from rest is horrible."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Ford Focus)

"nice steering,ok acceleration"

Anonymous, BC (2012 Ford Focus)

"Acceleration is excellent. There was a time when it was terrible but a recall corrected the issue. At the time it was not a smooth ride rather felt like it was a manual shift through gears but we had an automatic"

Anonymous, DE (2012 Ford Focus)

"The Ford Focus and Fiesta of about that model year c. 2012 have had issues with their transmissions -- there is a class-action suit. My own experience with it is that sometimes it is a little hard to shift into gear, and it has a weird stuttering hesitation."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"handling is very good, but at high speeds I would have to down shift to pass ( 70-80 MPH)"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Ford Focus)

"Have owned many German cars and the handling, ride, steering, brakes are very similar to those cars. Very solid chassis. Firm brakes . Excellent cornering. Very good acceleration from four cylinder engine."

DOUGLAS D., WI (2012 Ford Focus)

"This one point would keep me from buying another Focus. When the A/C is on and you are accelerating from a stop the A/C puts a horrible drag on the engine. This isn't just annoying, it's dangerous. When you're pulling out into traffic and expect a certain level of acceleration to happen but the engine almost stalls and you barley move because of A/C drag it's a serious problem. My 1981 Accord figured out how to get rid of A/C drag. Come on Ford, it's been 35 years, get with the program."

MARK R., PA (2012 Ford Focus)

"The transmission shifting is very poor -- sometimes rough, sometimes slow, sometimes uncertain."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Focus)

"Pleasure to drive. Audio system is excellent"

RICHARD M., NY (2012 Ford Focus)

"Inconsistent acceleration"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Goes fast with electric motor."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Great handling good acceleration from 2litre Engine with 5 speed manual transmission"

RICHARD S., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"The car is solid and stable at speed."

ROGER S., BC (2012 Ford Focus)

"This car is used for in town driving and has low mileage. It is adequate for the purpose purchased but not enough to test a variety of uses"

Anonymous, SK (2012 Ford Focus)

"very sporty handling and driving with stick shift"

ROBERT H., NJ (2012 Ford Focus)

"The Focus is a fun car to drive. In fact this has been the most fun car to drive since I gave up my '61 Porsche."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Transmission jerks at lower gear and up hills. Not smooth shifting at low speed."

SCOTT M., GA (2012 Ford Focus)


MIHAILO D., OH (2012 Ford Focus)

"it is very satisfying."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Ford failed MISERABLY with their attempt at a dual-clutch transmission. Even after all their attempts at fixing it and recalling it... it's still miserable. Doesn't shift as fast as it should. The programming is awful. This is ultimately why I will never buy another one."

CHARLIE L., AZ (2012 Ford Focus)

"Very good acceleration and very responsive handling."

Anonymous, MB (2012 Ford Focus)

"Steering seems a bit sloppy at times and loose in in the front. Roads have caused alignment issues a few times now, so it's possible the excess wear and tear of the roads around here causing the main problem."

CHIP S., OH (2012 Ford Focus)

"It was one of the best driving cars in its class. The transmission is not fully baked, but Ford has extended the warranties in the control module and clutches. I do not understand how Ford did not issue a recall for the transmission control module since the primary symptom of it failing is the transmission failing to engage, which can happen suddenly in traffic."

Anonymous, SC (2012 Ford Focus)

"Handles very well for a front wheel drive vehicle. Acceleration is great for a 37mpg vehicle, especially when transmission is in sports mode. Bad, transmission at low speeds is not smooth as should be"

GREG G., VA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Very nimble, feel complete control of vehicle unlike other larger cars I drive from time to time."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Ford Focus)

"The transmission continues to have problems. Ford cannot seem to fix the problem."

CYDNIE P., FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Excellent handling and braking. Transmission is the only problem area."

Anonymous, MO (2012 Ford Focus)

"Hesitant shifting; acceleration is rough."

MARK H., IL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Jerky shifting between gears. Because I am short, when I make a left hand turn, the L side view mirror blocks 50% of my view. Poor design of front undercarriage. It sits low to the ground. If it barely touches a curb when parking, the front undercarriage catches on to it, and then rips out when I shift to reverse. Extremely annoying and expensive design flaw. This has happened to 3 drivers in our family and at least twice to myself. Excellent highway gas milage."

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Ford Focus)

"Handling is very good in the Focus, but it is let down by that weird automated-manual gearbox Ford opted for. I've recently driven a manual version of mine and the difference was stark IMHO."

