The Fusion ranks among the better family sedans of its time. The 2010 update is extensive and rectifies the road noise and turning circle shortcomings of the original car. The V6 engine is still responsive and gets good fuel economy. Ride and handling remain competent and stability control is now standard. Interior fit and finish has improved. Rear-seat room is acceptable but falls a bit short compared with the competition.
There are 10 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say


WALTER L., SC (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Very nice highway car. Handles very well, comfortable. Nice cruiser for long drives."

CHARLIE W., NS (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Precise handling, great acceleration."

BRADLEY F., MN (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Excellent acceleration when needed, effortless."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Ford Fusion)


MARY S., PA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Somewhat sporty, but comfortable and quiet after six years 155k miles."

PHIL D., FL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"handling very good, accelleration on highway at expense of fuel economy"

Anonymous, ON (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Good acceleration."

Anonymous, FL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"V6 power and sport tuned suspension"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"This car stalls/loses power at highway speeds, sometimes in heavy traffic and on interstates. Very dangerous. Ford cannot diagnose the cause of or the solution to this problem. ."

WILLIAM B., SC (2010 Ford Fusion)

"I have the sport model and acceleration and handling has been outstanding."

JOHN D., IL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Handles well on highway."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Great road feel, is a pleasure to drive, carves turns precisely, and I sometimes drive it 700 miles in a day arriving with no aches. 31 mpg cruising at or over 75. 4 cyl. Zero oil consumption between changes."

P C., NY (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Great acceleration."

Anonymous, OK (2010 Ford Fusion)

"same comments as other Fusion"

Anonymous, AB (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Acceleration is a little slow from stop but is very good thereafter"

Anonymous, MB (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The transmission doesn't always engage when 'D' is selected."

Anonymous, WI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Relatively slow acceleration for a V6, perhaps because related to AWD"

BRIAN K., WA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"love standard transmission"

Anonymous, ME (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Does not coast -- engine brake always on. Fuel mileage is terrible."

ANN B., FL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Acceleration is rapid and strong; vehicle has the V-6 rated at about 300 HP. Handling is always safe and secure."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Within the past month, the power steering failed twice. Then I took it to the dealer and an independent shop. Both said that the power steering rack needed to be replaced. The model years subsequent to 2010 were recalled but mine was not. I complained to the dealer but received no response. I paid $1800 for the repair. I don't know why Ford doesn't cover repairs for the 2010 since they cover the newer cars."

CARLA S., VA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Everything about the car is great except it is VERY hard to see traffic beside and behind. My Bronco has wonderful visibility. In the Fusion I am always amazed when I don't get hit changing lanes."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Entire dash kept going out, transmission went out the day after the warranty expired, Bendix kept slipping, windshield wiper fluid hose snapped off, trunk hinges shifted and gas tank has a hole in it."

FREDERICK S., MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"poor back window vision, especially when backing up in a parking lot."

Anonymous, MA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The car has great balance with the batteries in the back compensating for the weight of the engine. It handles well through corners and is fun to drive."

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Ford Fusion)

"I enjoy driving this car. We do mostly highway driving and can go long distances in comfort."

R L., AB (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Very good handling. Acceleration is so-so, but it is a four cylinder, which is to be somewhat accepted."

DENNIS W., VA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Power steering froze and Fod Dealer said it was related to tire air pressure or maybe something more serious. Not happy with service experience"

PATRICIA C., VA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The Fusion rides and drives like a more expensive European sports sedan."

BRENT A., VA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The Fusion handles like a sport sedan. With the V-6 and AWD, it has gotten us out of some dangerous situations--such as truck tires exploding ahead at highway speed."

JAMES M., ON (2010 Ford Fusion)

"the 3.0L engine, coupled with the 6 speed automatic & AWD provides a very enjoyable driving experience. It lives up to it's 2010 Car of the Year award. It is also GREAT in the snow!"

ANTHONY L., NH (2010 Ford Fusion)

"All the comforts of a big car and I get 42 mpg! Why doesn'the everyone drive a hybrid?"

DONALD L., VT (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Very satisfied with acceleration awd and handling in snow or muddy conditions and rainy days when roads are slippery"

D D., BC (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Excellent handling and performance, quiet, comfortable ride, awesome acceleration."

