In a class generally known for bland styling and a lack of driving excitement, the Ford Fusion is like a fresh, charismatic newcomer. But also like some promising and talented celebrities, it has just enough quirks to erode your enthusiasm. The Fusion looks upscale and stylish and handles like a really good European sports sedan. We bought three versions: a top-trim Titanium, a mid-trim SE, and the SE Hybrid.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The 2.0 Ecoboost engine feels like a much larger engine. Hard to believe it's only 2.0 liter. Handling is fine, but the car does not feel as lithe as my previous VW Jetta. Lets you know that it is a larger car."

DAVID K., PA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The gets excellent mileage with a mixture of residential and freeway driving in town. If driven mostly on freeway, highway without too much stop and go, the milege is outstanding. And, with the turbo, getting up to speed merging into traffic or passing is easy and safe."

LARRY M., MN (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Extremely good handling. In comparison, I drove a 2014 Altima as a rental and found the steering to be very vague with little road feel."

Anonymous, NS (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Nobody does chassis like Ford. This car's engine is too large and next time I will be looking for an Ecoboost to raise the economy and reduce the weight in the front of the car, however this car still handles really well."

PHILIP M., BC (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The 2.0 Turbo four cylinder has plenty of power and good acceleration, Handling is precise and quick"

ROGER D., NY (2015 Ford Fusion)

"This vehicle has get-up-and-go when merging into traffic despite the 4 cyl engine, as a result of the turbo charger. However, the MPG goes way, way down on trips where this is necessary. I believe a regular 6-cyl might have better overall performance and MPG. This vehicle has all the bells and whistles on it, as ordered by the dealer, including special blind spot side mirrors, leather interior, voice operated controls, leather seats, etc. The leather seats are light-colored, but still get"

MARGARET H., ID (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The 2.0L Turbo acceleration is close to the previous 3.5 litre 2012 Fusion I owed"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Ford Fusion)

"This car is a dream to drive. Acceleration is more than adequate in passing and emergency situations."

GARY F., MI (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The 2.0 liter T is a great combination."

Anonymous, AB (2015 Ford Fusion)

"I use this vehicle for work and is a great car. It is the third Ford Fusion I have purchased over the past 7 years."

LAWRENCE L., DE (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The stick shift is a little confusing to see if you are in drive or backup"

BARBARA W., ON (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The acceleration and handling are excellent."

BRADLEY O., WI (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Throttle response is awful and unpredictable. This is borderline dangerous and unsafe. Automatic Transmission shift from 2nd to 3rd is horrible."

DARYL W., KY (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Performance and fuel economy"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Having always owned V6 or V8 automobiles, I was somewhat hesitant about purchasing a 4 cylinder powerplant. My previous car was a Nissan Altima with a V6 and the Ford's acceleration is at least as good as the V6 Nissan. As for handling, the Ford Fusion feels like a more stable and heavier auto than the Nissan."

ROBERT A., SC (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Engine loud during acceleration"

Anonymous, OH (2015 Ford Fusion)

"I am blown away at how great this car handles. Unfortunately my wife is not thrilled that I now tend to accelerate when approaching a bend in the road. Most amazing is that this is a Ford, not a BMW or other euro sedan."

MURRAY C., MA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"I like the merging accelerating power. Others on the freeway made wonder "Is that really a Ford Fusion?""

L M., CA (2015 Ford Fusion)


FRANK C., MA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"fast pickup, great handling, great on gas. not a gas guzzler."

STEPHEN M., ON (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Very quiet and smooth"

MICHAEL B., WA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The engine accelerates great feels like a V8. The handling is great."

MICHAEL S., GA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Very nice drive for a person that hasn't driven a Ford product much."

JOYCE R., IA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Drives almost like a rear-wheel drive, good handling car. Handles very nice, and has ample acceleration from any speed-----------it's my wife's car, so it doesn't get really challenged very often."

RICHARD Z., OH (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Acceleration is very good with the 2.0 Ecoboost engine and the handling is excellent."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Handles and performs like a sports car while delivering comfort and good mileage"

Anonymous, CT (2015 Ford Fusion)

"We have the 2.0 liter turbo, and I don't feel the need for more power. We have driven through the Rocky Mountains at high altitude and had no problems climbing long grades, etc. And the car has competent handling for curves in the road."

David K., PA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Has peppy acceleration and very thrifty fuel consumption. Very fun to drive."

Tom S., KY (2015 Ford Fusion)

"It is a smooth car without any hitches yet. The reliability is on track."

David W., NY (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Nice handling"

Anonymous, WI (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The All Wheel Drive is very stable in bad weather, including ice and snow. It's a very good ride."

Dennis H., PA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"It accelerates and handles very well for a big car"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Ford Fusion)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats could be a little more comfortable"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Ford Fusion)

"good seats , quiet ride , great lease value"

RICHARD K., NY (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Multi way seats,driver and passenger, are excellent and comfortable with Lumbar support. Air conditioned and heated front seats and the climate control is the best. Noise level could be better but ride is very good."

G D., NC (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Very smooth and quiet ride, seats are very comfortable."