MOHANNAD H., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"Handles like its on rails around corners, excellent brakes. Disappointed about automatic dual clutch being problematic"

GARY H., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"Poorly designed transmission. It has been in for repair 3 times in 6 months. It is starting to act sluggish and it is slipping again. When it goes again I will be asking Ford to buy it back"

Anonymous, SC (2012 Ford Focus)

"The car drives good ,but the suspension is very weak and bottoms out on bad roads that a lot of other cars ride well on."

STEVEN S., MA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Handling and driving are average."

LEWIS L., GA (2012 Ford Focus)

"fun to drive due to handling and acceleration"

GARY D., MD (2012 Ford Focus)

"Better then good both acceleration & handling. Still good fuel MPG"

Theodore C., CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Handles like a sports car. Is easy to drive and park. The acceleration and transmission leave much to be desired!"

T F., WI (2012 Ford Focus)

"The car handles and accelerates very good. The transmission is jumpy at very low speeds (parking lot)."

Dean J., MN (2012 Ford Focus)

"Its fun to drive with the manual transmission."

Ron B., TX (2012 Ford Focus)

"Standard transmission adapting to automatic shifts roughly. Very distracting and feels like it is going to quit."

Kenneth K., GA (2012 Ford Focus)

"This car has a lot of spunk and handles very good."

Anita M., TN (2012 Ford Focus)

"Because I intentionally bought a Focus with a manual transmission and the basic Sync system I have not experienced any of the difficulties others have with the dual-clutch automated manual transmission or the Sync touch screen. It has the sports handling option and, therefore, performs like a proper sports sedan. With over 100k miles it has been one of the most reliable and affordable-to-maintain cars I've owned."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"acceleration good standard transmission comfortable to use"

Paul S., NL (2012 Ford Focus)

"The milage and the looks."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Focus)

"I'm amazed at the power this little car has given the fantastic gas mileage. When you stomp on the gas to pass, it really does get up and go."

Chris B., OR (2012 Ford Focus)

"Drives well except for transmission hesitation when starting up from a light."

Matthias H., FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Sports car handling. Very good acceleration given the relatively small engine."

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Ford Focus)

"The Focus has great handling and okay acceleration."

Eric S., TX (2012 Ford Focus)

"The Ford Focus has very good acceleration and handling. It is a stick shift so I think that helps with the acceleration."

Sharon G., NJ (2012 Ford Focus)

"Constant chattering problem with the transmission. Has had 4 computer updates and hardware relacement but, still a problem."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Ford Focus)

"Transmission is a miss on this vehicle, after several updates, still is sub-par"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Excellent handling , steering , ride quality is better then expected ."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Focus)

"Very good handling. good acceleration."

Anonymous, AB (2012 Ford Focus)

"Low to the ground with a low center of gravity; very quick turning response."

Mark H., IL (2012 Ford Focus)

"This Focus, I thought, was an automatic with an option to go manual on the transmission shifting. It is not. It is a manual transmission that has some "brain" component that allows it to learn your acceleration patterns and then automatically shift for you through the gears. If you wish, you can take it into a Sport drive, which is totally manual. It was so confusing at first! I can drive both ways, but I could not understand what was happening, why it was shifting in weird ways and not giving m..."

Joyce L., VA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Acceleration is good but would be better at low speed with a manual or conventional automatic. Handling is very sporty and steering very responsive."

Peter P., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"As this is an EV acceleration is GREAT. Best thing about it."

K C., MA (2012 Ford Focus)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"This car is very comfortable on long trips, the seats can be adjusted to suit the individual drivers, there is some road noise"

Anonymous, NM (2012 Ford Focus)

"I looked at 3 cars before buying this car, based on price and safety. My next item was comfort. This was the car with the most comfortable seats. I got a sore back just driving the other 2 for just a few miles."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Handles well both in city and on highway. Is reasonably peppy. Seats comfortable blind sports."

Anonymous, OR (2012 Ford Focus)

"As car is aging, getting some rattles and wind/road noise. I expected this to happen. Handling is still tight and good performance."

Paul K., FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Seating and space"

Anonymous, WA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Not that comfortable for long drives, 2+ hours."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"The Focus is extremely uncomfortable, particularly for long drives. I need to bring extra cushions for the seats. It is also a very shaky ride, while makes it less comfortable."

Anonymous, NC (2012 Ford Focus)

"Very high level of road noise. As the vehicle has gotten older, the number of rattles and such has increased substantially."