R B., GA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Rides Nice, Handles well"

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Accelerating quickly requires a firm stomp on the accelerator and the car seems to strain noisily when acceleration speed is demanded of it"

PAUL A., OH (2010 Ford Fusion)

"acceleration & handling exactly what one wants from a larger engine and sport model"

Anonymous, NY (2010 Ford Fusion)

"acceleration/ power very good with 1.5 and FWD. don't understand your critisisum"

Charles L., MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Very responsive when the accelerator is pressed down."

Anonymous, TN (2010 Ford Fusion)

"While my husband indicated that I just needed a 'grocery getter' car, I wanted one where I could pass folks on the road who were driving distracted to avoid the accidents in their futures. The Fusion is a nice little old lady car, but allows me to accelerate quickly when needed. Sometimes I still want to drive like a smart ass teenager."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Larger engine in the Sport. Model gives spirited performance. Also, wide tires and low CG provides great handling on curves."

Anonymous, OH (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The gas/electric Hybrid has very good acceleration and power, much stronger than a 4 but not as strong a s a good 6 while getting 36-40 mpg. The handling on a Fusion is one of it's strongest traits. Firm, planted, smooth on highways and mountain roads."

Robert P., DE (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Fun car to drive. Great acceleration and handling. Corners well at all speeds."

Joseph C., CT (2010 Ford Fusion)

"This is the sport model. Handling and acceleration is very old."

Anonymous, BC (2010 Ford Fusion)

"My wife did not want a four cylinder engine car, but when she accelerated getting on the freeway, she was surprised how the electric engine assisted the pickup better than she expected. The parking also is easier with the rear camera and vehicle detector that warns you if there is a car in your "blind" spots including backing out of your driveway."

Paula V., TX (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The gas millage is very good for a 3.5 liter car and the acceleration when entering from an on ramp is very good."

James D., IL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Accelerates quickly, handles like a sports car should"

D B., PA (2010 Ford Fusion)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"This car is somewhat difficult to get in and out of and the seats are not very comfortable."

Anonymous, AB (2010 Ford Fusion)

"good ride & AC workes very well"

BILL C., NC (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Seats to small. Uncomfortable Driver seat bad blind spots for shoulder checking."

Anonymous, SK (2010 Ford Fusion)

"All good for price"

Anonymous, ON (2010 Ford Fusion)

"climate control/general instrument panel layout poor too complicated difficult for older eyes to adjust or set. tiny lights lettering. noise quite good for this class car."

J P., MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Leather heater seats are great and very comfortable"

JAMES K., PA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"seats exceptionally comfortable , ride very good, climate control very good"

Anonymous, ON (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The tire noise is very high for the sport version - The tires for the sport version are also hard to find (I blew one in a pot hole) and much more expensive that for the normal version). The rear mirror fell off from the windshield during a hot spell."

L S., WA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"seats are hard---climate control stopped working--not quite on the road"

ROBERT H., TX (2010 Ford Fusion)

"I suspect the Sync problems are partly related to flaws with Bluetooth transmissions and with Cell Phone Tower locations"

LARRY D., TX (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Headrests are terrible !! tipped too far forward -because I am short they tilt my head forward if I do not put the seat in recline--Just terrible design"

Anonymous, ME (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Comfortable but small. Very quiet-quieter after 155k miles than many new luxury cars."

PHIL D., FL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"It's the most comfortable car I've ever driven"

Anonymous, OK (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Do not like heather seats: hot in summer cold in winter but support and adjustability are excellent . Cold down rear seats are wonderful: easy to do and allows 10 foot long cargo with rear hatch still closed."

STAN G., OH (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Nice seats. Good highway ride"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"II do not find the seats comfortable at all and it is hard to get out of this car. My wife, however, loves the vehicle. Although she had only 20,000 miles on the car, it was out of warranty and a $1600 steering part failed. I was disappointed in that."

R C., IL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Sits too low and door openings are too low on top. I bump my head frequently."

FRED S., OK (2010 Ford Fusion)

"I find the seating in this car extremely comfortable. The front has heated buckets with lumbar support. The best."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Ford Fusion)

"It is a little noisy"

Anonymous, CT (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The driver's side seat is not full power. The passenger seat is totally manual. I think that's a little cheap."

DENNIS W., VA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Quiet smooth ride"

KIM B., MN (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The power adjustable seats on the SEL trim line are the best we have ever had in a car"

JAMES M., ON (2010 Ford Fusion)

"with the exception of the nose when you increase the speed it's great !"

