The Taurus tested out reasonably well in 2000. The car is roomy, plus it rides and handles soundly. However, even the upgrade 200-hp engine lacks real punch and isn't particularly frugal. The wagon was one of the few inexpensive seven-passenger vehicles of its time.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"good car just old"

Anonymous, AZ (2000 Ford Taurus)

"Tracks well with minimum steering effort."

Don C., MD (2000 Ford Taurus)

"POWER is still there! Runs like a new car in that regard."

James K., VA (2000 Ford Taurus)

"I am not happy with the suspension. It has quite a rough ride."

Neil F., UT (2000 Ford Taurus)

"I actually own a 1997 Taurus LX. Since the survey was restricted to models 2000 and later, I chose the 2000. The car has been great over all. The acceleration & handling was the first thing I thought of, so I checked it!"

Anonymous, GA (2000 Ford Taurus)

"Very comfortable seat, good body support. The interior is conveniently arranged. The car has a smooth driving feel, economical to drive and very economical to buy p Arts or have repairs done. It sill has good acceleration and feels safe when cornering or at high speeds."

SHERY T., CA (2000 Ford Taurus)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"very comfortable and quiet cruising at 80 mpg. Brakes could be better, why did they ever put drums in the rear?"

Mike S., CA (2000 Ford Taurus)

"comfortable power seat easy to adjust"

Lanny Y., WI (2000 Ford Taurus)

"I don't drive much. Seats are still very comfortable. Because car has gotten older there are more squeaks due to deteriorating rubber also aftermarket replacement parts provide a stiffer ride"

Ed S., MO (2000 Ford Taurus)

"It has a very rough ride. I feel every little bump in the road"

NEIL F., UT (2000 Ford Taurus)

"large, comfortable, fits lots of adults and kids. Has a fold down third seat"

Anonymous, WA (2000 Ford Taurus)

"Our SEL has good all round seat comfort, notable for Driver - I have a high torso & head room is fine cf to foreign cars. 6 cyl engine is great & eco with 36 mpg country - only negatives: no tilt steering, braking distance, rear doors leather adhesion & power windows need improvement"

Anonymous, ON (2000 Ford Taurus)

"While it can be noisy, it is generally a very comfortable ride with good seat support and excellent heat and air conditioning."

Anonymous, VT (2000 Ford Taurus)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The price was quite good and until year 17 repairs and maintenance costs were reasonable."

Anonymous, IL (2000 Ford Taurus)

"I got a safe, comfortable and very well optioned semi luxury car for a great price. Lots of people didn't know what make they were in and surprised to learn it was a Ford."

Mike S., CA (2000 Ford Taurus)

"Actually the vehicle was given to me and I'vehad no problems with it"

Anonymous, BC (2000 Ford Taurus)

"It is a 1997 not a 2000 Taurus. I bought it from Enterprise Car Leasing for about $1,000 un der book and it is today at 270,000 miles. I had to replace the engine and transmission a umber of years ago. But, overall has been a most satisfying purchase."

CHET P., TX (2000 Ford Taurus)

"Very good value for the dollar value I paid. The price drops rapidly as this car ages so I was able to buy a dependable and comfortable car inexpensively"

SHERY T., CA (2000 Ford Taurus)

"Reliable car with reasonable repair and maintenance cost"

ROBERT T., CA (2000 Ford Taurus)

"For a 16-yr. old car, though one that's been well maintained and has relatively low miles, our 2000 Taurus has been almost trouble free. Plus, it has one feature that even the finest of new cars do not have: no payments!"

JOHN C., GA (2000 Ford Taurus)

"This car has become a money pit. I am constantly having to make repairs. The gas mileage is not as good as i would expect."

NEIL F., UT (2000 Ford Taurus)

"paid very little for it and it has been very reliable for its mileage"

Anonymous, CO (2000 Ford Taurus)

"Bought this car used in 2009 for $5000 and it has had some big expenses, but actually has held up well for the amount (long work commutes of 110 mi one way) and kind of driving (mountainous in all weather and living on dirt road) we do."

Anonymous, VT (2000 Ford Taurus)

"What I can tell you is that the Ford Taurus is a 1997 Taurus, but you had no such listing that I could check. By keeping an old car in top physical shape, I have substantially reduced the cost of annual depreciation, annual insurance, and annual Alex. VA personal property tax which is very high on new cars. My annual maintenance expense is lower than the depreciation and/or insurance cost for the car. When I take a long trip, I simply rent a new car. So, I have performance and dependability at"

Anonymous, VA (2000 Ford Taurus)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"good visibility, excellent dash layout, controls within easy reach, large buttons"

ERNEST Z., DE (2000 Ford Taurus)

"The Ford Taurus SEL has a styling which stands up at least equally with current car designs for class"

Anonymous, ON (2000 Ford Taurus)

"Looks good inside and out!"

Anonymous, WA (2000 Ford Taurus)
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