Seeley K., CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"I get a lot of road noise."

Helen B., FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"For a small car, there is lots of head and leg room in the front seat. I’m 6’6‿ and with the seat all the way back I fit well. Seats themselves are also very comfortable and supportive."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Drives very nice but the low-profile tires make a noise that is a little annoying. Will replace with better tires when the current ones need replacing."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"The seats are comfy for myself and my family (2 kids in carseats)! Not too soft, not too firm (and easily cleaned). There's not a lot of road noise, so kiddos can talk to us, and us them. The ride is smooth."

Bonnie W., MI (2012 Ford Focus)

"Very quiet ride. The front seats are comfortable, even after driving for long distances. The ride is smooth."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Seats are very comfortable"

Anonymous, OR (2012 Ford Focus)

"Harsh ride. This car was designed for the perfect European roads. Would be OK in California but unpleasant in the Northeast."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Ford Focus)

"same as last question."

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Ford Focus)

"I is smooth and QUIET! I am disappointed the dashboard on the passenger side juts out needlessly into my knee space and forces me to move my seat back robbing the backseat passenger of valuable leg room."

Don D., NE (2012 Ford Focus)

"Seats could use more padding. Otherwise nice leather/stitching. Wish the power seats had more range of adjustments."

William B., MI (2012 Ford Focus)

"The seats are comfortable for long drives if your a smaller person. The vehicle is quite noisy. The ride is a solid sporty type of feel."

Gordon S., MI (2012 Ford Focus)

"Seats are too low for me."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Solid ride and feel with a highway noise level where you can easily converse in a low voice. The seats are average."

Mark R., PA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Seats offer good support, thighs, back and headrest adjustment are great. Noise is not suppressed enough, mainly road noise. Ride is firm and responsive"

Kenneth W., AL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Air Conditioning very weak."

WILLIAM B., IN (2012 Ford Focus)

"Very uncomfortable for a petite frame. I cannot reach middle console, seats are very difficult to get in and out of, I experience back pain from driving even short distances because the seats are designed for a larger, wider frame."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Ford Focus)

"There is considerable amount of driving noise. It would be better if there was more insulation to reduce road noise."

Anonymous, WI (2012 Ford Focus)

"Everything is great but it's small and feels tight inside"

MARC B., NE (2012 Ford Focus)

"Seats very uncomfortable and head rests keep head flexed forward."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Ford Focus)

"The ride has gotten a little rougher. Maybe me. I've gotten older and not as comfortable in car as I use to be.Their seat belts are not positioned for SHORT PEOPLE! I have the choice: use seat belt as is and it comes across the middle of my neck. VERY BOTHERSOME. OR, use a clip to loosen shoulder belt which also automatically loosens lap belt. Either way, I'm in danger every time I get in the car."

SHERYN M., TX (2012 Ford Focus)

"Tight fi.t for long legged people. Sometime hard to get in and out of car"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Hard to get into and exit. Learning curve required Wore out seals on driver door Get nice ride on smooth pavement. But lots of notice on rough surfaces Basic ride good once you get on road"

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Ford Focus)

"The tires are "low profile"and when driving on rough pavement, there is a lot of road noise despite my having put "low noise" tires (Yokohama YK580) on the car. I understand that all low profile tired vehicles will have this problem. On smooth pavement there is almost no road noise at all."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Lowest fan speed should be slower. Seats and driving position very comfortable. Climate controls are simple rotary dials! Terrific!"

RICHARD S., CT (2012 Ford Focus)

"Excellent ride comfort, great hvac system and super quiet! No squeaks even after 4 years - i love the car, only wish it had a greater range."

KEVIN I., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"Seats cause massive back issues. I tested with young drivers and they experienced the same pain driving in those seats"

MARTIN L., CT (2012 Ford Focus)

"Fairly significant road noise."

DOUGLAS R., MO (2012 Ford Focus)

"Ride is terrible about 65 mph but luckily my teenager doesn't need to go that fast most of the time. Great car for too long around town"

Anonymous, DE (2012 Ford Focus)

"The cruise and radio volume controls on the steering wheel are opposite of the 2015 Fiesta and occasionally when I try to speed up or slow down I only have the radio get louder or softer with no change in speed."

ROY C., IL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Quiet well handling car"

DOREN P., CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"A very noisy car, sound insulation is totally unacceptable."

GLEN D., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"Good room Ride is comfortable and noise is good"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Ford Focus)

"The leather seats look good, but are too uncomfortable on trips! Also, the back seat leg room is inadequate."

