In a class generally known for bland styling and a lack of driving excitement, the Ford Fusion is like a fresh, charismatic newcomer. But also like some promising and talented celebrities, it has just enough quirks to erode your enthusiasm. The Fusion looks upscale and stylish and handles like a really good European sports sedan. We bought three versions: a top-trim Titanium, a mid-trim SE, and the SE Hybrid.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very responsive handling and good acceleration."

Sam P., CA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Very good acceleration and the all-wheel drive handles incredibly well."

Anonymous, AB (2014 Ford Fusion)

"adequate acceleration ,very good handling"

Ray G., NS (2014 Ford Fusion)

"It Great with acceleration and handles very well"

Robert K., PA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Acceleration is gods and quite. No pull on wheel"

Charles B., IL (2014 Ford Fusion)

"We love the gas mileage. It is fun to drive, especially back country winding roads! Very peppy getting on the interstate and cruises comfortably after we get on. Even on bumpy roads the sounds and feel of major bumps are muted. its a pleasure to drive."

Michael E., MI (2014 Ford Fusion)

"After 3 years and 37K it still rides and feels good. Acceleration and handling is sporty and with Pirelli tires on it now feels better than the original factory Goodyears"

Nathan S., MI (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The auto transmission pops and jerks when it down shifts. Ford seems to think there is nothing wrong with this."

Linda M., VA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"It is a little slower to pick up speed, but we bought a smaller engine for the economy and lead footed people driving."

Anonymous, AL (2014 Ford Fusion)

"I was amazed at the performance of the 1.5 liter turbo EcoBoost engine. For such a small displacement engine the performance is amazing on a intermediate sized car."

IRA V., NC (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Good - some of the newer safety features.. Bad - Acceleration / Trunk space is terrible."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The acceleration and handling is very good with the 2.0 liter engine. Well worth the extra money"

PATRICK R., NY (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Overall comfort, drivability, road ability and easy for us to drive. Many features."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Fusion)

"this FWD car will get stuck on a level parking lot in wet snow"

BRUCE M., ON (2014 Ford Fusion)

"All wheel drive combined with good winter tires make this car virtually unstoppable in the winter!"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Ford Fusion)

"On a test drive, about a half mile into it, I was hooked. It's no G8 GT, but with AWD, 2L turbo, and the way the car handles, I was sold almost instantly. Considering the price paid, the resale is pretty atrocious. I should have kept my 2013 F150."

JAMISON H., ME (2014 Ford Fusion)


Anonymous, GA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Ecco Boost provides plenty of power and acceleration. Handling is responsive"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Ecoboost engine is great. Economy of a 4 cylinder but "lays rubber" when you press the accelerator to the floor board."

TOBY J., FL (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The best handling automobile since my '71 Camaro. Very enjoyable car to drive. 2.0L has plenty of power. Can't read the info on the dashboard with sunglasses on, however. Constantly flipping them to see. Annoying."

KEITH S., MI (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Engine is very rough and noisy when started up."

GREGG R., IL (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Handling is very good. The engine is the 1.5L turbo and initially lags in acceleration because of the turbo. Otherwise, power and mpg are acceptable."

KEVIN L., CA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The best driving car I've had. The engine (2.0 turbo) is a delight. Because of good steering and excellent engine power, on long trips I'm less tired than with any of the other dozen or so cars I've owned."

J D., TX (2014 Ford Fusion)

"With the 2 liter engine, it is like a rocket. Engine response is excellent. Transmission shifts at the right moment. With the low profile tires, it handles amazingly, much better then any car I have had including my 2000 Ford Mustang. Yet it has a very quiet ride."

TONY D., PA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"It's a great car and super fin to drive. However, the transmission is sometime clunky with a hard shift on occasion."

MICHAEL B., UT (2014 Ford Fusion)

"good power fast acceleration. easy handling."

JOSEPH F., NY (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Very week on hill acceleration. Very solid acceleration between 20 to 40 mph on near level surface."

G S., NY (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Have the 2L turbo which has a lot of get up and go when you need it. Handles like a sports car."