WALTER L., SC (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Comfortable seats. AC blows directly in my face, very nice ride and handling. Fuel consumption is satisfactory."

CHARLIE W., NS (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The Fusion is quiet on the road, and front seats are incredibly comfortable."

ADAM N., MD (2010 Ford Fusion)


Anonymous, GA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The heat does not blowout evenly - it will not blow out on the floor no matter what is selected resulting in cold feet."

Anonymous, WI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Passenger seat has no memory function, no garage door remote and Nav system is not as easy to use as my BMW. Also being tall could use more headroom."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The ride is very rough on bumpy roads and somewhat effects the steering. I am short and the steering wheel is only about 6 to 7 inches from my chest. Disable air bag? Chance injury from proximity to the bag? Neither choice seems to make sense."

CHARLES M., MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"AC system began working intermittently after 4 years and required a $400 part replacement. Was not fixed correctly the first time."

EUGENE L., MO (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Noisy fan. When window/s are down the thumping wind noise is annoying. AC literally freezes on hot days on long trips and stops working until the ice melts."

RONALD F., MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"I didn't truly know how bad the ride was until I bought a new truck. Maybe the truck is just a better design in this area, but I don't get carsick in the truck even when reading over long distances. That's without medication. Neither do my kids. But we all can get sick just sitting in the car relaxing. It's irritating because if we don't take the RV the car's better gas milage should make it our go-to for distance traveling."

Verlie M., IL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Great seats smooth ride."

Tom G., IL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"As secondary driver in this car, I find it a bit cramped getting into and out of it but I'm accustomed to driving an SUV."

Dan Z., IA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Great ride & handles well."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Seat are okay, but on long trips the seats become uncomfortable. Noisy, AC works good but there is an air leak in the driver's window."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Ford Fusion)

"We never had heated seats in any previous vehicle. Now, all of our future vehicles must have this feature."

Dwight W., SK (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Comfortable ride, not much road noise. Worst part is the passenger sest sits so low, hard to get out of,"

Anonymous, MO (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Seats are comfortable, even the bench seat in the back. Road noise is a bit greater that the 2016 SE model we also own. Still it is a very fine road car at its age, leaving us pretty well rested on arrival at our destination."

Charles S., MS (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Road noise could be better"

Anonymous, IL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Hybrid cloth seats are very comfortable even during long drives. without reason the fabric on the side of the seat away from any seam tore and had to be sewn back together. Very quite inside. The Fusion provides a ride that is firm (not harsh) and comfortable that you would feel in sports sedans that translates into fabulous handling."

Robert P., DE (2010 Ford Fusion)

"comfortable seating, quiet ride"

Anonymous, NY (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Lags a bit under load before downshifting which causes minor but annoyinng symothetic vibration."

Gary C., MD (2010 Ford Fusion)

"not enough leg room if you are tall, The headroom also suffers if the car is equipped with a sunroof."

Anonymous, IN (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Engine, 4 cyl., noise annoying. Thumping sound that emanates from right front over washboard roads is very annoying. Complete strut assembly was replaced, but problem still exists. Dealer unable to identify problem...may be stabilizer link, but uncertain."

Jack G., NY (2010 Ford Fusion)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"excellent gas mileage and handles very well ."

LEROY W., AZ (2010 Ford Fusion)

"160,000 miles, I only do normal maintenance. Only problems I have had is a collapsed brake hose on a front caliper and a bad throttle body sensor."

MARK W., PA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"This vehicle has good looks and has been a pleasure to drive as it rides and handles like a more expensive model and has been trouble free"

Anonymous, MN (2010 Ford Fusion)

"This was a good value for the forward looking features available at the time such as Blind Spot monitoring and rear view camera. The Sync system is also very good at voice recognition and working with the latest versions of Bluetooth connectivity."

JAMES T., MD (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The price in 2010 was very attractive coupled with the purchase terms."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Quiet assured driving, with reasonable fuel economy and handsfree phone, etc. for my daughter to use."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"I calculate my cost per mile including original price and all maintenance expenses at tax time. This February my per mile cost is at 24 cents which is well below what the government allows as a deduction."

BRUCE B., KS (2010 Ford Fusion)

"For cost, we like theI leave, comfort and room in the fusion. The day after purchase, we moved 300p miles. After dropping the back seats, we put in 2 large, 2 carry-on suitcases,a pile of clothes, and ice chest and a couple of boxes of stuff. The ride across country was fine."