DAVID S., MA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Absolutely solid ride that's absorbent with little body lean that remains controlled in all normal driving conditions. Very solid feel for a small car."

MARK R., PA (2012 Ford Focus)

"The car was purchased for my 6 ft 3 in. son. I'm much shorter. The car has just the basics and not automated seat adjustments. It's a pain for me to drive. This car was part of Ford's recall for transmission and software problems."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Needs more leg room"

Anonymous, AR (2012 Ford Focus)

"It is hard to get out of because it is lower to the ground and the seats are also low. It would be nice to have a blower in the back seat for the passengers. Also, better sun visors that adjust better."

CATHERINE K., TX (2012 Ford Focus)

"Overall driving experience, seating,handling, exceleration and ride quality are the best I have ever experienced."

DONALD T., MI (2012 Ford Focus)


FRED E., FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"a/c can be intermittant"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"The wind noise in this car is excessive. I've been in work trucks that were quieter. I'm not sure where exactly the noise is coming from but I find it annoying."

Anonymous, MS (2012 Ford Focus)

"I love pretty much everything about this car. My only complaint is that with the windows open there is a loud whistle which I think is from the mirrors. Otherwise, I love my car!"

SHERRIE N., MA (2012 Ford Focus)

"very noisy on highway."

Anonymous, AL (2012 Ford Focus)

"The headrests on the seats in the front are not very adjustable or flexible and also do not appear to be designed for comfort. They are at an odd forward angle and very firm."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Very low to the ground"

Lisa S., NY (2012 Ford Focus)

"It is quiet, comfortable and easy to be in for long trips."

T F., WI (2012 Ford Focus)

"Seats are very comfortable. Road noise is pronounced, and can be distracting and wearisome over long trips. Handling is excellent."

Matthew S., NC (2012 Ford Focus)

"Noise is the big problem. My wife wants a quieter car. Otherwise I like this car. Its fun to drive with the manual transmission."

Ron B., TX (2012 Ford Focus)

"Hard ride."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Focus)

"I am 6'1" and it is difficult getting in and out of drivers seat. everything else is very good"

Matthias H., FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"power is good, comfortable, econimical"

Paul S., NL (2012 Ford Focus)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Good MPG. Looks good. Good handling, but rough ride. If you want to drive sporty the dual-clutch transmission is fun."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Ford Focus)

"The mileage I get (35 in town and as much as 45 MPG on the road) is superior to what I expected and I calculate I save a lot of money compared to almost any other fuel only car"

Jim M., OR (2012 Ford Focus)

"The car is fun to drive and handles well but the issues with the twin-clutch transmission have been the biggest drawback ( we are on the third clutch) ."

E S., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"It does everything I need, it's easy to clean, the hatchback means we have TONS of room to haul things."

Bonnie W., MI (2012 Ford Focus)

"Ok value but had difficulty with transmission. many repairs on dual clutch automatic"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Ford Focus)

"Plastic parts of the interior are not made to hold up to florida heat."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Focus)

"Good mileage"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Ford Focus)

"Basics to drive to work and the occasional long trips made this car an excellent choice."

Stephen J., MO (2012 Ford Focus)

"Back in 2011, I said it forward or general motors did come out with a small car that had quality features, was quiet, and comfortable I would buy it. In 2012 ford introduce their new European version of the Ford focus. It meant all those requirements I was seeking in a smaller car. My car is magnetic gray and has a black and white leather interior that just pops. It has many of the features that my wife’s Lincoln has; pretty impressive for a 2012 vehicle. I feel that I got what I wanted and paid a price that made this car a real value. I still drive the car today and it feels like a little sports car. I love it!"

Sammy M., NC (2012 Ford Focus)

"no comment"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Ford Focus)

"Excellent gas mileage, good mechanical reliability, adequate seating comfort, good handling on interstates and in town, very poor in Sync information system that has to be manually reset several times a week."

John L., NM (2012 Ford Focus)

"Except for the transmission get value."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Ford Focus)

"On long highway trips we get typically get 35 to 40 MPG and around town we get 30 to 35 MPG. So we are very pleased with this level on gas mileage."

Anonymous, NM (2012 Ford Focus)

"Pricing was very good for the features we got.( SEL model) It was employee pricing at the time."

Peter P., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"I think that the gas mileage should be higher considering that most of the driving is on a highway. There are too many blind spots in this car. The car is too low to the ground."

