The Fusion ranks among the better family sedans of its time. The 2010 update is extensive and rectifies the road noise and turning circle shortcomings of the original car. The V6 engine is still responsive and gets good fuel economy. Ride and handling remain competent and stability control is now standard. Interior fit and finish has improved. Rear-seat room is acceptable but falls a bit short compared with the competition.
There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Transmission is somewhat jerky during acceleration."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Handles very well, good acceleration and braking"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Available 6 cyl. allows outstanding acceleration. Apparently no longer available in current models! Handling is very good also, very pleased."

GREGORY H., VA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"I drive it with determined purpose and the car works just fine. Putting better tires on made a Hugh difference. Handling, acceleration,braking were all substantially improved. Old style wipers don't last but work extremely well.The newer style wipers are to expensive and don't work any better."

PHILLIP A., VA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The four cylinder is a little slow to merge into traffic."

JOSEPH J., PA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The car accelerates very well on the highway and handles much better than you would expect for a sedan. My previous car was a chevy impala & it handled like a boat."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Fusion)


Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"When the car is cold, especially with the hills around my house, the 1-2 or 2-3 shift seems to hang. repeated trips to dealers have only reported no errors or "That is normal". I wonder what they will say when the warranty is up?"

LEONARD C., FL (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The acceleration isn't bad for it being a 4 cylinder but it seems to be a bit under powered for my liking"

MATTHEW F., MN (2012 Ford Fusion)

"When taking off from a standstill, on a slight incline, the tires spin without gripping. It is worse if the roads are slick. When the trunk is full and/or the back seat has three adults the vehicle handling and acceleration is much different than when only two people are in the car."

MICHAEL L., MA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Expensive to repair directional lights"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Slow/pokey in early gears, unlike the 2012 model."

SCOTT C., MN (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The 4 cyl engine is a little underpowered for the car with a full load of passengers and a/c on."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Good acceleration from the 3.0 L V6. A resonable compromise between ride and handling."

GARY K., MA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The TurboBoost feature makes the four-cylinder engine "pop" when needing to accelerate to get onto a freeway."

RALPH T., TX (2012 Ford Fusion)

"When you "punch" the accelerator to pass another car or get away from a specific situation, the car often hesitates for a second. Maintenance people say it's normal."

DONNA S., PA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"I very much like driving the car because of the visibility out the windshield and being able to see the front end of the car. Also the lights for blind spot traffic in the side mirrors and good simple graphics for the backup camera provide comfort level in driving. It handles well and is a good ride for road trips."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Not enough pick-up for highway passing"

Anonymous, ON (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Transmission is very slow to pick up."

Anonymous, IN (2012 Ford Fusion)

"acceleration is not what I want at times"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Handles well but engine/transmission somewhat lacking even for a 4 cylinder."

RONALD M., MI (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Everything works and the car drives very smoothly. Dealer refused to honor warranty on a spotted piece of the grill work and a faulty low tire pressure indicator which still is on constantly after four years."

JAMES T., PA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Nice V6 good acceleration and competent handling"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Ford Fusion)

"very responsive handling and excellent acceleration. Better than several cars I test drove"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Sometimes acceleration seems sluggish."

TOM C., FL (2012 Ford Fusion)

"hugs the road well"

Anonymous, WV (2012 Ford Fusion)

"PLUS the six speed trans is a great match with the 4 cyl engine. MINUS Shifting down automatically when going down hill is not gas conserving."

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Good acceleration for a 2.5 L four-cylinder."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Ford Fusion)

"very good acceleration, handling and riding comfort"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Ford Fusion)

"great handling and very quick."

Anonymous, IN (2012 Ford Fusion)

"handlinng and emergency handling are very good. Acceleration is so-so despite the 3.0 L V6 engine"

Anonymous, VA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"My Fusion handles corners like a dream. It's very stable on the road and it excellerates quite well. I feel very safe in my Fusion. It's the best car I have ever owned."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The 6!is smooth and quiet compared to 4"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Handling is exceptional. With the electronic stability control, it does well on icy streets."

William D., CO (2012 Ford Fusion)

"My son loves the quick and sustained acceleration."

Anonymous, IN (2012 Ford Fusion)

"See above"

Kevin O., OH (2012 Ford Fusion)

"A very solid vehicle, I never worry about a trip or the handling while driving. Responds well."