DAVID B., AZ (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Initially I thought Ford hit a home run with the Fusion. I have less than 66,000 miles on it and have had more things go wrong with it than any other vehicle I've ever owned. I would not buy this car again knowing what I now know. Bad transmission, Leaked, shifts rough, or doesn't want to shift until warmed up, erratic acceleration when passing. It bogs.AC quits working on long distance trips.It literally freezes with ice coating it. Rear traffic warning quit and does not beep. Premature wear on"

RONALD F., MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"I probably could have purchased a more satisfying car for the money I paid for this car, but we were in a hurry to replace our previous car."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Much better performance and reliability than comparable models of GM or Chrysler vehicles in 2009 Car has been extremely reliable only issues have been low profile tires are more susceptible to damage than conventional profile tires"

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"I really like my Fusion, but it's sad to realize the level of depreciation of this fine car! I'd probably buy a year-old one in the future and get a better value."

RANDALL O., WA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"This car rides and handles like a much more expensive sports sedan. Mine is the base four-cylinder, so acceleration is less than exciting, but the car corners and handles beautifully. The sound system can produce music from fm & am radio, Sirius XM, CDs and MP3 sources. Bluetooth connectivity adds another level of value to the overall package."

Anonymous, LA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Car looks like new.. Runs well and is a great car.. Maintain this car by the book."

JAMES S., MN (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Same comments as the other 2010 Fusion Sport - we bought two of these cars within four months we were so impressed."

Anonymous, AB (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Very few repair problems."

SANDRA S., MA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"regular maintenance costs and some odds/ends costs - but very low maintenance costs overall for 248,000 miles"

GREG P., WI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"i got if for my daughter, in good shape, clean, drives well. Very good price from a private party. Price was my main consideration in purchasing this car."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"This was Ford's "make or break" auto; things were going bad for them in the mid-2000s. They poured all their technology and updating into the 2010 (which actually came out in 2009, which is when I bought it) Fusion, and it showed. Things came standard that used to be costly add-ons, and the price was bargain basement. A sweet car for pennies."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Best car I have ever owned.....a good deal for the buck"

JOHN H., WI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The vehicle was exceptional value. Best car we have ever owned."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Ford Fusion)

"I purchased the fusion in 2009 and with no problems mechanically I am still keeping it. Great price ..great value"

DONALD B., MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Fine for the price. But needs better comfort seats and driving"

Anonymous, CT (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Fair value, styling is good. Poor quality from a mechanical view."

Robert M., TX (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Has been a reliable, low maintenance vehicle that has provided the transportation I've needed and wanted."

Anonymous, GA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"It's ok. Just ok."

Matthew H., PA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Was best value amooung cmpeting brands."

Gary C., MD (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Seatbelt recall makes it hazardous to take front seat passenger. Over a year with no prospect of a repair date"

F M., FL (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The mechanical factors(engine, transmission,brakes,etc) have been very satisfying."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"This car really delivers and you really receive a pleasant driving experience for the money"

Anonymous, IN (2010 Ford Fusion)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The outer sporty appearance when hub caps and additional add on are added."

HENRYBILL W., TX (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Got what I wanted."

BILL C., NC (2010 Ford Fusion)

"It's a sharp looking car and the bright blue color draws attention. We get lots of comments on it."

Anonymous, IA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Air bag cover is separating from the dash pad. All one piece, but edge is separating showing foam interior."

LARRY Y., OH (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Car looks good rides nice"

Anonymous, MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Love the looks of the car"

KIM B., MN (2010 Ford Fusion)

"The Fusion appears to be moving when just parked. Especially like the 'waterfall' front grill. Noise is bit much when driving; vehicle has performance tires (Sport Model)."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Ford Fusion)

"Has moon roof with spoiler. Styling is good but from a mechanical standpoint a disappointment. Three recalls that I know of."

ROBERT M., TX (2010 Ford Fusion)

"I think it is a stylish looking car. Also a very attractive interior."

R L., AB (2010 Ford Fusion)

"I still get compliments on the looks (silver w/chrome) and I also think it looks great !"

DONALD B., MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

"a classic that doesn't go out of style"

LARRY K., CA (2010 Ford Fusion)

"good passenger space and egress visibility trunk space function over fashion in most cases."

J P., MI (2010 Ford Fusion)

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