In a class generally known for bland styling and a lack of driving excitement, the Fusion is like a fresh, charismatic newcomer. But also like some promising and talented celebrities, it has just enough quirks to erode your enthusiasm. The Fusion looks upscale and stylish, and it handles like a really good European sports sedan. We bought three versions: a top-trim Titanium, a mid-trim SE, and the SE Hybrid.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Love to drive this car it handles very well and acceleration is awesome."

DIANE W., KY (2016 Ford Fusion)

"handling is great, ride is great"

STEVEN D., WI (2016 Ford Fusion)

"The car has fantastic acceleration, sometimes it can be difficult to prevent the tires from slipping when you need it to accelerate quickly."

CRAIG H., MD (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Very easy and responsive"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Ford Fusion)

"4 cylinder not allot of punch but the handling of this car is very good"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Is a very comfortable car and has all the bells and whistles of a luxury car but at a much lower cost."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Handling,acceleration are excellent.Caris tight and provides a very smooth and quite ride. Only negative is interior is a little cramped."

RICHARD M., PA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Acceleration is poor and car strains to pick up speed on the freeway. Handling is good."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"I love the handling on this vehicle. The automatic shifting just doesn't seem right. It waits too long to shift from one gear to the next."

TERENCE B., CA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"The electronic transmission at different speeds is not positive on acceleration."

Anonymous, PA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"I would like a little more pick up, but it handles very nimbly and is responsive"

CYNTHIA T., IL (2016 Ford Fusion)

"I have driven this AWD Titanium 15000 miles in 5 months. Handling is excellent. Braking is short. Acceleration good. Highway mileage 29-30 mpg."

BOB M., IN (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Very bad turbocharger system. Hesitates when throttle applied."

BILL G., MI (2016 Ford Fusion)

"The 2.0L Turbo provides excellent torque around town. Brisk acceleration. It does however fall off a cliff rather quickly at higher speeds. It often seems no faster in passing power than many other naturally aspirated engines i've driven. Handling however is top notch though weight can definitely be felt depending on the specific type of turn-ins done. Over all as a daily, it exceeds in this category."

STEVEN L., CT (2016 Ford Fusion)

"The EcoBoost 2.0 engine provides performance & fuel economy comparable to a V6. Handing is especially good for a mid-size car, borderline sporty."

Anonymous, MA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Handles great"

RICHARD D., FL (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Capable acceleration and handling, interior quietness and ride."

JAMES D., PA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"I only drove it 200 miles, it shows average MPG 34, This is Driving 60 MPH. the seat is in a deep well much too low, Can not enter car without hitting your head, sun-visors are Too narrow to drive west, sun is always in your face. Cannot see the front of the car from the driver's seat."

ELIO F., GA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Compared to our Focus it rides and drives like a luxury car. Extremely satisfied with this car so far."

JOHN M., MI (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Sure footed. The AWD is much better than my previously owned Infinitis. The braking is ten times better. Handles all road surfaces better than expected."

W M., NJ (2016 Ford Fusion)

"It doesn't accelerate well going up a hill."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"outstanding acceleration, fun to drive (hugs the road)"

GILBERT S., CO (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Lower rpms v6...middle rpms not so much...lets you know its only an I4...Disappointing."

KAREN X., PA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Eco-boost is very good. Acceleration is fast and smooth"

Larry M., IN (2016 Ford Fusion)

"I am like the acceleration of the vehicle I have the small 4 cylinder model with the eco-boost and it has all the acceleration I need."

Martin M., TX (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Great to drive and handling is great. Fast"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Ford Fusion)

"It has an electric power steering pump, and it steers like a truck, particularly at dead center. It's almost tiring to keep the car on dead center, especially with one arm that's weaker due to an accident."

Karlheinz G., MI (2016 Ford Fusion)


Anonymous, CA (2016 Ford Fusion)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The Fusion gives a comfortable ride, climate control and excellent handling characteristics."

JAMES D., PA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Too low to ground thus it is hard to get out and have to drop down upon entering----- brush head with inside roof also upon entering ----- had a 2013 CMax Energy before this and LOVED it ,excellant mpg and higher from ground thus geting in and out was soooooo easy"

GAY O., FL (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Back seats could be wider for comfort of multiple people sitting in he back."

FRIEDA S., CA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"The brake pedal is higher up from the floor board than the gas pedal. This makes me have to lift my leg to apply brakes. This in turn makes it hard to find a comfortable sitting positions. Seats themselves are comfortable. I love that the passenger seat has electronic controls."