S A., WI (2012 Ford Fusion)

"If I had it to do over, I would sacrifice the fuel efficiency of the 4 cylinder for the acceleration of the 6 cylinder."

Lisa R., NH (2012 Ford Fusion)

"It handles and accelerates like a sports car. And 35 mpg on a trip makes me smile."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Handles well. Nice drive but wish acceleration was better."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Easy to drive with good acceleration and braking"

Anonymous, WA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Fun car to drive. Feels like a sports car. Very good acceleration. MPG not as good as the Camry."

J B., NY (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Fun and easy to drive. Love this car."

Thomas B., TN (2012 Ford Fusion)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Ride and road stability are excellent."

LEWIS E., NJ (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Climate controls and comfort are exemplary. It is very quiet when windows up. Outstanding control with AWD."

CHRISTOPHER T., WA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Overall the ride is comfortable, quiet and the car handles very well. Rear legroom is more than adequate."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"ride and A/C"

ALEC M., FL (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Excellent ride and handling very comfortable on long trips. Gas milage improves drastically on interstate driving. I have registered 36 mpg at 70 MPH."

WILLIAM M., PA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"gas mileage very bad and and controls are hard to use and understand and ford dealer was not helpful; and did not seem to care"

Anonymous, WI (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The front passenger window/door area rattles at freeway speeds. It is an intermittent problem and the cause cannot be determined."

Anonymous, UT (2012 Ford Fusion)

"I wish the dealer told me after the second recall for steering column replacement that i needed an alignment immediately, or that should have been provided immediately. My alignment was way out and now I may need to buy 4 new tires again."

KENNETH E., MA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Head rests push head down extremely far so that it is impossible to drive safely (looking down at chest not out windshield). After having to see a doctor for physical neck problems resulting from this posture and constantly forcing head back, had to remove the head rest so that now there is no safety protection from it."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"I have The passenger seat is not easy to exit from because of the way it slants towards the back. The driver's seat is hard for me to adjust so that I feel comfortable. The headrest on the driver's side seems as tho it is right against my head."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"This car is EXTREMELY comfortable. It is very quiet and rides very well. Climate control is OK; takes a bit to warm up or cool down, but probably not an extensive amount of time."

LYNDA S., NY (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The ride on the highway for this car is excellent, much like how larger sedans ride."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Ford Fusion)

"seats are too narrow. Car is not very comfortable for long trips. Difficult to get in and out of car"

MARY W., NY (2012 Ford Fusion)

"quite, comfort"

Anonymous, TN (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Rattles too much. Climate control occasionally fails, probably due to outside temperature thermometer not updating."

DAVID C., MA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Easiest car to drive I have ever driven. Comfortable, tremendous value, great gas mileage."

DEAN S., VA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"We're mostly satisfied with the Fusion except for the climate control. It is difficult to see and reach the buttons for fan speed, defrost etc."

THOMAS B., MI (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Seats are not comfortable. Road noise is very high. Ride is way too firm, jouncy."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"It is rather noisy on highway driving although not nearly as noisy as the Honda. I wish I could direct the airflow from the vents higher so it could not blow on me and would cool the passengers in the rear seat better."

NANCY F., TX (2012 Ford Fusion)

"If you're 6' or taller, your head is going to be banging on the roof."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Fusion)

"AC vents have limited adjustment availability."

TOM C., FL (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Tire noise is too high"

JAMES A., FL (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The seats are generally good, however the head restraints touch the back of my head (regardless of height) unless I lean the seat back and lean forward. Also, the top of the seat curve forward on the edges pressing on the edges of my shoulders encouraging me to sit in a slouching position, unless I lean the seat back and lean forward."

MICHAEL L., MA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Passenger front seat needs more adjustments. Car body low. Scrapes on curbs"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Seating is very comfortable. Have not had any expense other than normal routine maintenance."

LARRY H., PA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"No problem, but I am a bit overwhelmed with all the electronic sophistication."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Ford Fusion)

"My Fusion has leather seats which concerned me, but I love them. I drive my Fusion back and forth to Florida two times a year over lots of different terrains. It handles very well. I love the dual controls for the heat/ac. Passengers can adjust their own comfort. I love the back up camera!!!!"