Anonymous, ME (2012 Ford Focus)

"I love the styling, I love the driving without burning gas. Very reliable vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Great handling fun to drive solid body structure variety of option packages to choose from well designed interior hatchback body style very practical. Received excellent service from Ottawa Ford dealer Campbell Ford."

RICHARD S., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"I've primarily owned Hondas throughout because they afforded value in what they included, for the price. But when I purchased the 2012 Ford Focus complete with Bluetooth and SYNC technology, coupled with 37 mpg freeway in an economy car I was sold, and since then have never been disappointed."

JON S., CA (2012 Ford Focus)

"I feel I jut got an o.k. Deal, but I like the car."

ROBERT G., OR (2012 Ford Focus)

"Lot of car for the money"

JEFFREY W., OR (2012 Ford Focus)

"no major problems and paid for the car at a low price"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Ford Focus)

"The purchase price was low even though the car is an SEL with all the options; the gas mileage is great."

STEPHEN K., IN (2012 Ford Focus)

"adequate transportation in comfort - point A to point B"

DAN S., OH (2012 Ford Focus)

"It is an electric vehicle originally priced at $40k which cost $13k after coming off a 3 year lease with around 13k miles on it! Very good value for money if you can live with the range restrictions of an EV (60 to 80 miles depending on temperature)."

PETER V., RI (2012 Ford Focus)

"Very well equipped with driving assistance technology, Handles well."

EDDIE C., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"For what is on the car I think that I got a good value for what I paid."

SCOTT H., CT (2012 Ford Focus)

"Great fuel mileage. Transmission clutches replaced twice. Depreciates quickly..doesn't hold value."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Ford Focus)

"Great price"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Ford Focus)

"It was advertised to get 40 MPG highway and it has actually gotten over 42 MPG. Every unusual problem (not many) has been covered by warranty, even one when the car was over 100,000 miles"

JIM M., OR (2012 Ford Focus)

"When comparing cars, usually they are talked about in terms of MSRP. However, we got our Focus at a great price on a model year end clearance that was well below MSRP. It's been a great value to buy the Focus new compared to the used cars we were also looking at. It's also been a great value because Ford extended the warranty on the known transmission problems with our model that covered the needed repairs for no cost to us."

MARSHALL N., CO (2012 Ford Focus)

"Ride is not comfortable but the gas milaeis great"

Anonymous, DE (2012 Ford Focus)

"good value, purchased during employee pricing deal. Decent ride for a small car. More compliant than my Rav4. Excellent handling.Dual Dry clutch transmission jerky at low speeds. Mileage good . We have found it very reliable."

Peter P., ON (2012 Ford Focus)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Nice look but rides very low. Problem with a piece on the front getting damaged easily"

Anonymous, WI (2012 Ford Focus)

"I fell in love with the color. I noticed it when I first drove up to buy a car. Drove an escape and an escort. Not the rides were too rough. My dad went with me and said that yellow car right there is pretty. I said "ok, lets test drive". We did and the ride was much smoother. I have had so many compliments on the color of my car. At the gas stations, drive thru clerks. I still get compliments after 5 years and yellow is now seen everywhere. I have NOT SEEN another yellow 2012 Focus sedan on the"

SHERYN M., TX (2012 Ford Focus)

"I like the smooth style it has. It is the right size for me."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Focus)

"This is a sharp looking car! And the look has held up well."

DAVID S., MA (2012 Ford Focus)

"One of the best looking vehicles in this segment. Even a base model doesn't look "entry level". Also one of the models that look way better as a hatchback than as a sedan"

CHARLIE L., AZ (2012 Ford Focus)

"looks sporty"

Anonymous, BC (2012 Ford Focus)

"I think the overall look is great. Sporty and clean lines."

ROBERT W., KY (2012 Ford Focus)


MIHAILO D., OH (2012 Ford Focus)

"Great style"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Ford Focus)

"It just looks very stylish with the front end slightly lower than the rear."

JIM M., OR (2012 Ford Focus)

"The car looks really good compared to normal cars. It has a unique look and feel. Its just too small for a second set of seats."

FIRAS J., VA (2012 Ford Focus)

"It's not a scream in your face clean driving ev unlike the leaf or i3. It's a normal looking car."

KEVIN I., ON (2012 Ford Focus)

"I love the look of this car and frequently receive compliments"

Anonymous, IA (2012 Ford Focus)

"Hatchback set the bar for many others"

HARRY S., MD (2012 Ford Focus)

Would you buy this car again?

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