The Fusion ranks among the better family sedans of its time. The 2010 update is extensive and rectifies the road noise and turning circle shortcomings of the original car. The V6 engine is still responsive and gets good fuel economy. Ride and handling remain competent and stability control is now standard. Interior fit and finish has improved. Rear-seat room is acceptable but falls a bit short compared with the competition.
There are 6 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say


BARBARA K., KS (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Everything about it stands out. Can't say anything bad about it. Had a problem two week after I got it was just a bad computer Dealer fixed it no problem again LOVE IT"

BARBARA B., OH (2011 Ford Fusion)

"I think the 2011 Fusion (leather seats, V6) compares favorably to the best midsize sedans that I've had experience with such as a similarly configured 2015 Toyota Camry."

DOUG T., MI (2011 Ford Fusion)

"City driving gas mileage is very poor +20 mpg Imperial"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Has good acceleration from 3.5 L V-6. This is the Sport model and handles great."

GORDON H., PA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"The acceleration is surprisingly good for a small 4 cylinder car. The hybrid electric motor provides instant torque for passing and merging from on ramps."

PAT F., AL (2011 Ford Fusion)

"This car handles very well and provides me with adequate gas mileage and comfort for the long distance driving that I do. It has also been very reliable."

LUIS S., AR (2011 Ford Fusion)

"ALL wheel drive 3.0 litre v6 engine 6 speed auto select shift transmission even fully loaded 4 passengers a trunk full of golf clubs and luggage the vehicle handles like it is glued to the road, exccelation is amazing. Proves you do not have to spend above $35,000. to get performance and reliability."

Anonymous, BC (2011 Ford Fusion)

"The handling is excellent for this size car. The acceleration when merging is adequate once you adjust to the brief lag at the outset."

KENNETH S., PA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"A little underpowered. However, when I bought the car in 2011 I found it had adequate power. Compared to newer Fusion models I've had the opportunity to drive, it does not have the same acceleration."

Anonymous, IN (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Good feel for the road- control."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"great acceleration and nice ride..Had some recalls but they were taken care of right away"

HOWARD W., NY (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Only real problem with sport model was steering takes too much effort at lower speeds"

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Ford Fusion)

"God for local use."

Anonymous, AL (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Very good on gas Comfortable"

GUY P., ON (2011 Ford Fusion)

"The automatic transmission has strange shift points. We had a factory update performed, at our expense, to try to smooth out the shifting. The update improved the shifting but it still seems to be less smooth than the other vehicles we've owned."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Acceleration with 4 cyl engine is marginal"

Anonymous, NY (2011 Ford Fusion)

"The 2011 drive is not as smooth or peppy as the 2010 Ford Fusion. Is it because the 2011 is an SE while the 2010 is an SEL."

Anonymous, MI (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Great gas mileage get about 30 in town & can get 40 on highway at 55 mph. Rides great but must watch your speed because it doesnt seem to be going that fast on the highway."

John L., KY (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Ride and handling are like much more expensive German car."

William A., TX (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Great acceleration for passing"

Jerry P., WI (2011 Ford Fusion)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The passenger seat is not as comfortable as the driver seat."

Anonymous, NC (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Smaller car than my old Taurus but a much better seating configuration and much better mileage."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Quietest car I have owned"

RON N., NS (2011 Ford Fusion)

"At a height of 5'11' and a weight of 180 lbs my head hits the car ceiling. There is no comfortable position where my head clears the ceiling and at the same time where I can comfortably reach the pedals. I am forced to recline the seat to fit in the car."

LINDA H., NC (2011 Ford Fusion)

"The heating system is excellent, and now that theAC system is repaired, it operates fine. The right side and the left side rear view mirrors should be larger. Too many BLIND SPOTS."

JOHN D., MA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"This car is very quiet and the ride is exceptional. I would compare the handling to that of a BMW. The seats are very comfortable on even long trips."

PAT F., AL (2011 Ford Fusion)

"One complaint is roof line makes it hard to enter and exit car."

MARK S., OH (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Auto climate falls a little short on the air conditioning side"

Anonymous, WI (2011 Ford Fusion)


GREGORY W., IN (2011 Ford Fusion)

"I like the seating and comfort of the car and the suspension. The car has been very reliable . However , I would not purchase the current model based on the Ford Mondeo . As a service technician and automotive instructor , I have never been impressed with the reliabillity of European cars ."

GABRIEL V., ON (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Seats are well padded and are easy to be seated in"

Anonymous, OR (2011 Ford Fusion)

"The air vents do not move enough to optimize flow direction of heating/ air conditioning. Heating/cooling could be better"

Anonymous, IL (2011 Ford Fusion)

"The Fusion is a very comfortable drivers car. Not so much for the passenger as the the seat is only a 4 way. Why do vehicle manufacturers seem to ignore passenger comfort. It is quiet and pleasant car to take on trips. The automatic climate control works well."

