In a class generally known for bland styling and a lack of driving excitement, the Ford Fusion is like a fresh, charismatic newcomer. But also like some promising and talented celebrities, it has just enough quirks to erode your enthusiasm. The Fusion looks upscale and stylish and handles like a really good European sports sedan. We bought three versions: a top-trim Titanium, a mid-trim SE, and the SE Hybrid.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Considering the engine is only 1.6l, albeit turbocharged, the acceleration and power are very impressive. Even more impressive is the car's handling on twisty hilly valley roads."

DUANE M., MN (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The car has stalled twice now. Everything goes dead. I have to stop, put it in park, and restart the car."

SUSAN F., OK (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The acceleration and throttle response are outstanding - amazing power and smoothness from a four cylinder."

SCHLOTZ J., CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"I originally was looking for a hybrid, but when I experienced the power of the 2 liter turbo, I knew that was a trade off worth making. Handling is better than other makes I've rented, or had rides in..."

DAVID R., AZ (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Easy to drive"

JULIE K., WA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Visibility through rear window is limited"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"This 2.0L I4 GDTI engine is very strong and peppy. Plenty of acceleration from a stop and for when passing. However, from a stop, rapid acceleration has a tendency to pull hard to the right. Not a huge issue if you are actively driving with both hands on the steering wheel. But the first couple of times it happens it can be surprising, so be engaged."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The ENERGI plug in electric has been eye opening how well an all electric power train can work. Most days I use no fuel at all, and pay no penalty in any other aspect of normal driving. The small truck can have moments that its annoying, but thats what we have a small SUV for."

BRIAN D., OR (2013 Ford Fusion)

"For a 2.0 with eco boost it has very quick acceleration, and handles very will in panic situations. And I love the adaptive cruise control"

NORMAN G., CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"I've always driven bigger trucks or SUVs and this car is making me love cars. It handles great and has a TON of power considering it has half the cylinders I'm used to."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Easy handling, great back-up cameras, side sensors and side mirror sensors, especially since there are definitely blind spots when backing out of a spot and when cars are approaching in traffic lanes on each side. Back-up parking sensors and guides on the dash monitor are great easy to use tools."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Fusion)

"car pulls to right on uneven surfaces."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Good acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"field of vision is unsafe. Very hard to see out. I can not park my car without moving back and forth. Impossible when trying to enter an rotary and see on comming cars."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Lots of power coupled with fuel economy"

BRUCE J., NJ (2013 Ford Fusion)

"High performance and low reliability"

Anonymous, LA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Acceleration is a little laggy"

Anonymous, OH (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The acceleration with 2.0l Ecoboost is impressive. It is very quick and nimble for a sedan. The engine is very smooth and the throttle response is excellent."

Schlotz J., CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The turbo charge is great. When you want to accelerate to pass this car will get you there."

Robert G., MI (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Poor mpg 24 combined overall and only adequate power."

Edward R., NV (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Very good acceleration and handling"

Thomas W., MA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"With the 2.0 turbo, the Fusion has great acceleration. There is plenty of power when we need it, but the car still manages to average 27.5 mpg. The car is fun to drive and handles really well."

Michael G., FL (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Quick acceleration is jerky and discomforting - as if the transmission is going to break into pieces."

Michael A., ID (2013 Ford Fusion)

"It rides very smoothly and has a relatively quiet interior. Acceleration is very good and so smooth that you can think you are doing 30-45 mph and look down and find you ate speeding at 60"

Maria O., NC (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Poor acceleration. Hesitates, car does not respond to accelerator. Press hard on accelerator, but the car takes seconds to begin moving faster. It revs the engine, then a second later slams into a lower gear. Very harsh. Break pedal is very sensitive. Hard to make smooth stops at all speeds. Engine randomly turns off soon after putting car in gear."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"sharp steering, flat cornering is terrific"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Ford Fusion)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"No road noise, great handling, good acceleration"

Anonymous, LA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The climate control doesn't seem to work well at all. No matter what temperature I put the controls on, it seems like the AC is always on."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Passanger seat too low. not very quiet when riding too much highway road noise.Car dosen't take bumps in road very well.Gas tank still very noisey you can hear gas surging between full & half."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Seats are not very comfortable over 2 hours at a time. Driver seat also seems to heat up during summer driving."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Ford Fusion)

"It's a great car all around."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Driver seat could be more comfortable, supportive, positioned lower. Steering wheel could have more adjustment"

POVILAS G., IL (2013 Ford Fusion)

"the front seats are a little tight with none support under the knees area. Also gas mileage falls short of what is stated upon the window sticker."