CHARLES W., MI (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Both are acceptable for vehicles in this cost category."

PRIESTS C., AZ (2014 Ford Fusion)

"steering wheel too soft and not very responsive"

DAN V., IN (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The vehicle has good acceleration for a 4 cylinder engine. Vehicle handles well and the back up camera is a good feature for me because I am short"

Anonymous, IN (2014 Ford Fusion)

"very god handling,comfortable ride"

PETER H., ON (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The larger engine in the titanium version with the narrow sidewall tires allow this car to be very fun to drive, with the acceleration and handling being excellent."

JAMES W., NY (2014 Ford Fusion)

"its peppy and more acceleration then what I need but its there if you want it handles like a sports car very nimble and responsive the turbo provides more than enough power"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Decent acceleration with small ecoboost engine"

DALE F., MI (2014 Ford Fusion)

"It handles nicely, the hybrid lacks power but makes up for it in way better MPG. It is a little disconcerting using s drive-by-wire system."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Ford Fusion)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very smooth & quiet ride. Suspension must be well designed"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Passenger seat is too low and can not be raised. Passengers hate it due to low seating"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"excellent leather seating ,very quiet"

Ray G., NS (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Rides not have to turn up radio on expressway,very comfortable even during long trips"

Charles B., IL (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The passenger seat is set low and the seats are not comfortable at all on long road trips."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Smooth ride with quite a lot of road noise in the cab. The seats are comfortable and easy to adjust."

Linda M., VA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"It is very difficult to get in and out of the passenger seat. It’s like your seating in a hole."

P B., NY (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Needs better shocks"

Anonymous, UT (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The seats are very comfortable bucket type seats, the same seats should be in the Escape."

H L., ON (2014 Ford Fusion)

"cannot get comfortable in the seats biggest problem is that the floor is sloped down to such an extent that resting your foot on the floor becomes extremely painful after only a short period of time"

Robert K., PA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"noise is fine, seats are comfortable, 2litre engine performs well"

Anonymous, BC (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Can't get the seatbelt on comfortably. Controls are not well-marked and too close together. Easy to turn the wrong contorl on or off."

TOM H., CA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"sits low. can be hard to get in and out of. I love how far back the drivers seat goes."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Ford Fusion)

"I don't have any controls in passenger seat other than back & forth. It sits way to low, hard to get in and out. Trunk lid opens too low, I hit my head on it often."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Front passenger seat has no control to move the seat up or down. There is a control switch for forward and back."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Right passenger seat vertical adjustment is an option. Without it, it feels like you are sitting in a hole."

BARBARA C., NJ (2014 Ford Fusion)

"It is a little difficult to get into at times."

PATRICK R., NY (2014 Ford Fusion)

"At times it seems difficult to get the right temperature - actually heat in the winter - it does warm up, but you have to keep bumping the temp. up!"

ANITA J., IL (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Ease of getting in and out of the vehicle...could be better"

JOHN G., PA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Cramped is this best way to describe it"

Anonymous, LA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Passenger seat can not be adjusted properly"

Anonymous, CT (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Very comfortable seats very adjustable in the SE also cabin very quiet"

DENISE C., AZ (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Very noisy ride if a window is open. We must open another window to counteract the noisiness and air pressure in the car if one window is open. Uncomfortable to get in and out of"

Anonymous, IN (2014 Ford Fusion)

"can feel the road too much"

Anonymous, WA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Contour, heated, power"

RONALD J., IL (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Seats are not comfortable for long rids over 250 miles for 6 foot driver."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The interior is great all except it's black and dark. I would like to see car companies put lighter interiors in there cars."

MICHAEL B., UT (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The seats are very comfortable both on short and long trips. Dual climate control does an excellent job in automatic setting. Very quiet ride with unbelievable handling."

TONY D., PA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"When the back windows are open there is a strange chattering noise and pressure inside the vehicle"

KERRY A., ON (2014 Ford Fusion)

"This model of the Fusion does not have power seats for the passenger. It can't be raised and is difficult to get out of. My husband is handicapped and it's very hard for him to get out. He looked into getting a power seat and learned it is almost impossible without spending LOTS of money."