Anonymous, WV (2012 Ford Fusion)

"I, the wife, sit in the front passenger seat, and it is so uncomfortable. But my husband was not looking for comfort in that seat when he bought the car. Also the air conditioner is so cold/ No matter where you aim it, it always seems to blow right on you."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Last year for this generation and they got the problems (if any) cleared up. Mine is an SEL 6 cyl and is extremely comfortable and seating spacious for 5. Ride is excellent and I keep getting compliments from any passengers. Individual climate controls, rear camera, warning lights on side mirrors. Steel blue metallic with ginger leather seats top off a beautiful package in my estimation."

MICHAEL B., WA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Seats and ergonomics are perfect for me"

W D., CO (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The front passenger seat headrest will put a short person's chin in their chest. Purchased a factory headrest that was to correct this problem, it DID NOT! Break lights burn-out often. Bulb plug-in is burnt, dealer said that was normal."

EDWARD W., TX (2012 Ford Fusion)

"seats are amazing better than any we have had in any car. noise level is low. ride is very compliant and handling is accurate"

Anonymous, IN (2012 Ford Fusion)


Allan W., PA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The seats are comfortable. The ride is very smooth and it is quiet."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Everything is totally average. This Fusion excels at nothing."

Richard S., IN (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Seats are very good in this car. I hope I can make it last a long time."

William D., CO (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Very solid and comfortable. Great seats and upholstery and as quiet a ride as I have ever had."

S A., WI (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Very smooth ride and good support"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The seats hug you nicely with no pressure points"

Wayne N., MN (2012 Ford Fusion)

"overall, very quiet comfortable drive. After long drives, do not feel fatigued. seats are very comfortable"

Anonymous, VA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Noise, noise, noise! When I left the dealership to drive from Tn to Ca the car was OK. 30 miles later I could not hear the radio because of the road noise. The pavement went from asphalt to concrete and the noise level quadrupled."

J S., CA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Great lumbar support, I have the upgraded interior. Noise is low. Amazing ride and comfort even after 75000 miles"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Very nice ride extremely comfortable"

Anonymous, GA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"My 6' tall son drives this and the head rests fit perfectly. Also my son is longer in the body and my husband is longer in the leg. Both men are able to adjust the fit to easily be comfortable."

Anonymous, IN (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Seats are comfortable and noise level is low."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Ford Fusion)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This is overall a very good car with high end features and provides good value for the performance and comfort"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Ford Fusion)

"I got an amazing deal on my Ford at my local dealer, actually less than what was considered a "great deal" by Consumer Reports and other sources."

LYNDA S., NY (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Purchased via Costco buying plan. Not so impressed with Costco auto buying plan, but the Ford dealership buying experience was unusually pleasant. We also were very skeptical about Ford's index card offering us a couple of thousand dollars in "Ford Private Cash" rebate. Yet, we were pleasantly shocked to learn that this was an instant rebate off the price of this vehicle. We were also surprised at the level of luxury features in this most basic Fusion model!"

GARY B., NY (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Good value for money, but very expensive repair required on Evap purge valve."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Ford Fusion)

"I got a very good deal because I bought at the end of 2012 and a new model was scheduled for 2013."

GARY K., MA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Good value, pre owned"

Anonymous, MD (2012 Ford Fusion)

"A very nice car so far."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Ford Fusion)

"I purchased as a Ford certified previously owned vehicle with only 5,000 miles on the car yet saved about $12,000 off the price with a better warranty that I would've gotten on a new car."

TIMOTHY S., TX (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The price of the car was way below what we expected to pay going to the dealer, and we continue to comment about just how much of a bargain the vehicle was. It certainly adds to our appreciation of everything else about the car."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Fusion)


MICHAEL S., AZ (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Drives great, comfortable, dependable"

Kevin O., OH (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Got the fusion at the end of the 2012 model run so got a great deal on the SEL with all the options. The car has been very dependable and trouble free."

David E., MA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Brand new only $20,400!"

Anonymous, MT (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Purchase price was, in my opinion, incredibly low for the amount of car we got. And car has been very reliable, meaning the total cost of ownership has been quite low."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Ford Fusion)

"There were a number of warranty repairs on this vehicle"

Anonymous, GA (2012 Ford Fusion)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The color is very different and gets many complments"

JOHN R., TX (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Runs well, dependable, fairly good on milage, no problems so far."

DONALD M., FL (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The handling of the car is great. I am happy with style of the car. I get very good gas miles on long trip."

CATHARINE G., NY (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Still love the lines. No issues at all."

CHRISTOPHER T., WA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"Compact comfortable clean looking"

ARLENE C., MA (2012 Ford Fusion)

"The exterior"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Ford Fusion)

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