MICHAEL D., GA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The vehicle is very comfotable, however, within the first 18 months, I noticed it was riding rough. Moreover they could have done a better job with the electronic dash. It's not very user friendly and takes several steps to find what you need. Ex., the navigation system. Ford overestimated their mileage for this vehicle and I must say, I was honestly impressed with the way they handled the situation! They refunded me the expected mileage that I wouldn't have gotten! I feel the interior/exterior"

Anonymous, OH (2013 Ford Fusion)

"I'm very short so the power seat is very adaptable and comfortable for my size-5 ft., 100 lbs."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Ford Fusion)

"bucket non driver seat is to low and not electric."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The car sits very low. Getting in & out requires great body contortion."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Well equipped Visability is lacking"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Drivers seat ever comfortable easy to get out of. Passenger seat somewhat comfortable but more difficult to get out of. Rear seats comfortable with good leg room 4 size of car"

GARY W., MO (2013 Ford Fusion)

"bumpy ride, a/c and/or heating noisy."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Seats are fully adjustable and extremely comfortable. Good for a tall person like myself. Car handles like a sport car."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The seats are "large enough" to permit "moving" inm my seat."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Smooth and quiet ride"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Most comfortable ride and seats I have ever owned"

BARRY F., PA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The headrest fits perfectly on my neck allowing me to reduce back strain."

DINO F., CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Our Fusion has very comfortable seats, very responsive steering, very quiet ride and excellent temperature control."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Ford Fusion)

"seats and accelaration"

ROSE P., CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The searing area is somewhat compromised by the console"

TERRENCE B., AB (2013 Ford Fusion)

"They all work very well. No complaints. Even the Ford Synch system works fine for me."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Back seat padding is fairly thin. The road noise in the cabin of this car is very low."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Excellent long distance cruiser. Active noise cancelling nearly eliminates outside noise. the suspension rivals expensive European/Japanese cars. The Navigation system is excellent, and contrary to some reports, is very easy to use."

DAVID R., AZ (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Front passenger seat sits too low."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Seat on passenger side is too low and does not have enough adjustments on se model."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Console sticks out into the drivers leg and foot room. It is okay for a short distance but I start to get claustrophobic after 15 minutes or so. I also find that the A-pillars tend to block my vision at 2 and 10 o'clock"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Has a good ride seats are good"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Quiet, not tiring to drive on long trips and very comfortable."

John M., MI (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The fusion is so comfortable on long drives. The seats are roomy and plush,and there is plenty of leg room front and back. The ride is smooth without being to mushy. I would say the only thing that I really don't care for is the steering wheel controls. They are awkward not very ergonomic. I have the escape with the paddles on the steering wheel. Everything is smooth and flowing with no need to look at what you are doing."

Patrick B., NH (2013 Ford Fusion)

"For a relatively heavy car, the fusion seems to have more window air noise on the passenger side than other similar-sized cars. The dealer has been unable to address this. There have been many minor hardware problems inside the car- clothes hangers, plastic covers, windows not totally closing. The seats are too V-shaped bucket seats, there is no lumbar support, and the headrest is too far forward on the passenger seat. The driver's seat is adjustable with lumbar support so is comfortable wi..."

Anonymous, WI (2013 Ford Fusion)

"the touch screen is cumbersome and distracting while driving"

Anonymous, OH (2013 Ford Fusion)


Anonymous, AB (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Seating is plush but passenger side too low"

G P., NY (2013 Ford Fusion)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This vehicle had much more and was less than similar vehicles of the same year"

GORDON C., MB (2013 Ford Fusion)

"We love the car."