TIM W., MO (2015 Ford Fusion)

"At 6' 6" the seats are not what you'd expect. The front seats have cradles down each side. They are very hard. There isn't room for me to lean back all the way into the seat. Have to put a pillow behind me."

RICK H., FL (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Very comfortable, roomy, quiet, & a pleasure to drive."

RONAL B., AZ (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The seats are very comfortable. The ride is and interior noise are equal to my last ca,r a BMW 5 Series. The automatic temperature control works very well. Set the temperature and forget it."

J B., MI (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The outer coating of the steering wheel peeled off."

ROBERT H., NJ (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Seats in the Fusion almost as good as in my BMW (3 series)"

RICHARD Z., OH (2015 Ford Fusion)

"seats are fine"

WESLEY R., VA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"I am surprised that the climate control system at this trim level is not fully automatic, i.e. set a temperature."

MICHAEL G., CA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The seats are very comfortable and very adjustable including passenger which are usually lacking. To get all the comfort and nav system you would have to spend much more with other brands."

MICHAEL S., GA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Drivers cabin is tight for those of us w/ very long legs."

EVERETT H., OH (2015 Ford Fusion)

"passenger seat is NOT comfortable. Needs lumbar adjustment. Seats should be a priority. Why ruin a great car by putting in an uncomfortable seat?"

TIMOTHY H., MI (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Contoured and comfortable seating, solid conforming ride and good handling"

ROGER D., NY (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The seats are a bit stiff. My previous Ford had softer seats. I like the electric seat adjustments for both front seats. Climate control is excellent, control is very good, noise and ride are both very good."

Anonymous, UT (2015 Ford Fusion)

"It is a very comfortable car to take on long trips. It has good power for long distance trips on interstates, and a comfortable ride. We have had it to Florida and out West, and it has performed flawlessly on those trips."

DAVID K., PA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Fairly quiet cabin. Seating is comfortable. Rear view camera is very clear."

Anonymous, IA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Seats are ok, plenty of room, but I can hit my head getting in and out - I am only 6'1". Black interior was the only choice I could get, and it gets hot in the parking lot. This is 2nd Ford we have, and I have not been able to connect the garage door opener for either."

Dennis H., PA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Very satisfied with the comfort of our Fusion. We have taken it on numerous cross - country trips and it is fantastic. Seats are very comfortable and the car is quiet. The ride is firm enough to handle well, but not so firm to be uncomfortable."

David K., PA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The seats are very comfortable and can be adjusted easily"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Ford Fusion)

"very comfortable"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Seats are fairly comfortable"

Linda D., NY (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Very comfortable ride with minimal outside noise."

Hans N., CA (2015 Ford Fusion)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"We bought a car with too many features that probably cost too much money. Next time we will be more careful about features we neither desire nor know how to use."

STEPHEN D., VA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The plugin hybrid ia very overpriced, especially since it was made in Mexico! The mixed mileage is great averaging over 70 mpg-the first 20 miles every day uses 0 gaseline. Valuble as it is liw on pollution and saves money on fuel"

B K., CA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Our Titanium Hybrid model is quieter and rides better than a lot of more expensive cars that we have owned and the mpg is great"

MARTI H., TX (2015 Ford Fusion)

"I am very satisfied"

WESLEY R., VA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Very good value 35% off msrp and a 2% loan"

MICHAEL B., WA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Very solid car overall, easy to drive."

TIM W., MO (2015 Ford Fusion)

"good lease value and looks"

RICHARD K., NY (2015 Ford Fusion)

"For a second hand car I got this vehicle for the same money as cars in the lower class (Civic / Corolla) a year older. I think it was affordable because it was relatively high mileage as it had been used as a shuttle and a rental car. Still, great value for a 2015."

PHILIP M., BC (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Great value for the money , very comfortable and very roomie."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Good reliability and decent comfort for a good price"

Linda D., NY (2015 Ford Fusion)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"it is very hard to tell the difference between my Fushion and say a Cadillac."

STEPHEN M., ON (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Styling, inside and out, is very well done. I have no complaints. I am 81 years old and this car fits me and my wife very well. no complaints."

G D., NC (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Streamline body."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"It is a very stylish car, very contemporary."

Anonymous, IL (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Very nice styling. Good looking car inside and out. Large car with good styling can be hard to find."

Anonymous, MO (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Great looking car ."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Great styling, looks very modern"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Looks good. I would have preferred a different color but bought the one on sale based on price and savings. UNSATISFACTORY! There is not a locking gas cap/plug available for this vehicle and on several occasions I have had gas siphoned from my car. One day I got 5 miles to 4.74 gallons of gas"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Very nice car and ride but not the over all quality of a Lincoln"

JOYCE R., IA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The entire look of this vehicle is great."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"The car has been described by several friends as quite handsome. The Tectonic Silver color is quite nice and also rare enough to be distinctive."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"I consider the styling of this model year Fusion to be the leader in this particular industry-wide automotive styling theme. Trunk a little narrow to insert my friends walker."

L M., CA (2015 Ford Fusion)

"Vehicle has the styling of a luxury vehicle"

DONALD W., MA (2015 Ford Fusion)

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