PHIL L., AB (2011 Ford Fusion)

"My wife and daughter complain about the head rest. I have no complaint. They are shorter than I."

HARRY K., NE (2011 Ford Fusion)

"I recently had a chance to drive a rental Toyota Camry, and I think my Fusion compares favorably overall in comfort."

DOUG T., MI (2011 Ford Fusion)

"This is my wife's car and I only drive it to the car wash and the gas station because the seats are too low, not enough room in the foot well for my size 13 shoes, the brake pedal is too small, some controls are too low on the center to read with bifocals. Wife say's the same thing about the low controls, other then that she likes the car. If our son wants the Ford we will get another Mazda. The auto climate control is a pain....."

Anonymous, OH (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Bought basic model, would have gotten phone, climate control, upgraded seats. OK ride comfort. Mainly too small."

CARY S., CA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Entry and egress difficult for my wife and me (seniors)"

TUBMAN S., SK (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Placement of climate control buttons are too low for satety sake especially at night., If I had noticed this at purchase time I would not have bought."

BOB P., AB (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Great suspension starring and manual transmission makes it fun to drive."

William A., TX (2011 Ford Fusion)


Philip M., NC (2011 Ford Fusion)

"The car is low to the ground, As such when going over a road with a slight dip ( maybe to allow rain to flow off the road, the 2015 fusion scrapes bottom on the front when other cars 2011 fusion( would not."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Ford Fusion)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Bought from a rental car company, and had some problems when shortly after er purchased. Was still under warranty, and local Ford corrected them. Has been great since with no problems."

GORDON H., PA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Better value than competitors"

Anonymous, OR (2011 Ford Fusion)

"The 2011 Ford Fusion was purchased used from Hertz car rental on a rent-to-buy basis. That was October 2012, when it had 41,000 miles on it. The price was fair, the condition good. My reasoning was that at least I could be certain the oil had been changed."

Anonymous, CT (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Great ride, sporty but handles the bumps."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Ford Fusion)

"A really fun car to drive and very efficient in every way."

WILLIAM A., TX (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Good value for the money I paid."

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Ford Fusion)

"very economical and comfortable for around town car."

Anonymous, AL (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Minimal maintenance and affordable. Worth getting this vehicle again."

RANDY Y., MI (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Negotiated a price of $35000 when the car was values at around $42000. I have not had any major mechanical issues with the car. In fact, the only major purchase I have made is for really good tires. Otherwise, the car has performed perfectly, been very comfortable and reliable to drive and I've received many positive comments from passengers."

Anonymous, MI (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Plan on trading it for another Ford Fusion later this year, we love this car"

BARBARA K., KS (2011 Ford Fusion)

"I researched it through Consumer Reports, got a fixed price, found the exact car at the dealer, and it was the most pleasant buying experience I ever had."

JUDY S., WA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Had to have the coil springs replaced at just passed 50,000 miles. My mechanic, who I trust and has taken care of our vehicles for years, said it's ridiculous that they would need replaced that soon. He said Ford has used substandard steel in those springs for a long time. Also, not a big fan of the auto-dimming rear view mirror. It's unnecessary."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Not only does it provide excellent fuel economy, it is a very quiet and comfortable car to drive. The maintenance cost of this car has been much less than what I experienced with my Volkswagens."

C S., PA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Is it the best mid-size sedan. No, but it was one of the best in 2011 when we bought it, and it was highly rated by consumer reports with excellent reliability. And we got it for an amazing end-of-model year price. Normally I opt for used over new cars but this price was so attractive that we bought even though we had been shopping only for used. So it's been a bargain, very reliable, comfortable, with decent gas mileage and power."

Anonymous, WI (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Good value"

Philip M., NC (2011 Ford Fusion)

"The Fusion is a great all around vehicle. I get great gas mileage, it has a big trunk and I can fit three people in the back."

John S., OH (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Well below price offered in area"

Anonymous, OR (2011 Ford Fusion)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Great styling and good mileage"

HOWARD W., NY (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Poor visibility sluggish when accelerating with AC on very low to ground for tall people like myself"

STEPHEN T., NY (2011 Ford Fusion)


DIANA R., OH (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Love the front Grill and rear end styling. Doesn't look Japanese."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"As good as a Honda Accord with a lower price."

Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford Fusion)

"Love the color -- candy apple red with black interior. Very cool!"

Anonymous, VA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"The styling is better than most European cars in this class."

JOHN D., MA (2011 Ford Fusion)

"I love the seat upholstery. Reminds me of my old BMW 5 series"

Anonymous, NY (2011 Ford Fusion)

"This car is beautiful not only does it look good, it drives well very good take off. Quiet comfortable. In all the years I've had cars. This one is my favorite. I will hold on to it as long as I can. If I live long enough, after all I am 79. LOVE IT"

BARBARA B., OH (2011 Ford Fusion)

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