DAVID M., AZ (2013 Ford Fusion)

"I found it was a little on the high side (but was very grateful to get it so quickly after we lost both our cars due to super-storm Sandy) after hearing of the much lower costs a year later. I love the car and all the features except the gas mileage is somewhat higher. Great touring car on the road."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Wish I got more safety options. Needs auto braking"

DOUGLAS A., NC (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Hybrid model that gets outstanding gas mileage. 48.3 mpg on last tank. That is using miles driven divided by gallons used for fill up"

MARK B., IN (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Purchased new for $18,749."

EDWARD R., NV (2013 Ford Fusion)

"I feel the fusion is a much better auto all around than a Taurus and others and look at the price difference"

R L., TN (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Vehicle has not held its value very well."

Anonymous, RI (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Plenty of safety and comfort features that whose value was unexpected at the time of purchase. Automatic high beams should be mandatory. The price point for the Titanium put the Fusion well below the prices asked for a premium midsized car from other brands."

KAREN M., CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Excellent value given the competition. Vehicle is loaded like a luxury car, but was purchased at a much lower price point. Excellent and comfortable commuter vehicle."

Anonymous, ON (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Performance and handling, looks. Best car I ever bought. Feel very safe in this car."

ROBERT S., IL (2013 Ford Fusion)

"I like the auto's style"

Anonymous, IL (2013 Ford Fusion)

"I think the value I got with this vehicle to be pretty high. I haven't had a serious issue with it yet I'm at 220K and have only done the rear breaks and shocks. I have about 40% life left in the original front brakes."

MICHAEL H., ON (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Great all around car for the money. Exceeded my expectations"

MICHELE L., FL (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Great amount of features for the price. Could use 2 more mpg."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Ford Fusion)

"A very nice car for the price."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Very positive experiences"

David D., CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Only averaging 24 mpg for this vehicle, while our AWD Subaru Legacy is averaging 32 mpg. What is going on?"

Edward R., NV (2013 Ford Fusion)

"I bought the base SE model with zero options. even so this car has excellent stereo, power windows doors and lock and keyless entry."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Ford Fusion)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It's one of the best looking cars on the road. Easily looks as good as cars two or three times it's MSRP"

Anonymous, GA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The trunk lid won't go upon trunk release. The trunk is not user friendly almost imposable to clean inside of rear window"

LAURIE S., BC (2013 Ford Fusion)

"This is my wife's car and she loves it. She had been driving the larger Ford Crown Victoria so the adjustment to a smalls car was hard. She especially loved the ginger-ale paint color"

DAVID M., OH (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Looks great"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"My teenage/adult kids hate riding in the back because the seats are low and it feels claustrophobic to them. The A/C for the back also does not work well/at all depending on the day."

Anonymous, UT (2013 Ford Fusion)

"I've noticed that many of the competitive brands have copied the Ford styling, especially the grill."

Anonymous, QC (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Beautiful profile. Black with black ltr interior. Always seem to get nice comments. Wish Ford would offer better wheel selection across all models."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Ford Fusion)

"An attractive car that does not cause the teenage boys to turn their heads. I would prefer a station wagon Fusion which is available in Europe."

JOHN F., PA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Very stylish body shape. It still turns heads and looks great when cleaned up."

JOHN C., WV (2013 Ford Fusion)

"The car looked good coming off the lot after purchase, and continues to get stares to this day. The paint is of high quality and really catches the eye."

KAREN M., CA (2013 Ford Fusion)

"I love that from the front the car scowls at you instead of smiles at you."

DUANE M., MN (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Looks modern"

Anonymous, WI (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Visibility when turning VERY POOR because of the large pillars (?) between windshield and door."

JOHN R., OH (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Styling is all good, would buy another if I had to replace it."

ROBERT S., IL (2013 Ford Fusion)

"Fantastic styling overall"

FRED M., NC (2013 Ford Fusion)

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