Anonymous, KS (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The Fusions driving dynamics are much better than the Avalon. It rides quieter, smoother, and handles much better in every driving situation. The steering feel is better, as are the breaks. The transition from electric to gas propulsion is as good as it gets in a hybrid. Toyota may have invented the hybrid, but Ford has absolutely schooled Toyota on how to build a proper, world class hybrid. It doesn't end here though. The AC cools quicker in the Fusion and the defroster works much faster"

STEVEN W., TX (2014 Ford Fusion)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great features for a very reasonable price. Other vehicles would cost at least $10,000 more for the same features."

Anonymous, AB (2014 Ford Fusion)

"When we bought this one we were looking for something inexpensive but room enough for 4 adults and luggage when traveling. Good sized trunk and reasonable price sold us on this car."

Anonymous, AL (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Fuel economy is very good, interior is very comfortable, style is very pleasing, driving experience is very good."

Anonymous, IN (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Vehicle did not hold it's value, I would have expected to break even at this point but I will lose $3000 at trade."

Anonymous, LA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Economical, good for its size and value. Ford has come a long way recently. Thanks!"

PRIESTS C., AZ (2014 Ford Fusion)

"My wife loves it"

Anonymous, NV (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Considering everything this vehicle had to offer, I believe it provides a great value."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The electronic safety features on the Titanium model Fusion exceed those of my well optioned BMWx for a far lower basic cost."

ROBERT S., NC (2014 Ford Fusion)


KAREN W., TX (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Thought I paid a fair price when I bought the car new. However, the value of the car plummeted at an absurd rate after my purchase. Upon inquiring with multiple dealers about "trading up" (seeking a 4-wheel drive version for the winter months), we found the car had lost approximately 40% of it's value in less than 2 years. Ouch!"

LONNIE A., UT (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Satisfied thus far. The challenge occurs over time."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Outstanding value with better resale value than the Avalon, hybrid or no. ALG is the resale bible and I got my on formation from their website. You have to be careful here. Sure, the Avalon has the best resale value in the large car class and the Fusion does not have the best resale value in the mid size class. However, the midsized class is much more competitive than the large car class."

STEVEN W., TX (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Fusions were in short supply when I purchased this vehicle in the end of 2013 - I actually had to buy a 2014. Today I could purchase the same vehicle for $4000 less"

RICHARD S., AZ (2014 Ford Fusion)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Very good looking car. Ford has really improved the last several years in styling."

IRA V., NC (2014 Ford Fusion)

"One of the best looking vehicles on the road, people often stop me to ask what car it is."

H B., CO (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The under dash console is open on both sides so stuff falls out"

KERRY A., ON (2014 Ford Fusion)

"The visibility between front and side not too good; that is, the beam that separates front window from side window i think is too broad and should be made a bit narrower to improve visibility."

MARY W., NY (2014 Ford Fusion)

"People mistake it for a Mercedes."

TOBY J., FL (2014 Ford Fusion)

"It did win many awards for its styling when it was launched."

GREGORY N., NJ (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Industry leading styling."

SAM P., CA (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Good looking auto. Would suggest a closure on the interior door handles."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Love the looks and especially the styling of the front of the car."

CHARLES W., MI (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Exterior styling is fine though the taillights seem too small. Interior design seems to be more for the "style" and less for the utility. Some strange styling decisions and much less (and less convenient) storage in the cabin. Can not drive at speed with rear windows down without a loud, shuddering wind turbulence in the cabin."

KEITH S., MI (2014 Ford Fusion)

"good ride and economicle"

ARNOLD B., NJ (2014 Ford Fusion)

"Everyone that sees the car at first thinks it's a BMW or Lexus. Inside & out it rivals the more expensive luxury sedans."

Anonymous, KY (2014 Ford Fusion)

"It is a very good looking car."

MICHAEL K., AZ (2014 Ford Fusion)

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