LORI W., TX (2016 Ford Fusion)

"The seats in my Ford Fusion are the most comfortable of any car I have ever sat in. The car is also very quiet."

WILLIAM S., IL (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Handles very well but rides rougher than I expected."

DIANE W., KY (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Noise is bad with the windows open. For some reason riding with the driver's side window fully down creates this reverberating noise that's very annoying. It's worse with the window partially down. The manual says open a window across from the first, but that frequently fails to help. Can't they test these designs in a wind tunnel?"

MICHAEL S., VA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"With the 6way power seats, I'm still unable to find a position I'm completely happy with"

TOM D., CO (2016 Ford Fusion)

"What ever happened to 8 way power seats? I am tall, long legs, short torso. In order to make room for my legs I have to push the seat all the back, but that makes the seat go to the lowest point."

JIM Y., PA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"I really liked the memory seats with the automatic retraction for easier entry/exit. Both my wife and I can drive in our selected position and not make entry or exit hard for the other person."

WILLIAM G., MI (2016 Ford Fusion)

"The fabric seats are very comfortable and they have the best seat warmer of any vehicle I've owned. The climate control is difficult and dangerous for the driver to use. In order to choose the location of air (feet, dash, etc.) you have to go through the touch screen to the climate control section and choose."

BROOKE B., CO (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Interior is very quiet. Seats are comfortable. Very happy to NOT have leather interior. Ride is very smooth. Acceleration is acceptable with the 1.5L engine, but the 2.0L must be better."

JOHN D., GA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"A very soft ride and low levels of noise in the cabin. Seats are comfortable and the rear bench is generously sized to accommodate adults"

Carl C., AZ (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Love the seats, how quiet it is and how smooth and quiet the ride is."

Anonymous, IL (2016 Ford Fusion)

"My husband is a bigger guy at over 6 feet tall and our previous fusion was just too cramped for long rides. This car is made to be more comfortable especially on a long commute. I personally would have liked the leather seats we had before because of cleaning"

Anonymous, SK (2016 Ford Fusion)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"the car is very fast, quick steering, I like the awd, great car, great value of features, price"

DAVID E., CO (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Fuel economy is not what was advertised or promised. Also, seats are too narrow. Ride is OK."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"I got an excellent deal just over $20K. The car rides nice and gets great fuel economy for a mid size car. It is very comfortable to drive and Ford offers some of the safest cars."

MARTIN G., PA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"gas mileage below what was expected."

ROBERT S., NY (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Buying this car during the April clearance sale helped us get an exceptional price."

JOHN D., GA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"This car actually went down in price from the time I bought the same model from year 2014. The 2016 price was roughly $7000 less, same options. It's a plug in hybrid. I fill my car only 3 or 4 times per year with gas. I love this car. Looks great too."

D P., CA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"I previously had a 2010 Lincoln MKS $60,000 car. This new 2016 Ford Fusion has just as good a ride, more options and almost half the price. Great styling and great features. Great buy. Have had the 2016 for 1 year and would buy another one."

Anonymous, NC (2016 Ford Fusion)

"The salesman took advantage of me on the price. I paid too much for this car because of the salesman's trickery."

MARILYN D., NC (2016 Ford Fusion)

"I am a rather large person and find the car comfortable to ride in and it seems to get relatively good mileage. I do not drive a great deal some where around 6000 miles per year give or take."

Martin M., TX (2016 Ford Fusion)

"When comparing this vehicle to comparable models from other manufacturers, I found we received more options at a cheaper price. Very good quality vehicle. Quiet, comfortable ride. Has plenty of power to pass for a 4 cylinder."

Tim A., ON (2016 Ford Fusion)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Ford created an unique body style in the 2016 Fusion, without falling into the sharp, pinched lines of its competition."

FRITZ B., IA (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Good, very nice looking car and nice interior"

Anonymous, MI (2016 Ford Fusion)

"with out a doubt the best looking car on the road in its price range and the all wheel drive is one of the only ones with enough power in its price range in a car to pull a 2000 lb trailer."

JAMES S., AZ (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Front end, view from the side"

GILBERT S., CO (2016 Ford Fusion)

"Love the sporty look! It is snazzy, I LOVE this car!!!!"

CYNTHIA T., IL (2016 Ford Fusion)

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